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  1. Okay so this is getting a bit out of hand now... will this man ever write a bad tune??!! The new single is beautiful!
  2. I reactivated my one month sub no worries as soon as the news dropped. They have obviously changed it since
  3. Bit disappointed The National's release is a cassette...
  4. Album is great! 4-5 listens now and gets better and better. Obviously very different from their prior work but great none the less
  5. Yeh, I ordered the first and then the second and then I was like well, i'm gonna have to get them all now! I actually think it's a really smart vinyl release plan and wouldn't be surprised if other releases followed suit...
  6. I managed to snag all 5 variants. Got lucky with the 5th. It had sold out and then I refreshed a few times and 1 came back into stock, then sold out again. Pretty excited for this. The single is spot on!
  7. Got some PJ nuts here in Australia flipping their lids because it sold out before we had a chance to wake up! Was sold out by like 5AM here...
  8. Do all versions of this album have the embossed sleeve?
  9. Thanks heaps to those that sent me a PM. Managed to get some great seats!
  10. If anyone has an unused Cherry Tree pre sale code for the Australian shows shoot me a PM please... would be massively grateful
  11. Is the cherry tree version of IAETF still available? I'm thinking of signing up to get presale to the Aussie shows
  12. Good to have these guys back but can't help but feel like it's a bit of a cash grab...
  13. I Remember when they pressed the box set they said it would never be pressed again...
  14. Also, being on 4AD now instead of Saddle Creek will likely push the numbers up