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  1. Why do you think she wouldn’t re-record? I think re-recordings are a given. I’m expecting re-recordings, deluxe editions, unheard demos, everything possible in an effort to capitalize off of those albums and to cut Scooter Braun out.
  2. Yeah, I can imagine they oversold. I’m still waiting on De Stijl from June.
  3. Vinyl Me, Please “sunburst orange” variant /1000. https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/my-morning-jacket-the-waterfall-ii?variant=32372895940698 $29.
  4. While it certainly is possible colored versions could end up in The Vault store, I wouldn’t count on it. There haven’t been too many of the colored re-releases show up there. The Redd Kross re-releases are a notable exception.
  5. Jack White had covered Captain Beefheart on a number of occasions, including the “Party of Special Things to Do” EP which was released through the Sub Pop Singles Club in 2000, and later re-released through the Vault. Jack had also referenced Captain Beefheart frequently, had released an essay about Captain Beefheart and had taken a photo in front of his home while on tour with The Dead Weather a number of years ago. So, I agree with you that it did not have a link any more than Johnny Cash in this case, I don’t think it was a surprise to anyone in the Vault that Captain Beefheart got a Vault release as it seemed a passion project for Jack.
  6. I saw this when it was announced yesterday. I have to say I’m a little conflicted. There have been projects released through The Vault that I am probably less interested in, but this package has absolutely no tie to Third Man whatsoever (TMR artist, recorded at Third Man, etc.)
  7. I tried looking around for the link that stated the gold pressing would be the last pressing, but Big School Records, the label that put out the gold pressing has significantly changed their website since I purchased from them. Thus, the wording indicating that it would be the last pressing is no longer there.
  8. When the gold repress came out a couple years ago and has since sold out, it was noted there that it would be the last pressing.
  9. Mine is mostly the light blue with a few black swirls. The black swirls were kinda just on one side of the record, and there’s almost none of the green that I’ve seen in some of the others. And it’s almost completely opaque. Even held up to the light there’s not much coming through. Not complaining, it’s still a good looking record, just not what I was expecting compared to what I had seen online prior to getting my own copy.
  10. Got it. I got mine in a few days ago but it was a little underwhelming to me compared to some of the photos I’d seen online, including yours. Thanks for the response.
  11. To revisit the Secretly Society membership discussion, can I sign up for a membership and get free shipping on the bundle?
  12. Would love to go for this. Don’t know if I can bring myself to pay $17. Shipping is $9, more than the 7” at $8.
  13. I actually did know there was a pandemic going on. And believe it or not, I did see the disclaimer on the USPS site that Priority Mail is taking on average, a day longer than usual. As I bought these from Germany and paid €24 for shipping, then got USPS tracking, (not what I was expecting when I paid for international shipping) I simply asked a question about how others’ experience in receiving their records had been. Your experience in receiving your records? Or no?