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Found 23 results

  1. https://www.billboard.com/business/business-news/mitski-online-stores-shut-down-merch-company-closes-1235561512/ Sounds similar to what happened with Awesome merch. Wax Bodega shut down their merch site. I'm sure there's way more than what is listed.
  2. I searched for Bongripper in the search box but nothing came up so I thought I'd post it here for EU-customers (others are welcome as well of course but maybe shipper is cheaper if you buy it from the band instead). At the moment I have in stock: Bongripper T-Shirt LOGO Regular price€20.00 Bongripper T-Shirt HAIL SATAN WORSHIP DOOM Regular price€20.00 Bongripper LOGO hoodie Regular price€40.00 Bongripper ENDLESS DESCENT INTO RUIN Long sleeve shirt Regular price€30.00 Bongripper Hippie Killer 2LP 2019 vinyl or cd repress pre-order €10.00 Bongripper SWD and Miserable Live At Roadburn 4LP box set Regular price€60.00 Bongripper Miserable Live At Roadburn 2015 2LP CD €10.00 Bongripper Satan Worshipping Doom Live At Roadburn 2012 2LP CD €10.00 Bongripper Terminal LP vinyl black Piss Puss Blood Splatter Regular price€20.00 Find all items here: https://www.burningworldrecords.com/collections/bongripper
  3. Hi There, Does anybody have one of these rarities for sale? I believe they were at the merch table for the recent N America / Canada shows. Thanks all.
  4. Hey guys, As a Blink-182 memorabilia collector, I'm always looking for new things to search for. One way I do this is by looking at other collector's websites. However, many of them are old and I can no longer tell who is still an active collector, and who has sold off their entire collection. I'd also like to get a network of collectors to make finding those "sought-after" items a little easier to obtain. Feel free to post picture(s) of your collection, as I would love to see them. Any rare items that you have vast knowledge about? Tell the story, post a picture and spread the wisdom. Thanks in advance, and happy collecting. I'm always available to try to help you find items. I may even have duplicates to sell to you. I'll post pictures of my collection as soon as I get the chance. Ask me anything! Happy Collecting! -BlinkandPanic
  5. Found some old stuff while moving. I know there is someone out there that will take these off my hands. Or point them in the right direction. *ALL SMALL* The Ghost Inside all have back prints except for the crew neck. all long sleeve except for the white shirt. Front and back Front print
  6. So I ran across this new vinyl and merch subscription box on facebook today and didn't see any posts about it yet. This is what they wrote about the product on their facebook page: "Rebellion Box is a subscription box for fans of punk rock and hardcore music. Popular artists curate each box and handpick the items included. At least one limited edition or rare item is included in every box." I went ahead and signed up to get more info. http://www.rebellionbox.com/?kid=6BSEF https://www.facebook.com/rebellionbox/timeline?ref=page_internal
  7. I love old band shirts. I search high and low for them at Goodwill, get them for a buck sometimes on eBay, and still have some from my youth that I cherish and wear to this day. While girls and friends have come and gone, my band shirts have been with me longer than anything I own and every time I open my drawer I get a smack of nostalgia and love it. My mom threw out shirts of mine after I moved out after high school graduation and some have torn or been traded or gifted or sold, but these three are the ones I've held onto the longest! The Cadillac Blindside one was ordered with These Liquid Lungs back in 02 when it came out, and the other two are from 03 I believe. SO, what are some of your guys' older most cherished shirts? Stuff from your youth and whatnot. Any cool stories go along with them? Show stories, pre orders, etc. Pics greatly encouraged!
  8. wtb/seeking info regarding alk3 shorts, not the boy shorts sold at kingsroad.
