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  1. Do beware of preordering limited items from Amazon. Just ask anyone waiting for MOV clear copies of Jack’s Mannequin’s “Everything in Transit.”
  2. Agreed. I had hoped to be able to get the “Proxima B” 7” as well to combine shipping, but that was gone. Only reason I didn’t pick that up was for the same reason, shipping being far too high and nearing the cost of the item itself.
  3. In celebration of the recent Georgia runoff election results, The Georgia E.P. is now available for pre-order on limited edition peach colored 180-gram vinyl. This is the same E.P. that we released in December 2020 for one day only on Bandcamp to raise money for the amazing Georgia based voter rights organization Fair Fight Action. Although the fundraiser for this release has now ended, we wanted to re-extend our thanks to everyone who helped us raise over $100,000 for Fair Fight Action! Produced, engineered and recorded by DCFC at home, November 16-19th 2020 Mixed by Martin Cooke,
  4. The charge will recur, exactly 3 months to the day from when you initially joined, and then on that same day of the month every three months from that point until cancelled. It is unusual in this case because they have usually announced the next offering by now. The only sure way to make sure you don’t get charged for something you may not want is to cancel right after paying, or before your 3 months is up.
  5. It isn’t uncommon for them to announce up into the month, sometimes as late as the 10th. I’ll bet it gets announced tomorrow.
  6. Anyone actually received this yet? I’m assuming they are all sitting at the USPS regional distribution center in LA. Mine has been there since 12/10.
  7. Recently picked up a black copy from Zia on New Year’s Day with their sale. Came in the mail yesterday, noticed the hype sticker on the front was covering another hyper sticker. The only difference I noted on the text of the sticker that was covered up was “Pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl” Anyone else see this or notice this? Maybe clear was supposed to be the wide release variant before black?
  8. Almost over, but there’s a few hours left, all vinyl is 21% off at Zia today only. ziarecords.com Picked up Coheed’s “No World for Tomorrow” repress for $22.90 shipped among a few other things.
  9. Looks like it is 125 test pressings. You get one of the four discs signed for $500. Wild.
  10. Just got my test pressing bundle in today. I will second the previous sentiment that the deluxe packaging is some of the best I’ve seen. Everything incredibly well done and detailed. Very well might be the best looking, reasonably priced deluxe variant I own. On a side note, having gone in on a test press bundle for $175, I didn’t want to shell out another $60 for a signed copy of the deluxe album. (I know the test pressing was signed, but I wanted the album artwork signed.) So, just after I ordered the test pressing bundle I emailed Second City Prints and asked if I could pay the differen
  11. Wasda, is it you?! No one else has done those massive link trees of The Used releases.
  12. Folklore is a lot more “Indie” than a lot of Indie music these days.
  13. I know many of the delays are beyond the control of Smartpunk, but could the communication possibly have been worse through this whole thing? Every email says “everything should be here this week” or “the last piece has shipped” until the next “update” says something completely contradictory. I know I will be happy I ordered when this arrives, but from the beginning when the initial pressing numbers went missing from the site and limited variants became unlimited, this whole thing has been a debacle. Sorry, rant over. And I know it can be worse, I lost money too during the whole TOYPAJ MTS

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