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  1. Which is the exact scenario Ian Mackaye had in mind when he started Dischord Records forty years ago. Mine arrived unscathed across the world last weekend and I listened to the first three singles (or four minutes, approx.) of the set. Not a huge fan of the Teen Idles release, but god damn S.O.A. are so good and the first Minor Threat 7“ is just insane. Truly the greatest and defining moment in Punk Rock history for me.
  2. That write-up is born out of an emotional sensation opposite of FOMO, called FOGITTFTISMHEMOAPOBF* *fear of giving in to the fact that i spent my hard earned money on a pile of bullshitty fuckfarts
  3. There’s no shortage of better music with way more reasonable price tags out there. Just, you know, skip this record or fuck this band or whatever, really..
  4. Come on man. Just buy an extra turntable and set the speed to 45, DONE.
  5. What a narc. My collection is so mint, I rarely even pick my records up from the post office.
  6. Yet here you are, posting on a forum called Vinyl Collective. 👀
  7. I bought indie exclusives of OK and AMSP and while considering the box sets, I was glad I did both times after checking out the sets a friend had bought. They are certainly nice to look at, but I felt like I was done with the extras after briefly browsing through them once. So yeah, I preordered the red 3LP and bet it ends up real nice.
  8. Thank you both, but with nowadays insane overseas shipping prices VMP – or buying from the states in general – is just not an option for me.
  9. Yeah, changing the iconic cover art is a dealbreaker for me. With VMP not being a option, here’s hoping a solid repress is somewhere on the horizon.
  10. As long as I’m willing and able to spare the time and cash to explore new (to me) genres and artists, I’m game. With a toddler things might slow down for a while now, but there’s still no such thing as a finished collection for me.
  11. Got this today. The record has a nice milky see through thing going which is way cooler than an opaque silver. Hopefully I’ll find some time to listen later.
  12. Got back into it during home office and had the exact same issue today. I entered the same code about a dozen times to no avail and poof it worked. Hope it’s working out for you, there’s a new Zen-inspired event starting today.
  13. Solid first single, wish they would’ve kept it clean all the way. Getting serious Sagarmatha-era Appleseed Cast vibes during the quieter middle part. The intricate drums, playful bass line and shimmering guitar arpeggios hit all the right spots for me.
  14. Yeah OCHL was awesome. I wouldn’t be surprised (and also wouldn’t mind) if they strayed away from their BM leanings even further. The least impressive part of the last record were Clarke’s vocals and I can see them seriously holding back the band from exploring new territories. I’d love to be wrong though.

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