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  1. “You’ve reached the Green River crossing. What would you like to do?” 1. Attempt to ford the river. 2. Pay for a ferry to take you across.
  2. Yeah, there are some things that I balked at because given the backdrop of record selling, they seemed foolishly inflated. I wouldn’t spend $50 on a Saetia tour press. Probably should’ve. My biggest record woe is selling an original Schism records Project X 7” I let it go in the late nineties because “wow so much money and this is probably the high water mark for records” A hundred measly bucks.
  3. You should've seen the ppd mailorder prices of the 1990s. A wonka-like world of wonder and joy. And get this....They put FREE THINGS into your order and would replace damaged items. I use 2011 as about the point where from my humble perspective, Things Got Out Of Hand (TM). Major labels flooding RSD with high ticket garbage releases, the advent of the $40 pre-order, etc... Sucks for everybody.
  4. This is a likely explanation. The MAGA hats confuse me, because they imply that the wearer understands that America is in a state of not-greatness. Try pointing that out, and all available sonic airspace for a 250 foot radius will be stolen to deliver a litany of "HEYLIBTARD YOUDONTLIKEITHERE YOUGOTOAFRICA WHERETHEYSOHUNGRYTHEYEATROCKS MERICASGREAT MERICASTHEFINESTNATIONINTHEWORLDYOUCOMMIESCUM" (But your hat literally says in plain English that it isn't....)
  5. My theoretical world of 2011 does not include Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call me Maybe.' Should you choose to move into the unknown frontier of 2012, you invoke this cursed monstrosity and must live with it. Choose wisely.
  6. That Bridge better go all the way to Terebithia. And even poor Discogs is full of outrageous inflation. I've had some luck here, actually, with things staying pretty reasonable, but I'm having more luck building a glass palace of empty liquor bottles. I collect toxins in my liver because it's cheaper than 2018 shipping prices. Cheers.
  7. Hello, This is a waste of everyone's time, but I'd just like to express a desire to purchase absolutely everything I didn't act on/didn't have the money for at their pre-boom prices. All the poor sad records that have $200+ markups and are on ebay being displayed with the grooves smashed onto someone's gross carpet or grease-filthy kitchen stove. I don't want to flip them. I don't want to use them as credibility badges, because the few people I talk to are already steeped in the storied history of how desperately I want to feel like I belong to a special era of music. I just want to hoard them lovingly in my collection and play them as tickets to a place out of my existence. I want to admire their lovely variations and hues and blare them. That is all. So yeah, sell me a You Fail Me with a screenprinted cover for $30. Drop me a green BDM ritual for $15ppd. Thanks and yabba dabba doo.
  8. Hello all, I’m looking for a marbled green/blue test press of Longhena.
  9. Hi all, Looking for a copy of Harkonen's "Shake Harder Boy" on clear, blue, or blue yellow split from the brutal panda pressing. willing to pay a reasonable sum. Let me know what you're thinking.
  10. Hey, Pretty late to the table here, but is the Jeromes Dream seeing means more than safety 10" still available?
  11. Ha. Imagine how the people who paid $300 on ebay the week of the pre-release feel. I'm not getting rid of the set anytime soon, so if you actually want to trade CB for these (in the unlikely event they decide to really make and ship it) hit me up.
  12. I'll keep that in mind, but it's probably not likely. Thanks for looking.
  13. Hello, Looking to trade a full set of Glassjaw Our Color Green 7"s OG press with the GJ cutout. Unplayed as far as I know. I am interested in one of the following: Botch - American Nervoso: White variant of first press Cave In-Until Your Heart Stops: Clear variant of original press Glassjaw - Coloring Book Tri-color cut vinyl. Pm if interested. Please don't offer other stuff.
  14. Does anyone have one of these? It's a version of oceanic with a handmade cloth bag/cover that slips over the entire LP. Usually sells for about $50. I'm interested. Let me know.