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  1. Can you truly trust a delay message if it doesn't have the phrase "Get stoked!" in it?
  2. Looks like even the regular Loveless is gone from the store now.
  3. I missed the deluxe editions on the website. What are the chances of finding one of these in a European record store following the release?
  4. This is a throwback. It doesn't look like this is up yet.
  5. For sure. I think labels should probably just forgo pressing records in general.
  6. I am going to be that guy who says I was excited until I opened the thread and saw who was pressing it. They send me Rufio records with pretty bad jacket damage and offered absolutely zero solution. That being said, even with a trashed jacket it will be cool to have this album on vinyl.
  7. Last night at like 9:50 I decided to get a good night's sleep. Silly me, missing the Patreon one.
  8. People are just sleeping all day and staying up all night for pre-order info.

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