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  1. Every signed edition in the UK store has sold out... Picture discs, black pressing, CD, cassette and bundles.
  2. WWALY has 25 tracks https://www.amazon.com/Will-Always-Love-You-Explicit/dp/B08H21SPDB 1 Track 1 2 Track 2 3 We Will Always Love You [feat. Blood Orange] 2:52 4 Track 4 5 Track 5 6 Track 6 7 Track 7 8 Reflecting Light [feat. Sananda Maitreya & Vashti Bunyan] [Explicit] 4:21 9 Track 9 10 Track 10 11 Track 11 12 Track 12 13 Track 13 14 Wherever You Go [feat. Jamie xx & Neneh Cherry & CLYPSO] 5:50 15 Music Makes Me High 3:21 16 Track 16 17 Take Care In Your Dreaming [feat. Denzel Curry & Tricky & Sampa The Great] [Explicit] 5:00 18 Track 18 19 Track 19 20 Track 20 21 Track 21 22 Running Red Lights [feat. Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu] 4:39 23 Track 23 24 Track 24 25 Track 25
  3. https://us.theavalanchesstore.com/?utm_source=Original&utm_campaign=TheAvalanches20200831&utm_medium=Original&utm_umguk=https%3A%2F%2Ftheavalanches.lnk.to%2FWeWillAlwaysLoveYou
  4. A select few of those 4xLP SILY box sets were released into the wild. Some ended up on eBay. I'm pissed I missed out on snagging one. https://www.popsike.com/The-Avalanches-Since-I-Left-You-4LP-DELUXE-VERY-RARE-COLLECTABLE-33-TRACKS/114154577294.html
  5. Technically, yes. There was the standard 2xLP and then also a Deluxe version with poster and CD. Newbury Comics also released an alternate cover version and VMP did a red 2xLP pressing.
  6. The Avalanches return with a third album, We Will Always Love You, and it only took four years this time. Release date is December 11th At the moment there are five variants, all 2xLP: Standard Black Coke Bottle & Kelly Green swirl/merge "Deluxe" Double Mint & Electric Blue swirl/merge Picture Discs (potentially with a signed inner sleeve) Yelllow (Newbury Comics exclusive) PO Links: U.S. Standard Black Picture Discs (gatefold / not signed) Yellow (Newbury Comics Exclusive /1000) Europe Picture Discs (gatefold / signed sleeve) (UK) SOLD OUT Deluxe Double Mint & Electric Blue swirl/merge (gatefold /3000)(UK) Standard Black (signed sleeve) (UK) SOLD OUT Coke Bottle & Kelly Green swirl/merge (Germany) Deluxe Double Mint & Electric Blue swirl/merge (gatefold /3000) (Germany) Standard Black (Germany) Australia Standard Black The story behind the cover art: We're very happy to share with you the cover for our new album, "We Will Always Love You". Designed by our dear friend Jonathan Zawada, the sleeve features Ann Druyan, (Creative Director of the Voyager Golden Record Project), who’s cosmic love story inspired this music. In keeping with the album's theme of everlasting love as an undying vibration, Ann's image was run through a spectograph, turned into sound, and back again. The image remains hidden, deep within in the grooves of the music, for you to discover if you wish. An exploration of the vibrational relationship between light, sound and spirit, "We Will Always Love You" will be available for pre-order next week, with more details to follow soon. Interstellar Love, The Avalanches
  7. A few thoughts: - Have you considered starting small, perhaps with setting up a table at an indoor/outdoor flea market or “antique” store? Not sure where you live, but the timing for outdoor markets might be dwindling. Its worth the effort since “renting” a table might be $20 for the day and all you need to do is put a bunch of record crates up for people to paw through. You can engage with each person asking what they are looking for, both in music categories and what they look for in a physical store setting. - If seriously considering a retail space, consider the location first. Does it get a lot of foot traffic? Is there ample (free) parking? Is there TOO much space in the store or not enough? - As for new stock, that’s not an area I’m familiar with, so I can’t help you there. Used stock however is relatively easy to come by. I’ve seen local shops scouring Facebook Marketplace with “I’ll buy your LP collection” posts and even yard signs. You can always offer to buy in bulk as long as you’re willing to weed through a lot of repetitive records. Beware of classical records since there isn’t a big market for those.
  8. ITEM FOUND! Thanks @necroking Ayyyyyeee what's up VC fam. I'm turning (old) next week and I've got money to blow on an inanimate object that brings me joy. That very object could be your copy of Killswitch Engage's End Of Heartache! Willing to pay up to $250, depending on condition. Help me fulfill my man-crush of Howard Jones' sexy-ass voice blasting through the speakers at high volume.
  9. Story time. Back in the early 2000s I was a manager of several indie movie theaters in the Philly suburb area. I randomly came across Translating The Name in 2004 and was floored. Played it on repeat all the time and got a fellow co-worker hooked on it too. In 2005 I saw that Saosin was playing at the Trocadero, a fairly small music venue in Philly. At this point I knew the band had a new singer, so I didn't expect the same vocal style, but I was still stoked to see the band live. I went with the same co-worker mentioned above. The set was pretty decent, but lacked the same vocal presence that the former singer Anthony could bring. After Saosin played my co-worker and I went to the upper part of the venue to grab a beer. He lit up a cigarette and we stood there chatting. A minute later some kid walks up to us and asks for a light from my friend. He hands over the lighter, the two look at each other, and the interaction went as such... Kid: "Brian?" Co-worker: "Oh hey... Anthony!" Co-worker (to me): "Do you remember Mike Green who used to work at the theater in Doylestown? This is his little brother Anthony." Me: "Oh, yeah. Hey man, nice to meet you" (shakes hands) At this point the two of them continued chatting and I stood there for a solid 2 minutes repeating in my head... "Anthony. Anthony. Anthony Green. Anthony Green? ANTHONY FUCKING GREEN!" Me: "HOLY SHIT! YOU'RE ANTHONY GREEN!" Brian: "Uhhh, so what?" Me to Brian: "Dude, this is Anthony Green, formerly of SAOSIN and now Circa Survive. We've played Translating The Name non-stop. That's his fucking voice!" Brian: "Oh shit." The three of us chatted for a good hour about his brother, his time in Saosin, and new band Circa Survive. Turns out Anthony grew up in the same town as us and we knew his older brother without even realizing it. Over the years we would grab drinks with Anthony here and there in town and he often hooked us up with the Circa Survive show guest list or photo passes. I miss those days.
  10. Second this. The packaging alone is worth the $15, the album is killer too. Kyle knocked it out of the park.