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  1. Banquet twittered about the UK version: Banquet Records ‏@banquetrecords the UK versions of the @gaslightanthem LPs are in, and there's no difference at all. get in touch if you no longer want it.
  2. They just sliced the shrinkwrap at the lower end and stuffed the 7" inside
  3. the LP is definetly the regular US press from United Record Pressing. The matrix reads A: 30016941-01A RJ STERLING (U) B: 30016941-01B RJ STERLING (U)
  4. also received my copy. little bit disappointed with the 7" just having a plain white innersleeve instead of a real cover. Tracks are Side 1: Blue Dahlia Side 2: Sliver/ You got lucky
  5. pictures or it didn´t happen... so, is the LP an euro press?
  6. I got the blue one one week ago, and it really kicks ass. I´ve had a HTC Touch HD for the last 3 years, the difference between them is so unbelievable...
  7. the Per Koro mailorder seems to have copies of the bootleg left. Same price as punk distro... http://www.perkoro.com btw, the bootleg is on 180 gram grey/black marble vinyl (aka No Idea colored). The labels are the same as on the original 1991 press. The sleeve has no additional information and no mentioning of "Black label records" Anyone got a spare Tour press copy to trade for a colored boot?
  8. There is a "reissue" out in Europe. You might as well call it a counterfeit bootleg. Picked it up a few weeks ago from a local record store
  9. Ahhhh, I´m working only 10 minutes away from where he lived (Sealife Oberhausen) and still I never visited him. I feel so guilty. It´s just like an old uncle that you never visited passed away :-(
  10. Picked it up at a local record store last week, but had no time to spin it yet
  11. As far as I remember Stubbs did a reissue of the Jesse album on cd some years ago. He was selling it through the old Leatherface page back then.
  12. I still like this photo, haha. So yummie...
  13. A total classic of german 80ies HC punk, a record everyone should own

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