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  1. Also, being on 4AD now instead of Saddle Creek will likely push the numbers up
  2. Charlie Simpson - The Long Road http://ebay.us/r5NSFE
  3. Must have been taken down not long after I posted... I snagged one. I originally saw it here https://www.reddit.com/r/VinylReleases/comments/aphcbc/travis_the_man_who_lp_store_exclusive/
  4. Back up at the official store https://travis.tmstor.es/cart/product.php?id=38639
  5. I did that a few months ago... good way to get people back on board
  6. Was always gonna go fast when they didn't limit it to 1 per customer... would have been folks out there that bought 5-10 copies
  7. Very strange... I saw they were teasing some stuff on Facebook but obviously details have leaked somewhere
  8. Seriously? This sold out that fast? For 12 minutes of "music"? Radiohead fans are mental. Yorke could record himself farting into a can and they'd all still cream their nickers.
  9. Give it a few months after release date and it will be down around the $25 mark. That's way too much for a double LP. From memory I think the Pop re-issue started at a similar price?
  10. I dont know why they continue to dish up remixes as the extra material... its rubbish! Would have been great if they had No Line on the Horizon 2 and Winter as extras... has this popped up anywhere else besides the U2 store?
  11. I agree. They have copped a lot of crap for trying to head too mainstream and away from their original sound. Take this as a stand alone album its bloody brilliant! Beloved is one of the best and most beautiful tracks I've heard this year. Can't wait to see them here in Australia in late January