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  1. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I just successfully ordered from Bullmoose
  2. I have about 7 variants of Forgettable I am willing to part with, I'll shoot you a message with my Discogs link
  3. WTB/TF-Cartel-Chroma

    I have a splatter if you are still looking
  4. 180 Gram Black w/ matching b/w artwork /245
  5. I'm on mobile and this isn't the right thread but there's some copies of MDL on interpunk. Additionally I can't post the link for some reason so I'm useless but I tried!
  6. Basement - Promise Everything

    I know they are on tour now in the U.S. but they aren't coming within 6 hours of where I am, so hopefully there will be a Spring tour after this is released. Either way, just happy to have some new music!