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WTB - Poison The Well, Trap Them, Dear and the Headlights, Sum 41, etc.


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Hey, I want these and you want money. 

Poison The Well - Versions (any variant)
Trap Them - Darker Handcraft (any variant)
Dear and the Headlights - Drunk Like Bible Times (any variant) - probably a long shot, but. 
Sum 41 - Chuck (any variant)

I'm sure there's more, and I'll probably add to this from time to time, but those are my most sought after records at the moment, and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

With your help, I have found: 
Deafheaven - Roads To Judah (any variant)
None More Black - This Is Satire (any variant)
Fear Before The March of Flames - The Always Open Mouth (any variant)
Counterparts - The Difference Between Hell And Home (any variant)
P.O.S. - Never Better (any variant)

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Deathwish has Roads To Judah on clear vinyl, for a very smooth $12.  I don't know if you'll be able to find it much cheaper than that.  Definitely a label worth supporting with your cash, too.

oh shit. i wasn't aware they pressed it again. thought i missed out on it! thanks!

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Completely unhelpful but man do I ever miss DatH. I wish I could find Drunk Like Bible Times under $80 anywhere. There are a few hanging around that upper range on eBay though if you have the cash to blow.

yea man, i saw those. forever kicking myself for missing out on it. i'm willing to pay $80 on it i think. but i'd rather try and get it from someone here than on the bay. i might get desperate enough eventually though. who knows. haha

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