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  1. I wish that the songs from IAETF did as much for me on the album as they did when I saw them live the first time. Hey Rosey, Where Is Her Head and the title track stand out so much more live than on the record.
  2. VC stressing about Gaslight related variants. It feels like old times.
  3. I like that there's a crew member who is dubbed the "Matt Wrangler".
  4. This album is the soundtrack to one of my favorite VC threads ever.
  5. My friend grabbed tickets for each night in NYC. 100 and 200 level tickets were $125 each before fees, according to him.
  6. If you're that upset about it, I will buy it from you for what you paid + shipping + $5.
  7. I'll always have a soft spot for this band, but recording a cover of a cover is crazy.
  8. I have one I'd sell for $10 less than that, if anyone is in need.