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  1. Ahh! I tried to spin it, but I think maybe the grooves are too shallow. Plus they aren't easy to spot when it is spinning. I have my counterweight set up and everything, but it'll play for a millisecond and then slide to the center. I guess I am relieved to hear I am not the only person experiencing issues with it.
  2. Finally spinning this. More skips than any new record I've bought in years. I like the songs, though.
  3. I have had my guitar in PW stereo tuning for two weeks jamming these songs. Glad to finally be able to grab this.
  4. That is so much nicer looking than what UO had on their page.
  5. I wanted to make Friday happen so badly, but I can't swing a weekend trip to Chicago right now.
  6. I mean, it's Hawthorne Heights reissues in 2019...
  7. I believe I have one of these. I know I have one of the splatter variants.
  8. I love this band, but $80 for one album is too much.
  9. I have a handful of CDs in my car. They each kind of accidentally found a home there. My buddy's band's CD is there because he gave it to me and I never took it out, a copy of Love You to Death by Tegan and Sara that another friend burned me, a copy of Material Control by Glassjaw that came with a ticket to the release show. There may be one or two more. None of them have been played since I got a bluetooth adapter and stopped having to switch to a CD in the middle of driving because my phone's port wouldn't cooperate with my aux cable. This thread also reminds me of the time that @olopez6919 drove me back to a hotel after a show and wound up staying there while someone stole a bunch of CDs from his car. ☹️
  10. I went back when it was in Philly in like 2013. It was a cool novelty thing, but you kind of have to be just as excited to be at the RRS as you are to grab anything there.