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  1. They limited it to one per person tonight. If you're there around doors I'd imagine this will be easy enough to grab.
  2. Hopefully since it isn't endorsed by the artist MOV will put a sticker on the front cover.
  3. There's hope for 300 after all.
  4. The Only Reason I Feel Secure is currently listed as Store Only. Ugh
  5. Would you do $275 plus shipping for the poster?

  6. Hey man.  Can you private message me?  I need to buy that poster from you!   Thanks!


  7. The Skate and Surf one? I have one if you want to shoot me an offer.
  8. First two pressings were $60+shipping if memory serves.
  9. They may. They had a shirt for the Bowery show that was the same as the date specific ones from DC. When I asked if there was a pin, Danny said "Those were just for DC."
  10. They didn't have one for this show.
  11. billya

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    I bought too many variants of Tired of Tomorrow. I am excited to hear this, but I won't let myself do that again haha
  12. I was ready to stay in DC last night to go tonight too, but I'm seeing them Thursday so I held off.
  13. That was one hell of a show last night.