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  1. Any comic book readers?

    Marvel was my introduction to comics as a kid, but in the last few years Image has been my reintroduction. Kill or Be Killed is my current favorite. I'm reading dozens of Image titles but also just recently started expanding into Vertigo and catching up on some creator originals. Next up is IDW and some Dark Horse. I'm open to some suggestions for the last 2 companies. I've only read Locke & Key (IDW) and Harrow County (Dark Horse) so far.
  2. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    ImportCDs ebay sale: 20% off $60 Sale includes just about all of their inventory that is priced at <$23.
  3. There's a Regal and a Cinemark near me. Regal has the better option as points are easier to accumulate and can actually be redeemed for free stuff like tickets and concessions. Cinemark's rewards doesn't offer much outside of $2 off a drink or candy or something. Plus you have to purchase a lot to accumulate points.
  4. I guess they changed their mind. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/brns-blue-madonna-limited-lp?category=vinyl-exclusives&color=040
  5. It doesn't hurt to ask your local if they're expecting copies
  6. Was able to pick up Borns at my local store. They had about 10 copies when I was there. Still surprised this sold out so quickly online.
  7. I'm just having trouble believing that many Borns albums sold already. My local UO is pretty good about stocking almost all of their exclusives. I'll take the risk. If not, I'll just pick up a standard. I'm a casual Borns fan, not a $26+shipping fan. At that much I can be happy with a standard press.
  8. Is Borns that popular that this will sell out? It hasn't even been up for a week. I was hoping to pick this up in store.
  9. Now it takes about 1-2 months for a card to be delivered. They've released multiple statements about not being able to keep up with demand when making the cards. I don't think they've fixed that yet. The best thing is to use a moviepass with a rewards card. It's been a while since I actually spent more than a couple of dollars in concessions at a regal theater (granted I usually only buy a drink or candy). Cinemark rewards program is a bust. Their concessions coupons don't offer any decent deals.
  10. New album up for PO. First 400 vinyl orders on smoke sold out. Next 2000 on white. Rest on black. US: http://store.pvris.com/music.html Euro: http://eurostore.pvris.com/music.html Aus: https://store.maniacsonline.com.au/collections/pvris
  11. For those of you with Amazon Prime, check out The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I'm not that big of a fan of a majority of Amazon's output, but this one is incredibly funny.
  12. The STAR WARS Thread

    Disney should let Rian Johnson write and direct all future Star Wars films. That was amazing.
  13. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    As awesome as this buyout is, I'm still struggling to see how Deadpool can fit into the current MCU outside of the Netflix shows. I don't want him watered down just to fit. Interesting to see where Feig does with these characters.
  14. Damn dude, it's not that deep. No one's asking for a "safe space" or debating anyone's "rights" (lol). I'm just not gonna sit here and argue with someone attacking my own personal music tastes. No one has time for that. I'm just gonna ignore the comments. I like what I like and you like what you like. If you don't like vinyl moon? Good for you buddy. You don't like Olympic Ayres? You're wrong but that's okay.
  15. Ah, so you're just here to take shots at someone else's music tastes. Carry on.
  16. I only track my graphic novels and hardcovers now but I have over 300. I have to keep a list of what I own in the cloud so I don't accidentally pick up a duplicate. Its also useful since I highlight what I still need to read. I also have a sheet for my wantlist titles. I wish there was a database for GNs as good as Discogs. I know that discogs has a comic database too, but the development isn't there yet. Same with a ton of other comic databases too.
  17. I keep my comic collection in an excel file. Its so much work to maintain. I can't imagine doing the same with a record collection. Definitely can't imagine keeping track of a collection with a word document.
  18. @Kanye West do you have volume 1? Control by Olympic Ayres is one of my all time favorite songs and seeing that was the first song on the first volume garnered a lot of goodwill from me and convinced me to subscribe. It's pretty hard to find a copy now.
  19. I came into this thread expecting actual "appreciation" for VM but then forgot this was VC... I've been a subscriber since the beginning and have no plans on cancelling. It should be said that this subscription is for fans of indie pop or synth-pop since that's what more than 80% of the music is which anyone (that's ever been on this board for longer than a day) would know that this isn't something VC would be interested in. Almost every artist (not all) is unsigned and has no other physical release available so this is just a showcase for those types of artists as well as the artists that create and design the packaging. The subscription is pricey, but the packaging and the quality of the vinyl is not cheap. 10ppd might seem like a good deal but if you know what you like, then buy what you like.
  20. I took advantage of a recent promo and paid $90 for a year's subscription. I usually see 2-3 movies a week so it was $90 well spent. I'm considering buying gift subscriptions as Christmas presents this year.
  21. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    I'm way more excited for this than any new Star Wars. I hope it doesn't let me down. Is Hawkeye done in the MCU? Trailer had just about everyone else.
  22. US: 3 for $30 shipped (6 for $60, etc.) Outside US: you pay actual shipping costs which will be expensive I ran out of cubes in my storage and have no more space in my home for more shelves, so now I need to sell some stuff. Selling these in groups of 3 only to conserve mailers. Check out my Discogs profile for seller feedback (over 200 positive and counting). I also have some other records listed on Discogs. PM me if you want to make a separate deal on those. artist title Color Alberta Cross Alberta Cross American Wrestlers American Wrestlers Andrew Bird Are You Serious Anti-Flag American Spring Lavender Anti-Flag American Spring White Anti-Flag The General Strike Clear w/ Red Splatter Anti-Flag The General Strike Arthur Beatrice Keeping The Peace Arthur Beatrice Working Out Red Atlas Genius Inanimate Objects BANKS (7) Goddess Black Gold (7) Rush Circa Waves T-Shirt Weather Gold Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. The Speed Of Things Dude York Dehumanize Green EL VY Return To The Moon Empress Of Me FIDLAR Too Funeral Party (5) The Golden Age Of Knowhere Future Islands In Evening Air Future Islands On The Water Gallant Ology Haelos Full Circle IAMDYNAMITE Supermegafantastic In The Valley Below The Belt Japandroids Near To The Wild Heart Of Life Japandroids Celebration Rock White Japandroids Post-Nothing Ladyhawke Anxiety Ladyhawke Wild Things Yellow Leagues Alone Together White Little Green Cars Ephemera Made Of Oak (Sylvan Esso) Penumbra Mass Gothic Mass Gothic Orange Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. Mr Little Jeans Runaway Nothing (12) Tired Of Tomorrow Pink/white On An On And The Wave Has Two Sides Green Papa (5) Kick At The Dust POP ETC Souvenir Porter Robinson Worlds Rationale (2) Fuel To The Fire EP Royal Blood (6) Out Of The Black Savoir Adore The Love That Remains Silverstein I Am Alive In Everything I Touch Bronze Skaters (2) Manhattan Small Black Best Blues Small Black New Chain Spanish Gold South Of Nowhere Swiss Lips Swiss Lips Thao With The Get Down Stay Down A Man Alive The Arcs (3) Yours, Dreamily, The Districts (3) A Flourish And A Spoil The Griswolds Be Impressive The Hidden Cameras Home On Native Land Green Thunderbitch Thunderbitch Touche Amore Is Survived By Opaque Blue Will Joseph Cook Proof Enough Will Joseph Cook You Jump I Run Work Drugs Sierra Blue Young Statues The Flatlands Are Your Friend