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  1. It’s being mastered for vinyl by Gil Tamayzan at Capsule Labs. Source: Sammy and David had a live IG chat last night and I asked.
  2. Instantly bought this when I saw it pop up on Reddit. Such a fantastic underrated album. I never thought this would get an official pressing.
  3. Got the official shipment email. Should arrive the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
  4. Got a shipping notification for the web store color variant... Went to check tracking and it says “Shipment Canceled” on UPS. wut.
  5. I didn’t even see my shipping notification and it was in my mail today. The gold/black smash looks nice.
  6. It's up at Solid State. (/1000) https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/v2/319947/thrill-seeker-yellow-and-black-splatter
  7. "...the Thrill Seeker Live vinyl, which is a fully mixed and mastered recording of the live performance, AND the only way to have Jake and Dustin performing Thrill Seeker!" 🤷‍♂️
  8. There are several variants up already including two upcoming live versions. https://augustburnsredtourmerch.com/collections/thrill-seeker-live-collection/products/thrill-seeker-vinyl-lp-repress-w-thrill-seeker-live-ticket https://augustburnsredtourmerch.com/collections/thrill-seeker-live-collection/products/thrill-seeker-live-orange-lp-w-thrill-seeker-live-ticket https://augustburnsredtourmerch.com/collections/thrill-seeker-live-collection/products/thrill-seeker-live-purple-lp-w-thrill-seeker-live-ticket
  9. Technically Newbury Comics has the most limited variant (/1000), but it's $50+ shipped.
  10. Has anyone ever bid on and won and item only to have the seller cancel and RELIST the exact same item at a higher price hours later? It just happened to me. I spotted a rare album I've been looking for. Bid more than I wanted to, won, paid immediately and a couple hours later I received a message from the person saying they were going to cancel my order. I checked their auctions and sure enough, there was the same album I just paid for, relisted at $50 more. I messaged them asking why my order was being cancelled (still hasn't happened yet), and their response was that they paid to
  11. https://mondoshop.com/collections/latest-releases You can add it to cart here and check out before 1PM.

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