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  1. I got NOFX “War on Errorism” on white and a Gimmes “Take a Break” on green from No Idea’s distro circa 2003-2004.
  2. Trying to preorder both, but the green is not available to order, still has the “notify me” button rather than the pre-order button like the pink.
  3. I concur. If I remember right, the print had a download code to download the album on release day, as it was effectively a preorder of the album. I think I remember seeing this for sale along with the 7” set at their run of shows at Lincoln Hall in Chicago in December 2009. I have regretted not buying either multiple times since then.
  4. Yeah? You think so? Please, tell me more!
  5. Anyone try to get tickets today? Boston sold out before I was even able to submit my request for one ticket. So, yeah.
  6. Yeah, I’ve been trying to pick that up for a long time, so to see a new copy this far out, for that price, seemed unreal. Nice pickup though!
  7. I tried to pick up The Killers “Day & Age” for $10, but seeing “A Lot of Sorrow” by The National for $65 sold out stung a bit.
  8. Based on the information I’ve gathered from the two separate sites, I would take it to be 1500 total available, not 3000.
  9. The Amazon description now includes "pressed on 10" yellow vinyl." So, I would have to imagine yellow is the standard release.
  10. When I got the email today I was thinking it was going to be a new album and I was more excited than I imagined I would be with the prospects of a new solo album. Oh well. Happy for those that have wanted this for awhile now or who weren't able to get this the first time around.
  11. Newberry exclusive white /250. https://www.newburycomics.com/products/saves_the_day-9_exclusve_lp?variant=13594285113449
  12. I got the email this afternoon and got home from work to find it actually delivered today.
  13. I have not yet opened mine, but from what I could see from the display at the merch table, it is a slightly darker translucent green.
  14. I would have to agree with you here. Judging by the number of people carrying these around tonight, there's no way they are going to move 900 of these this weekend.
  15. I didn't see it mentioned previously, but it looks like Clint is back on the drums for this album.