  9. I am looking for a Bouncing Souls Pretty In Pink shirt in XL or even a L i missed out many times to get one and would really like one! i also would like to see any Souls merch anyone would be willing to sell but would mainly like the Pretty In Pink one
  10. PM me with offers. Probably will end up listing things on eBay by next week. 7" Dads - Woman EP (Black /150 Band Exclusive) Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - In Which the Choices… (Pink Marble /50) Ghost Thrower/Foreign Tongues (Black /100) Highlites - Thanks For Coming Out (Black /???) Loose Lips Sink Ships/Victor Villarreal - Split (Black #362/500) Spraynard - (Exton Square Black /800) You Blew It!/Fake Problems - Split (Coke Bottle Clear w/Pink Splatter /500) 10" Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) - When the Sea Became a Giant (Beer in Blue /150) Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary single (NON RSD VERSION) 12" Look Mexico - To Bed To Battle (Whiskey Coke /150) The World Is... - Whenever, If Ever (Clearwater Green /1000) You Blew It! - Grow Up, Dude (Maroon /500)
  11. Hey! I know this is such an extreme longshot, but I'm looking for a few out of print hoodies/shirts at the moment & i'm hoping that someone on here can help me out! I'm a size small in everything, but youth large is also fine. If anyone has this Circle Takes The Square hoodie especially, PLEASE sell it to me! I've wanted it for years and missed my opportunity to get it back in 2005. It's the CTTS Safari Hoodie. Looks like this: Would also settle for: Hoping to find a 7 Angels 7 Plagues hoodie like this! : Also, When I was younger I had this navy blue Poison the Well pullover for "The Opposite of December" and I cannot find a picture of it anywhere. I have no idea what happened to it, but if anyone has this hoodie (or even knows which one i'm talking about, I'd really like to find it!) I know it has the Trustkill logo on the back. Other things I'm looking for (size small or YL): Any out of print CTTS merch. Any 7 Angels 7 Plagues merch. Any From A Second Story Window Merch. Any out of print Converge merch. Pleeeease if anyone has some of these hoodies & would be willing to part with them, I'd love to buy them off of you! Thanks guys!
  12. Looking for a white or grey stick together hoodie or any of the Mental "be true to your school" longsleeves. Size large or XL. Will buy or trade for. PM me. Thanks.
  13. Looking to buy Ruiner merch in sizes small or medium(preferably medium) and will pay good money for your items, I'm starting a ruiner collection and am missing a lot! SO PLEASE HELP ME OUT
  14. Looking to make a little room on the shelves and in the dresser. Shipping from Vermont, will ship to Canada (postage costs ain't pretty though). PM me or email me at [email protected] with offers! May also entertain trades, mainly for hardcore records and merch. Just about everything is in near perfect condition. I baby my collection. Feel free to request pictures! 7": Agnostic Front - That's Life (Clear w/ Screenprinted B-Side, /700) Anti-Flag - Emigre Green Day - Holiday (Picture Disc) (a bit scratched) Living Eyes - Starve for Agony (Clear, First Press) Nuclear Tomorrow/Drunkin Punkin Idiots Split Police and Thieves - S/T (Yellow, "The People's Soldier" Limited Cover, /30?) R'N'R/Fit For Abuse - Split (White, /700) The Lookouts - IV (Lookout! Records #42) Weekend Nachos - Black Earth 12": American Cheeseburger/Religious As Fuck - Split (Muddy Red, /250) Burnman - Notes for a Catalogue for an Exhibition (/1,108) Casualties, The - Made In NYC (Gatefold Double-LP) DYS - More Than Fashion: Live From the Gallery East Reunion (White, /300) Green Day - Nimrod (Yellow, Never opened/Still in shrink wrap) Mother of Mercy - IV: Symptoms of Existence (Black/Grey/Blue Swirl, /700) Our War - If You're Not Now... (10") Various Artists - CITY LIMITS: Down and Out in Toronto and Montreal (Purple Marble, /410) Tees (Black unless otherwise noted): Anti Flag - War Sucks, Let's Party (S) Anti-Flag - Power to the Peaceful (Green, M) Ceremony - Abstract Circles (White, YL) Dangers - Man on a Skyscraper (Grey/White, S) Dead Kennedys - Fiscal 1983 U.S. Tour (S) Down To Nothing - Skull (Dark Blue, S) Generation X - Valley of the Dolls cover (M) Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Class of 13'/Band Portrait (Dark Green, L) Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Gloria/Molotov Art (White, L) Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Tour 2009 Band Portrait (L) Green Day - American Idiot Heart Grenade Button-Up/Work-Shirt (L) Green Day - Know Your Enemy (Grey) Have Heart - Yellow Text Down Side/TF! logo (Green, S) Hawthorne Heights - HH Flower Art (S) Kid Dynamite - Peanut Chews "All Natural Punk Rock" (S) Minor Threat - Bottled Violence (Red, S) Minor Threat - First EP Cover (Red, M) Outbreak - Part 1 of 4 Shirt Series (Light Blue, S) Ramones - CBGB Photo (M) Right Brigade - Spade Logo (YL) The Acrobrats - Text Logo (Red, M, Junior Tee) The Casualties - You Don't Own Our Future (M)
  15. Since a lot of people here have started their own record labels and whatnot, I figured I'd give it a shot, but also add merch and stuff and have it as the main focus. I'm working with a local hardcore band right now on getting their stuff recorded and produced, and once that's finished I'll be adding all of their stuff to my lineup. Right now I just have a few shirt designs that I had printed and spent seven hours yesterday folding and organizing, so if any of you guys want any "dope $w@g" (not really) check it out at the link below and use code "Idratherbuyvinyl" for 15% off. Redbeard Records, fellows. (My real plan is just to buy out every copy of JEW's Futures to screw with collectors.)
