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  1. Kinda want the splatter to match my old clear w/ blue splatter WATR but really need to stop doubling up on things. Think I have a black copy of this from the last time it was pressed.
  2. I just assumed they never had it in stock. Grabbed the blue the other day. Hope it comes out looking somewhat like the mock up.
  3. https://goodrecordstogo.com/collections/pre-orders/products/grandaddy-the-sophtware-slump-indie-exclusive-limited-edition-bone-green-swirl-lp There’s this one and an indie record store variant. The indie is a solid green.
  4. https://store.dangerbirdrecords.com/products/grandaddy-the-sophtware-slump-pink-green-vinyl-lp
  5. I’m going to night one and bands like Dreamdecay and Haunted Horses are a dime a dozen these days. Not my thing but I’m stoked for people who are into them.
  6. This is great. I’m not a big shoegaze fan and really like this direction. That last part rules.
  7. For those without IG, new Parannoul album through Topshelf on 1/28. Two color variants (blue/white mix and magenta) and black.
  8. Definitely not even close to the worst though. I was unable to add to cart for a bit but that was still pretty simple.
  9. F yeah. Already have the first press of the box but really wanted that 2xLP of it. Thanks.
  10. I remember there being a huge push in about 2015-2016 to just throw everything into catch-all threads and it was a big reason why I stopped coming here for a while. There were a couple people who would police individual threads and call people out for not posting in the catch-all ones instead. It was pretty frustrating. Those ones have their place too but I definitely prefer individual threads for stuff that isn’t so niche that only one other person on the board is interested in it.
  11. Although my mom is flying my son and nephews down to take us to Disneyland the day after Numero Twenty, so it worked out.
  12. I really wish I would have waited out getting Numero Twenty tickets. Would so much rather travel to see them in NY vs. going to LA for the festival thing. I don’t really care too much for most of the bands playing that.

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