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  1. PO: Brian Fallon, Sleepwalkers

    New song is fantastic and probably going to be a great album closer. Also, probably one of my top 3 songs by him. Super excited for this record!
  2. Yowza! I hate to be that guy because I like this band a lot but that's alotta cheese for a live box set, even the single lp is hefty. I know you're getting a lot with that box set but I can't think a full live show will sound fantastic jammed on to a single LP. Tip of the hat to you guys purchasing this!

    Casual fan of most of his stuff recently but I can't get into the song. Video was pretty cool but the song didn't really grab me.
  4. Mine came in in perfect condition! Number 173, having owned both editions of this, the second press looks way better than the first, now to find some type of plastic to protect it in.
  5. Are we interested in posting our "out of numbers" we get along with what wave we ordered from? Mine is arriving this afternoon.
  6. PO: Brian Fallon, Sleepwalkers

    I like the newest song a lot more than the first one he released. Always excited for new Fallon though!
  7. I don't get UPS shipments until late in between 5-6pm on normal days now that it's the holidays i don't get my packages until around 8pm. I need to be hyper vigilant tracking now because I don't want this left out overnight in the frigid snows every night north east! My fedex guy is awesome, he always leaves our stuff on our porch, UPS guy leaves them by the garage door.
  8. Just got shipping notification, being sent UPS should be here Saturday or Monday. Ordered in the first wave with FedEx 2day
  9. I ordered mine at 8:10 am (est) I have no tracking email and my profile still says unfulfilled. Just for reference.
  10. I stand corrected! That's good news to read!
  11. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Has anyone made their bowl yet? I've lurked this thread for months now and I still see no pics of SF bowls!
  12. I thought everyone abandoned AILD after Tim tried to have his wife killed? I used to play the shit put of these albums!
  13. Most likely trolling, if you log into your account on thrice's website it still says unfulfilled and myfedex has nothing in que coming to my my house. Hopefully we will see these by the end of December.
  14. PO: HARMS WAY - Posthuman

    Just listening to Rust this weekend wondering when they'd have some new tunes out! 2018 is starting off great with music!