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  1. The Only Reason I Feel Secure is currently listed as Store Only. Ugh
  2. Would you do $275 plus shipping for the poster?

  3. Hey man.  Can you private message me?  I need to buy that poster from you!   Thanks!


  4. The Skate and Surf one? I have one if you want to shoot me an offer.
  5. First two pressings were $60+shipping if memory serves.
  6. They may. They had a shirt for the Bowery show that was the same as the date specific ones from DC. When I asked if there was a pin, Danny said "Those were just for DC."
  7. They didn't have one for this show.
  8. billya

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    I bought too many variants of Tired of Tomorrow. I am excited to hear this, but I won't let myself do that again haha
  9. I was ready to stay in DC last night to go tonight too, but I'm seeing them Thursday so I held off.
  10. That was one hell of a show last night.
  11. I'll be there Sunday and Thursday.
  12. Maybe, but this isn't The 59 Sound. It's sessions.
  13. billya

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    I got a damaged jacket with a vaporware record. Think it'll still flip?
  14. I like how the wording implies that the vinyl is more limited than the show specific seriagraph. $80 for the bundle when all is said and done. Oof...