  16. Check it out! First new shirts in over a year. All orders within the next 24 hours will get a free digital download of the MMXIII demo we just put out, and 3 top secret collaboration tracks coming this spring before anyone else has access to them. Order and check them out at: www.deadhorse.storenvy.com
  17. Just came across this and figured i'd share it with VC cause I thought it was rad. http://shop.hellomerch.com/collections/into-it-over-it/products/peanuts-t-shirt
  18. Selling lots of records and shirts! http://www.ebay.com/sch/sxescud/m.html?item=261135152006&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cccde3386&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Cruel Hand - Life In Shambles - Bridge 9 - Brown - /300 Have Heart - Watch Me Rise - Grey - Large (LONG SLEEVE) Touche Amore/La Dispute - Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World - No Sleep - Clear Yellow - /500 Touche Amore/La Dispute - Searching For A Pulse/The Worth Of The World - No Sleep - Black/Beige Marble - /500 Touche Amore/Make Do And Mend - Split - 6131 - Clear w/ Black Swirl - /500 Verse - Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace Pocket Print - Black - Large Verse - Sound & Fury 2007 - White - Medium Weekend Nachos - Defeat The Christian Right - White - Large
  19. Looking for any Desperate Measure records or large shirts. Will buy or trade for. Hit me up.
  20. Looking to buy or trade for any of these shirts in a size medium or large: Floorpunch: Play like a champion today FP 99/positive youth long sleeve The final mosh Shorts (size M or L) Stop And Think: Anything (or size XL) Unbroken: We live and die with our opinions Life. Love. Regret. Summer tour '94 Ritual summer tour '93 It's time to walk that line again Thanks!
  21. Balance and Composure - Seperation - Blue sun fire La Dispute - Vancouver La Dispute - Here, Hear - green or blue cover More Than Life - Brave Enough to Fail - Trans blue (1st press) and Brown (Tour Press) Also is you have any Size L merch of these bands i wil be intrested.
  22. Selling a lot of my stuff here is the link http://hughmcl.tumblr.com/post/26690369513/selling-records-and-merch-records-for-sale Here's a list. I'm located in australia Miles Away Endless Road Tour Pressing Red /144 Miles Away Consequences Red Carpathian Wanderlust Black, Orange Marble, Clear Carpathian / Shipwreck A.D split Black Miles Away b9 Bonus Miles away Brainwashed Grey with red Miles Away Brainwashed White Backtrack The 08 Demo Black 50 Lions S/T Black Shirts For Sale Miles Away Brainwashed Robot /22? - Small Miles Away Brainwashed Lyrics shirt- Small Miles away USA tour 2006- Small $15 posted Iron Mind group shirt- Small$15 posted 50 Lions long sleeve- Small$15 posted Miles Away Shirt- Small$15 posted Trust Comes Touch supports Sea Shepperd- Small $12 Posted In Trenches Pre Order Shirt - Youth Large $15 Posted The Red Shore Dragon Hood - Medium $40 Posted Shipwreck A.D Hood - Small (fiths like XS/Youth Large) $20 posted Carpathian Isolation Hood - Small Outbreak Shorts Small $12 posted

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