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  1. US: 3 for $30 shipped (6 for $60, etc.) Outside US: you pay actual shipping costs which will be expensive I ran out of cubes in my storage and have no more space in my home for more shelves, so now I need to sell some stuff. Selling these in groups of 3 only to conserve mailers. Check out my Discogs profile for seller feedback (over 200 positive and counting). I also have some other records listed on Discogs. PM me if you want to make a separate deal on those. artist title Color Alberta Cross Alberta Cross American Wrestlers American Wrestlers Andrew Bird Are You Serious Anti-Flag American Spring Lavender Anti-Flag American Spring White Anti-Flag The General Strike Clear w/ Red Splatter Anti-Flag The General Strike Arthur Beatrice Keeping The Peace Arthur Beatrice Working Out Red Atlas Genius Inanimate Objects BANKS (7) Goddess Black Gold (7) Rush Circa Waves T-Shirt Weather Gold Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. The Speed Of Things Dude York Dehumanize Green EL VY Return To The Moon Empress Of Me FIDLAR Too Funeral Party (5) The Golden Age Of Knowhere Future Islands In Evening Air Future Islands On The Water Gallant Ology Haelos Full Circle IAMDYNAMITE Supermegafantastic In The Valley Below The Belt Japandroids Near To The Wild Heart Of Life Japandroids Celebration Rock White Japandroids Post-Nothing Ladyhawke Anxiety Ladyhawke Wild Things Yellow Leagues Alone Together White Little Green Cars Ephemera Made Of Oak (Sylvan Esso) Penumbra Mass Gothic Mass Gothic Orange Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. Mr Little Jeans Runaway Nothing (12) Tired Of Tomorrow Pink/white On An On And The Wave Has Two Sides Green Papa (5) Kick At The Dust POP ETC Souvenir Porter Robinson Worlds Rationale (2) Fuel To The Fire EP Royal Blood (6) Out Of The Black Savoir Adore The Love That Remains Silverstein I Am Alive In Everything I Touch Bronze Skaters (2) Manhattan Small Black Best Blues Small Black New Chain Spanish Gold South Of Nowhere Swiss Lips Swiss Lips Thao With The Get Down Stay Down A Man Alive The Arcs (3) Yours, Dreamily, The Districts (3) A Flourish And A Spoil The Griswolds Be Impressive The Hidden Cameras Home On Native Land Green Thunderbitch Thunderbitch Touche Amore Is Survived By Opaque Blue Will Joseph Cook Proof Enough Will Joseph Cook You Jump I Run Work Drugs Sierra Blue Young Statues The Flatlands Are Your Friend
  2. My vote for the next Batman is Armie Hammer. I just read some of those Jake rumor articles and its just the director making comments to try and test fan response. Typical activity during casting negotiations.
  3. Is the Aquaman film confirmed to be in the same universe? The next Batman (if it's still happening) has already been confirmed to be separate and The Flash is covering Flashpoint in a clear attempt to distance itself from the created universe so far. Also, there's some talk of a separate Joker/Harley Quinn film that's disconnected from the universe as well. Also, if you've been following Jake's career for the last few years, then you know he would never take on a major franchise. He could do Batman because he's that damn talented but he won't.
  4. Justice League was actually enjoyable. An improvement over MoS and BvS. I'm curious where the story goes from here considering all the solo movies except WW2 have been shelved or are being reworked into a different DC universe.
  5. post your set-up thread

    I have one of those, a 3x4, and some 2x2s. As long as you store those sideways (4 across, 2 up), then you should be fine. They are a strong brand of shelves. I've had mine going on 4 years now and the shelves show no bending.
  6. New shaped picture disc up for PO: http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/products/604993-anti-flag-american-attraction-shaped-picture-disc
  7. No one's even bickering. Seems like we're all on the same page that this is a useless Discogs feature. I'll stick with PayPal for the protection alone. I had to take a couple extra steps just to get a shipping quote. For some reason it required me to enter a buyer's phone number to proceed.
  8. New album up for PO. First 400 vinyl orders on smoke sold out. Next 2000 on white. Rest on black. US: http://store.pvris.com/music.html Euro: http://eurostore.pvris.com/music.html Aus: https://store.maniacsonline.com.au/collections/pvris
  9. Newest album up for PO on color vinyl exclusive to webstore: https://shop.redbullrecords.com/collections/awolnation/products/here-come-the-runts-vinyl-lp-1?variant=4597987639333 Standard up on Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Here-Come-Runts-AWOLNATION/dp/B07731FMXR/
  10. Based on Max Bemis' comments today, I would be surprised if Jesse is the only one that allegations will come out about.
  11. Just curious, how would BM know about pressing numbers if it's unavailable to them? Passion is just okay but I'm into Seven Sticks of Dynamite. Can't wait to hear the whole album.
  12. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    I never had any interests in Funkos before because I wasn't trying to give myself a reason to collect yet another thing, but I want the Lying Cats so bad. Can't believe I'm actually excited for one of these. https://nerdist.com/funko-pop-saga-image-comics-lying-cat/
  13. Amazon cardboard mailers

    I have been buying these for a while now but the price recently doubled. I try to keep my shipping prices as low as possible but, if I buy those, them I'm definitely going to have to increase them and risk losing sales. Does anyone know of some other place to buy these types of mailers at a reasonable price?
  14. Wasn't deviations supposed to be a NIN exclusive? That's the only reason I bought it direct. I held off on the others since they would make it into stores eventually.
  15. Whatever Discogs was intending to be doesn't matter now. They only focus on improving the marketplace. The rest of the site (outside of the releasing editing function) hasn't had a significant update in years.
  16. The Walking Dead

    I was thinking that they might actually kill Rick this season. In interviews, Lincoln doesn't seem all that interested in continuing on a TV show. He's a classically trained actor and stage seems to be where he wants to return to. This flashback nonsense could be a set up for his death in the finale.
  17. Terrible Traders/Buyers/Sellers

    This reminds me that he still owes me money from over a year ago. He said his gf stole the record he sold me and would be refunding me. I messaged him a few times about the refund and he kept putting it off until I completely forgot about it. Don't believe any of his bs.
  18. The woman's voice on the intro of the album sounds like beloved character actress Margo Martindale. I can't stop hearing it.
  19. The Walking Dead

    The flashback (if that was what is was) was confusing because Rick aged like 20 years while everyone else aged like 3-5 years.
  20. I ordered the standard from Amazon a few weeks ago. Last week I got an email stating they couldn't fulfill the PO.
  21. It was never really for sale. It's exclusive to the AF records club.
  22. I'm also have this issue. I just switched to android and I got this error the first couple of times I opened the site in chrome. I have to close the browser because I can't figure out how to make the ad go away. Going back doesn't do anything. Has anyone found a fix before?