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  1. Still nothing.... this has gotta be the longest pre order yet...
  2. Looks like a couple of sealed copies of the tour variant have popped up on Discogs... I assume the Walmart press matches that of the Red/Clear split...
  3. Just got shipping notification from second city for Cope (red) and MMoG
  4. Anyone know what the hell is going on with this box set?
  5. Nice! Mine are on the way Also, Vol. 3 setlist looks great! Interesting that they went with a 2018 show. I would have thought given the recent reissues they would have went with an earlier show
  6. Their 1st album was great. Their second was a massive let down imo. Not sure how I'll proceed with this one...
  7. Also, the HV reissue never had standard black available so I can't see them doing another CT variant. But I could be wrong
  8. JB are the biggest rip offs around... it's the same press as rough trade and much cheaper https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/london-grammar/californian-soil/lp-plus
  9. London Grammar have dropped their second single for their 3rd album and with it pre orders are up. Various bundles are available including a deluxe book version which looks nice. Standard black is signed but the limited white version is unsigned (gotta love that 🙄) https://store.londongrammar.com/