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  1. Got a shipping notification for the record release version. Really hoping I don’t get the picture disc.
  2. Soooo many goddamn Trump ads.
  3. Third NYC date added Thursday, August 13th. https://www.ticketmaster.com/rage-against-the-machine/event/3B00584892ED10FD
  4. Lord almighty. It took me 45 minutes of refreshing and I managed to snag TWO floor tickets to the 8/11 MSG show. What a shit show.
  5. Ditto. Grabbed two "Tier 1" single day tickets. $170 each with fees. (Ugh.) "Tier 2" are now $195 total. ____________________________ A few things to note, there are no presales for any of these shows. That means that these big city arenas will sell out in likely 30 minutes, mostly going to scalping bots (Ticketmaster's own bots no less). The floor seats will be difficult to get. My advice here... 1) Create a Ticketbastard account beforehand. Enter all your personal info including form of payment. Faster checkout = confirmed tickets. 2) Log in at least 30 minutes before the show you want to buy. Do not use multiple tabs or browsers. You will not gain an extra place in the virtual line. In fact, TM might boot you for too many attempts. 3) Know the max ticket limit for your show date. Buy only that amount (or less). If you have trouble getting 4 floor tickets, try 2 tickets first, secure them, check out, confirm transaction, then try again for 2 more. Also note some tickets not be released until 10 days before depending on certain venues, this inlcludes mobile, print-at-home and (I'm guessing) official printed tickets.
  6. 180 gram audiophile vinyl Insert Complete debut album (incl. “Blossom”) available on 2 LP's for the first time the singles “Far Behind”, “Change”, “You” and “Cover Me” Limited edition of 2000 individually numbered copies on silver coloured vinyl https://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/candlebox/candlebox PO links to come.
  7. Poison The Well The Opposite Of December 20th Anniversary Reissues Blue w/ Black swirl (500 copies) Blue (? copies) Available for the first time in over a decade, we are pleased to announce a limited time run, Special edition of Opposite of December on Vinyl. The Gatefold album comes in a custom Die cut sleeve, and includes a special Booklett created specifically for this release. Estimated ship date is January 27.
  8. Most welcome. Etsy would probably be another option, but I've always thought of it as a venue for selling handcrafted items, not so much "vintage" clothing. I could be wrong. Also, I can expand some more on my eBay expertise to help you get maximum auction visitors. I've been buying and selling on eBay since 1998, so I've learned some ins and outs. Take lots of well lit photos of each item; front, back, etc. Get close ups of the tags and any imperfections such as tears or holes. You'll want to note those imperfections in the description. You get up to 12 photos per listing, so go crazy. Listing titles are limited to 80 characters. Use common keywords related to your item, so rather than saying "Poison The Well Hoodie" say something like "Poison The Well Hoodie XL Rare Opposite Of December Era PTW Black Sweatshirt". Try to squeeze as many keywords in the title as possible. Select the appropriate category. Typically band merch can go in either Music Memorabilia or Men's Clothing. I haven't really seen a difference in listing in one category versus the other. Select and enter all of the item details. Size, color, type, condition, etc. Write a detailed item description. Restate the item title, then go into a longer description of the items condition, again, note any imperfections here and tell the potential buyer to review the photos. Also, list any measurements of the item such as chest width (armpit to armpit) and length (highest point of shirt to hemline). Last, note what shipping method you will be using and if the shipping is free. Pricing. As mentioned in my previous post, this is entirely up to you. You can search past listings to see if a similar item has actually sold and what price it fetched. Start there and price accordingly. Again, you have the options of a several day auction (I recommend 10-days) or use the Buy It Now function with Offer settings if you want to test the waters. Delivery/shipping methods. Ignore all of the recommended settings here. They are shit. If you are shipping only single shirts or hoodies, use these plastic sealable bags. They add almost no additional weight to the final shipment cost. You can test out the package sizing by folding a shirt, placing it in a shipping bag and measuring it. Enter that (generic) size into the eBay package details. A large t-shirt weighs about 6oz and a large hoodie is about 20oz, give or take. Choose your shipping method, USPS First Class, UPS Ground, etc. This is a personal preference. USPS is likely the cheapest option. A shirt will likely cost a few bucks, but a sweatshirt may set you back $10 depending on the material and size. Calculate this cost into your "Buy It Now" price if you want to. Free shipping attracts more customers, so you should use the "Offer free shipping" method, but you could also just put the shipping at a flat/fixed amount of $3 and call it even. Free or low cost is ideal. International shipping is entirely up to you. I don't deal with shipping beyond the U.S. since it has become such a hassle with customs and larger shipping costs. That's mostly it. Keep an eye on each auction to see how many "Watchers" you get with each listing as the days pass. You may get questions about items, so be sure to respond right away. Let me know if you have any specific questions!