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  1. Just a heads up if anyone bought the Garth Brooks set on Prime Day. On prime day, the set was deeply discounted, coming out to $126.74 prior to sales tax. Checking the item page today, the set was discounted 40%, coming out to $116.99. The deal was “save 40% at checkout” so I would not assume that the pre order price guarantee is going to apply here. I reordered and cancelled the previous order. Thought I would share and maybe save a few people a couple bucks.
  2. I have wondered if the album has to be downloaded for it to count. However, in this case, Ticketmaster physically sent out a CD with each ticket purchased.
  3. Absolutely, I agree. I hadn’t gotten one, and didn’t know if anyone else had. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, it has been a year or two since I’ve been. In the past they will usually have an item or two that is harder to come by (limited variant release, tri-color, etc.) The will usually have 3-10 each of that limited item, then just the standard variant of popular items. Sometimes those limited items are past record store day releases, so not that big of a deal either. So, to answer your question, if you want to go for something you can’t buy on the web store any day of the week, I would suggest being there early to queue.
  5. $25 for LP $14 for CD $24 for cassette??? Is this the way cassettes are headed?
  6. Didn’t want to start a new thread quite yet, but this looks to be a fitting thread title once again: TIGER ARMY's new album 'RETROFUTURE' hits Sept. 13th! Check our socials @tigerarmy for a big announcement this Mon., June 10th @ 9am Pacific time! https://mobile.twitter.com/tigerarmy/status/1137056831593799685
  7. This is the official announcement regarding the Raconteurs indie exclusive: As an expression of the band’s deep admiration and appreciation for the community fostered by independent record stores, The Raconteurs are going all-in with exclusive offerings: limited edition white vinyl version of their upcoming album Help Us Stranger (June 21, 2019) with an alternate cover and hand-screen-printed LP jacket, printed paper LP bags for release day only, and a limited quantity of strictly promotional, never-available-for-sale 7” test pressings of their cover of Donovan’s “Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness).” I’m kinda curious about how prevalent the 7”s will be, but more so about the “printed paper LP bags for release day only.”
  8. If anyone is still looking for a good price on the indie clear, I got it for less than $26 shipped from Amoeba with the code “MAY15” https://www.amoeba.com/i-am-easy-to-find-clear-vinyl-lp-the-national/albums/4123213/
  9. It did look like a mostly black and white sketch-style poster. And if they were leftover, it would make a little more sense as to why they went so fast.
  10. The 7” lasted until about 45 minutes after doors in Providence tonight. The poster, on the other hand didn’t make it even 10 minutes. Don’t know what the print run was, my guess is less than 20.
  11. I got NOFX “War on Errorism” on white and a Gimmes “Take a Break” on green from No Idea’s distro circa 2003-2004.
  12. Trying to preorder both, but the green is not available to order, still has the “notify me” button rather than the pre-order button like the pink.