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  1. White is back up! Snagged one. https://blink182merch.com/collections/music/products/dogs-eating-dogs-bone-white-10-vinyl
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/blink-182-dogs-eating-dogs-vinyl-500-NEW-enema-California-take-off-dude-ranch/174333499338?hash=item28971617ca:g:Wu4AAOSwPD9e-18y And so it begins.
  3. For fucks sake. I completely missed all three. If anyone snagged more than one color variant and is willing to part with a copy once they ship in August, let me know. Muchos gracias.
  4. 2xLP preorder up on Revelation. I’m guessing it’s just a black pressing? https://revhq.com/products/this-will-destroy-you-vespertine?variant=34540080824486
  5. From international shipment or domestic? Either way, that's a long time.
  6. I'm also waiting on an Australian shipment. Ordered an item on April 18th, seller shipped it out a few days later, but never sent me the tracking info until I asked for it several weeks later. He sent me two tracking numbers because he didn't know which was mine. One tracking number has been stuck since May 22nd, with "Processed Through Facility ISC SAN FRANCISCO (USPS)" and the other tracking number was last updated June 7th with "Processed Through Regional Facility CHICAGO IL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER". I sure as fuck hope my package is the latter. Side note: I ordered a box set from Japan last week and it arrives today (to NY). DHL is fucking amazing.
  7. You’d be better off selling these individually and shipping them. Might not be easy to find someone local to buy the entire lot outright. I’d be interested in Finch and Funeral For A Friend.
  8. Wait. What?! An Inside Out 12”? Where did you hear that?
  9. Pardon my ignorance, but what is the difference between the three Studio Ghibli versions again?
  10. Expectation: Reality: The “Defender Nebula” variant not what I expected visually, but still awesome.