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  1. ah fair enough!
  2. Looking for a goalie. Not liking my situation at all. Im stacked at C. Also can we start some sort of a group chat on an app or even iMessage perhaps?
  3. Will take 2 codes please.
  4. I posted this in the NFL thread however I think more people will see this outside of that since the last post was in may. I started a petition to urge the NFL to stop suspending players for smoking marijuana. Its completely bullshit that a league dealing with a ton of concussion related lawsuits will suspend players for using something that helps them deal with pain. I encourage you to sign this. Thanks!
  5. I started a petition to urge the NFL to stop testing players for marijuana use. I believe its bullshit that a league dealing with a ton of concussion related lawsuits is suspending players for using something that can help their head injuries that sometimes go undiagnosed. Please sign it.
  6. I asked to take her out the other night after we both parted ways and got home, however she has finals till Tuesday so I told her lets wait till after that because I know theres no chance a girl is going to hangout during finals week. So basically its just waiting it out until we hangout while trying to keep the interest there.
  7. Hey all. Long time no see. So what the fuck do you do when a girl is terrible at texting? Met this girl at a show the other night, we hung out after the show, took the train back together then parted ways. She gave me her number over Instagram and we've been texting since. However she's fucking horrible at it. I usually stop talking to girls when they don't respond with anything that I can keep the conversation going or that just bore me. But for some reason I actually want to talk to this girl. How do you personally deal with this?
  8. Oh yeah, my keepers are going to be Bergeron, Kucherov, and Gaudreau.
  9. Guys my team was so bad this year. Sorry for not updating but once I realized there was no way for me to finish second to last I kinda forgot to update. Wont let my team get autodrafted next year. Thats for sure
  10. Everyone is available except for Gaudreau, Kucherov, and Stepan, Give me goaltending and whatever else I can use. Which is a lot. Fuckin autodraft.
  11. I too am sorry for the auto drafting. I had such a hectic day and completely missed the draft.....however holy fuck thank you autodraft, you really killed it for me.
  12. So Rick Nash will score 30 goals a year on this 3-3 OT. It benefits players like him so damn much. He scores if he doesnt get hooked on his way to the net.
  13. Im confused with the drafting order. I thought it was reflecting on where you finished last season? Because right now I have 10th pick and finished 10th....
  14. Whats the deal with the keeper rule and when are they due?
  15. Fuck I probably wont be able to draft. Tour for me starts the 3rd :/