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  1. i just realized it's 11 years for this community. i didn't buy vinyl as much as i've ever did. some of them are still in the states in people who keep them for me. how about you, dudes ?
  2. forgive me for this unwary. thrash metal is what i prefer.
  3. i want to know your opinion about after 2000's groove metal album. please suggest me for good album had release by small record label. groove or groove mix with modern trash metal is okay. please share. thanks in advance.
  4. thanks for all posts, dudes. read those on weekend (today is a national children day at here) makes my day happy. i totally forgot i promised couple of duded for postcard sending and happy to continue do it. the world of communication totally changed after mark zukcerberg rules it. again, thanks for all reply.
  5. hey dudes, i'm away from this webboard for a big while. time has changed. many things to do for living. just missing this community and back to socialize again. please update me what happend here for last couple years. it seems collecting vinyl is a popular hobby now. thanks,
  6. i just received the white one from amazon. sound better than usually white vinyl.
  7. thanks so much. finding rarest colour of earache f.d.r. is hardest job for me. maybe skip for this repress.
  8. will deathwish bring some rsd '16 from revelation records for online selling, calebdw ?
  9. anybody can show me picture of the etched red ? thanks,
  10. so there are white and clear for the first press, right ? interesting for the silver one....

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