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  1. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Is there a better DD code than the 10% right now?
  2. Almost as hyped to see them live again (assuming there'll be a tour) as I am for the album. also... it's on Rise so I hope it doesn't get Rise'd and suck.
  3. You'll get a picture of his dick, as is tradition.
  4. I mean it's Gizzard so that's probably a zero short of the second hand market...
  5. I only listen to good bands so oops :/ So what I am getting out of this is that I was 100% right and should keep building on my theory, right?
  6. Does this mean I should blame Pete Townshend? Because I already am and you can't change my mind. Thanks, now I have more bowls to make.
  7. I mean it's Jesse's label, right? So given his current attitude towards things and just calling it quits, I'd assume it closes too. Does make me wonder what would happen to the stuff that was released through it though. Does this also mean BN stuff won't be getting RPd again any time soon?
  8. Uh, isn't this not Blade's version of this account too? Doesn't he have the 1s and hardly hop on anymore? You got em. 10/10
  9. It's a different connotation. You're an absolute piece of shit regardless of who you are preying on, but saying pedophile automatically (at least in my head) means like... really young kids. Technically it means prepubescent children, which these people theoretically weren't. In no way defending Jesse or anything he did, but trying to phrase things more provocatively (not picking on you specifically here, just saying in general) for the sake of getting that reaction isn't helping anything.
  10. WTB Thrice - Beggars

    Variant doesn't matter, just looking for the cheapest play copy I can get my hands on. Shoot me a PM, can do either cash or trade.
  11. I think you may have one upped my original shitpost.
  12. Pfft, this is the only bagged release we will ever need. Bby Albini knows waddup. https://www.discogs.com/Big-Black-Headache-Heartbeat/release/371402
  13. I mean if the band themselves were handling it (the way it sounds from what Dustin has said) then I have a feeling we won't hear anything till the tour ends.
  14. I could probably do a cool trade but cash works too
  15. Niiiice. Now I just need to find a copy of Beggars
  16. I got to see them over the summer but haven't checked out the new material... I probably should do that. Does anyone need a copy of Liberate te ex Infernis? I have one I could probably part with.
  17. I just looked at the setlist and don't even get why people are so excited. Is 4 Alchemy Index songs anything new? Hoping they change the set up a bit because there's far too much from the new album but I won't get my hopes up. Also hoping Deadbolt stays around
  18. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    I remember grabbing something one time and couldn't tell you what it was if I tried. Since I can't remember I'll assume it showed up in good shape because you don't remember the unremarkable. it was some random thing that was really cheap and shipped direct from Amazon