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  1. https://www.discogs.com/sell/history/4943900 Last sold at $650. GL bro.
  2. Tell the 7,000 redneck pieces of shit who are still walking around proudly displaying their Trump gear, and STILL refusing to wear masks to "Own the libs" in FEBRUARY 2021. Had a guy in a Trump hat brandish a gun and start yelling about ni**ers in my store the other day when asked to put on a mask or be asked to leave. This could have been over by now. Instead we had a President who didn't give a goddamn about UNITING the American people around the cause of wearing masks and reducing cases, etc. Fucking yawn. Join the rest of us in the 21st century or get the fuck out.
  3. later Lmao, there it is. The line is very small, but you're not fooling anyone here. Statements like "I just poke fun at [your] hypocrisy and your unwavering opinions" serve to imply you're smarter than whoever you're speaking about by association: "I don't participate, I just laugh at everyone else from the outside." The implication "I can change my opinions but no one else I speak to can" is equally patronizing; even when anyone looking at your posts can see you're starting to get sucked into these antics despite your mental gymnastics, so here you go" later You can't have your fucking cake and eat it, too. Donald Trump using the fact that "Dr. Fauci said early on don't wear masks" is an implication that masks do not help, not that "We were trying to preserve PPE for healthcare workers." Someone saying publicly at the start of a brand new pandemic that they do not know everything about it, so people should try and play things safely is "Constant fearmongering?" Give me a fucking break. You snowflake bro?
  4. lmao fuck this one went off the rails fast. Repeating talking points or accusations verbatim with the inference of satire / pointing out hypocrisy doesn't directly relate to understanding any subtext present. It also opens the possibility for anyone spewing ignorant rhetoric or "alternative facts" and passing them off as verifiable to immediately pivot 180 degrees at any point they get challenged or called out and claim "It was just a joke, bro! I was still right all along!" Also, any time anyone identifying as middle or right in our spectrum uses childish Trumpian name calling like the phrase "the loony left" or "the radical left" to otherize and attempt to demean their political opponents and fellow Americans, they instantly lose any and all credibility they may have possessed only moments before. Some clowns in this thread need to stop chugging the "r/iamverysmart" juice and try to meet people in the real middle, instead of taking steps backwards and claiming they're actually moving forwards.
  5. Speaking solely from a (logistics?) practical standpoint, the Fearless "Platinum" version essentially made "Jump then Fall" the album's opening track. Nice to see on this release Fearless is the album opener now. Got a vinyl copy.
  6. Trying to get a little back on the tswift.com variant I unfortunately had to get from a goddamn flipper on eBay... but I'll send this out postage paid for the first person to send me $16 PP gifted. Still got the shrink on the wrap, just slit on the side to let A/B out. C/D hasn't been touched. Pics available if you really want. Reason I'm asking for gifted is obviously because PP fees won't help a small transaction like this. I've got positive feedback established for a few years on this forum, and can ship this out Monday morning if someone PayPals me! Or if you want to try your hand at less, just shoot me a DM... I guess you never know. Thanks!
  7. Is your In the Trees copy any quieter on white noise / static than other variants??
  8. Didn't know this existed but just found out and am now enjoying the new music. Sweet.
  9. My in the trees variant will be delivered today. Anyone else?
  10. Probably will up and post many of my variants on here. I definitely did not need to buy them all after all.
  11. I SHOULDN'T. I'm supposed to be saving money... and save I will continue to do... Video for I Want to Kill You is out... Trying to get the message... besides get my fat ass to the gym and maybe I will fit in with the beautiful people...
  12. I mean I think its a good idea, I was just commenting on the wording of the announcement / graphic I guess. I think they're a little too vague since we're all having trouble understanding what's included lol. I'm listening to Youth and its very nice.
  13. lmao why did you bold "Every month" and not "UNTIL THE RELEASE" of the album? You guys will pick a fight about anything, unfollowing topic.
  14. I'm looking right at it, same as you. My point is just that they're not actually saying how MANY we get for our money, with the wording "At least 4," that's not very promising to me. But you guys obviously can support this great band however you want to.
  15. I'm seeing "US customers will receive multiple shipments leading up to the release of Life in Your Glass World on March 26th". "At least 4 shipments" with the album arriving in the third shipment... I don't see "All year" anywhere personally. The song is good but pretty short IMO. I'm just gonna take a look at preorders tomorrow. I've got my girl copy of Youth so I'm pretty much set on limited citizen shit personally.
  16. LMAO, sat the on the toilet and opened the thing and saw $16..." and thought not bad, I'll get out of bed to preorder this... Then I got on the desktop and saw $160 for the subscription pack.... Guess I'll just end up getting a regular preorder version; I should be saving my Trump Bucks, after all.
  17. https://imgur.com/a/536Xxrx kind of translucent heres one of the variants on my rgb modded debut carbon. If anyone wants to see any of the other variants just lmk
  18. I don’t suppose you can go back and snag me a “meet me behind the mall” could you

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