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  1. As someone who attended 2/3 of the Tulsa shows, I’m quite excited for this. Despite attending hundreds of shows over the years, I have never had a show I’ve attended pressed to vinyl.
  2. I don’t think they are on Graveface anymore. I’m pretty sure Graveface dropped them when the whole social media fiasco occurred a few years ago.
  3. Looks like it is still available to me. It says backordered until November, but I think that’s the standard line UO uses for a preorder.
  4. 5000 is a lot for new releases at Urban. For something that has been readily available for six years, seems like this will be plentiful in the sale bin a few months from now.
  5. Just a heads up if anyone bought the Garth Brooks set on Prime Day. On prime day, the set was deeply discounted, coming out to $126.74 prior to sales tax. Checking the item page today, the set was discounted 40%, coming out to $116.99. The deal was “save 40% at checkout” so I would not assume that the pre order price guarantee is going to apply here. I reordered and cancelled the previous order. Thought I would share and maybe save a few people a couple bucks.
  6. I have wondered if the album has to be downloaded for it to count. However, in this case, Ticketmaster physically sent out a CD with each ticket purchased.
  7. Absolutely, I agree. I hadn’t gotten one, and didn’t know if anyone else had. Thanks!
  8. Yeah, it has been a year or two since I’ve been. In the past they will usually have an item or two that is harder to come by (limited variant release, tri-color, etc.) The will usually have 3-10 each of that limited item, then just the standard variant of popular items. Sometimes those limited items are past record store day releases, so not that big of a deal either. So, to answer your question, if you want to go for something you can’t buy on the web store any day of the week, I would suggest being there early to queue.
  9. $25 for LP $14 for CD $24 for cassette??? Is this the way cassettes are headed?
  10. Didn’t want to start a new thread quite yet, but this looks to be a fitting thread title once again: TIGER ARMY's new album 'RETROFUTURE' hits Sept. 13th! Check our socials @tigerarmy for a big announcement this Mon., June 10th @ 9am Pacific time! https://mobile.twitter.com/tigerarmy/status/1137056831593799685