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  1. That variant is available now. Looks like the tricolor sold out via both links.
  2. Patreon variant /500. 250 for KDev patrons and 250 for Manchester patrons.
  3. Well now I'll never be able to listen to Fun House by The Stooges without thinking of prostitutes.
  4. Looks like they have over 300 of these. Wow! Hopefully the band does a better job shipping these than Adam did.
  5. Are you the guy who said he had a bunch of girls he knew from Omegle or is that another user with an Al Borland avatar?
  6. Eric was still here fairly recently. Just a newer account.
  7. Did anyone not get an order confirmation?
  8. My first time in Colorado I hit up Illegal Pete's in hopes I'd see him for a good laugh.
  9. The ads murdered lostcrimes' reply, so I'll just say that the name of this release could just as easily be referring to this forum.
  10. This was pretty much my exact thought process upon seeing the email about this variant.
  11. On a podcast he talked about how he had originally sent a different song for that soundtrack. I'm guessing it's probably that one, Vindicated and maybe the Vindicated demo.
  12. Are you guys seriously going to get this thread locked over whatever the hell this is?
  13. I just checked, and it won't let me click through from my order confirmation. I guess they did pull it.
  14. For anyone else ordering from Zia who may be interested, it looks like they have a PO up for the indie variant of Unplugged as well. I hadn't seen that elsewhere.