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  1. There’s a bunch of record stores with online shops that took preorders for the deluxe editions and they’re all sold out, so I reckon chances for just bumping into a copy are rather slim, unfortunately.
  2. 200 more tapes of the new Parannoul will be put up for preorder this Friday via bandcamp.
  3. If Domino is planning to keep these records in print a quality digital cut is actually the most logical, feasible way to go. Talking about AAA is a niche within a niche and it’s probable many fans of the music don’t really care, but are willing to drop a cool 20 bucks on a revered album they love. It’s way easier to produce and repress and also a lot more cost efficient. I also go nuts about the AAA stuff and am one happy camper that I got an early order for the deluxe via their UK store in, but absolutely see why a digitally-cut run for the retail market makes sense.
  4. One is an all analogue cut and the other a highres digital cut. Depending on the system there might be a huge difference in sonics. I’m absolutely sure both will sound very good.
  5. Second tape run /200 up on bandcamp https://parannoul.bandcamp.com/album/to-see-the-next-part-of-the-dream?utm_content=fanpub_nfb_merch&utm_campaign=parannoul album to-see-the-next-part-of-the-dream&utm_medium=email&utm_source=merch_release
  6. They check everyone’s Last.fm and decide by Volta scrobbles per capita.
  7. I still remember the numero website announcing that the set had sold out and was ‘gone forever’. Discogs resale went brrrr after that. Also, with this existing the Codeine set they did a couple years ago is no longer the greatest box set ever.
  8. Holding out for another EU/UK variant maybe. That gold ain't no match for the cover art and the clear is (probably) a little too rich for my blood.
  9. Not the only negative for me. I hated the fact that they didn't use any original artwork on the record sleeves. I recently got rid of the sets and bought originals since the prices have come down a bit. Still, well done and nice comprehensive sets, I'm just a purist when it comes to record sleeves ha.
  10. Definitely the case for me. I remember ordering one of the very last remaining LPs via bandcamp back then and being enbalmed in this record for weeks. Being let down by the follow-up the way that I was still hurts a little. The Prayer Hands cassette release was just as strong as the debut, though. Will be checking out whatever she is going to release in the future.
  11. Hahah yeah I was pretty bummed out after setting a timer for the drop only to find everything gone. I almost reluctantly checked back before going to bed and had a lot more luck the second time around. I hope you got everything you were looking for? Initially I was game for the tape set, too, but I hold no grudges for missing out on it.
  12. Checked back into the US store just at the right moment yesterday and ordered brown Hell Songs and black/white Selftitled hours after missing out over here at the EU-store. Adequate shipping and good conversion made it just as cheap as ordering from here, too. Pretty baffled and happy about that.
  13. Weirdest find was a NM/NM Tool Aenima US OP on a flea market last year. Seller deemed it a bootleg and asked 20 bucks. Sold it for more than that a couple month ago. Also saw a Lateralus Promo picture disc flying around the back office of the record store I worked at at the time and was told to take it home if I wanted to. Also, not a Tool fan.
  14. Both Down Through and Anymore arrived today via Evil Greed. Interestingly enough I ended up with a black OP of Down Through instead of the half&half repress. Not gonna complain, much appreciated.
  15. Ha, yeah! I'll take this as a sign to remind you once more to buy Phil's records, asap,

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