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  1. I already have a copy, where I hate people is trying to con someone who doesn’t realize these are readily available, who doesn’t know any better.
  2. 2 for sale “from $180.” One is a listing for $180, the other for $200. I hate people.
  3. They have for each of the last two, S/T and De Stijl. S/T was sold exclusively through Urban Outfitters, De Stijl was a Vinyl Me, Please Essentials selection. Wouldn’t mind seeing something similar for White Blood Cells, but I hope I don’t have to deal with VMP again.
  4. My colored splatter copy just arrived from Zia. I suppose it is possible we will see more of the indie store variant in the wild now if the production issues were ironed out.
  5. I feel like the pinnacle of download codes coming with more than half of my new record purchases was about 2 years ago. I feel like 75% of the records I have purchased in the past year DON’T have a download code. Even from artists and labels where downloads were the norm. I suppose with the prevalence of streaming services a download is no longer essential.
  6. Absolutely. Why press 5000 box sets that sold out almost instantly of a band with fans that have been waiting years for anything from this catalog to get repressed, when those vinyl presses could be shitting out 10 new variants of albums by The Used from nearly 20 years ago. I don’t know, doesn’t make any sense to me.
  7. I got shipping confirmation for this today for a white copy from Amazon. Scheduled to arrive on Wednesday.
  8. I haven’t found one. I ended up buying a copy from Green Hell. Despite being well packed, my copy came with a pretty good crush on the bottom right corner. Was tough to get the records out because of the ripples in the jacket. Looks great otherwise.
  9. I really want to pick one of these up, but over $40 with shipping is getting to be too much. Might try to pick one up locally if they stick around for a bit and can catch an in store sale as I live in the Boston area, but it is getting harder and harder for Newbury to be my local.
  10. Definitely individually. You might even want to parcel out the package items individually. Icky Thump Mono and Raconteurs Live in London should both bring in some good money for you. Icky Thump Mono in particular.

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