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  1. Bronchitis

    PO NOW: Pinegrove - Skylight

    Had no idea this wasn’t out already. Sweet. Picking it up for sure. Edit: might want to update link since it says page not found.
  2. Bronchitis

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    I actually like this stuff more than most of what I have heard from them, but are they trying to rip Slint off?
  3. Grabbed the most limited variants of them. I listened to Fun yesterday and was thinking how I really need Some Kind of Cadwallader so this was weird timing.
  4. I’d put money on them releasing a full length.
  5. Bronchitis

    SEATTLE VCers...Please Help!

    Kind of unrelated but the jukebox at Sizzle Pie is the best ever. Not sure about the one in Seattle but the ones in Portland are great. Plus Aaron Turner is good friends with the owner so you can catch him there after shows occasionally.
  6. Bronchitis

    What video games have you been playing?

    Call of Duty has been synonymous with shit for like 10 years.
  7. Everything after the Hawk is Howling is pretty bad to me but opinions and stuff. I think the fact that they peaked really early with CODY/Rock Action made everything else seem pretty weak to me. Haven’t listened to much of Every Country’s Sun (I’ll take your guys’ word for it and listen to it later) but Hardcore Will Never Die and Rave Tapes were abysmal from where I stand but still haven’t listened to Atomic or that other soundtrack they did either. I’ve been pretty out of the loop with music since I stopped buying records and posting on here frequently. edit: I should probably mention MONO since this thread is about them after all. I like the new song. I sold everything I owned from them years ago for some reason and was just talking to my friend the night before this song was released about how I need to buy those albums again.
  8. Bronchitis

    I don't like music anymore

  9. Bronchitis

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    It blows my mind every time I see the Discogs prices for these. Ridiculous.
  10. Bronchitis

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    I seriously can’t wait for this. I got to see 2/3 dudes play Duster songs in Portland last December and it was one of my favorite shows ever. I have the original presses but am 100% in. One of my favorite bands ever.
  11. If Mogwai were doing what they were doing 15 years ago, they would actually still be good.
  12. Bronchitis

    What video games have you been playing?

    I think it’s mostly because I just played through Asylum/City within the past month.
  13. Bronchitis

    What video games have you been playing?

    That’s what is really turning me off of this game.
  14. Bronchitis

    What video games have you been playing?

    I picked up Dragon Quest 11 yesterday and can’t wait to start it.