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  1. There are a couple items in the Vault store folks here might be interested in. Boris “Live at Third Man” in pink/blue split and Jerry Lee Lewis “Live at Third Man”black/blue split are both up and available right now.
  2. Sure. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have any problem getting $50 for a “band” version with a screen printed cover right about now. And I’d have 2 to unload.
  3. Yeah, I think more than just yourself thought that as well. To report back, received my band copy yesterday, no cover. It looks great, just kinda leaves the whole experience a little tarnished. Easily preventable by the record company/ label. Should have just bought 3 individual copies and mixed them myself, they all would have had covers then.
  4. Of course I don’t have any way to prove it now, but I know there was definitely mention of the screen print on the band’s Bandcamp version. My copy should arrive today.
  5. If anyone is still looking for the silver PATD “Death of a Bachelor” it is currently sitting at $15.80 on Amazon. https://smile.amazon.com/Death-Bachelor-Anniversary-Silver-Vinyl/dp/B08W7JH89F/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=panic+at+the+disco+vinyl+records&qid=1624482251&sprefix=panic&sr=8-3
  6. Newbury is practically flipping in their stores. Everything today 20% over MSRP.
  7. Has anyone part of Secretly Society gotten their copy? I remember about a month ago that an email was sent saying it would be a few weeks late, but just got my June shipment confirmation with no mention of May.
  8. Got it. Sorry. Didn’t realize where you were.
  9. No kidding. Just imagine Newbury being your local. Visited my parents in Cincinnati this weekend and bought a few records for $10 cheaper than what I had seen them for in Boston. Not uncommon at all for Newbury to add $8-10 to new records. Then, if some of the indie exclusives start to become scarce they will still jack them up from there. They have gotten quite slimy.
  10. Pardon me if this should be obvious, but what is the difference in the packaging/vinyl of the deluxe vs. standard issues of this album? I haven’t been able to find anything other than a $10-12 price difference. Thanks in advance.
  11. Also, autograph options, but with this disclaimer: ***Some autographed items may be slightly worn due to Andrew's hard partying ways. Some of these special items have lived with Andrew on his tour bus and traveled with him around the world. Because of this, autographed items may have evidence of his intense partying.*** 😜
  12. Death Cab for Cutie is releasing a live album on Bandcamp tomorrow. “Live at Showbox.” Maybe will be a physical release someday. https://deathcabforcutie.bandcamp.com
  13. Fall Out Boy from Zia: https://www.ziarecords.com/p/12976953/fall-out-boy-take-this-to-your-grave-fbr-25th-anniversary-silver-vinyl Free shipping over $40.

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