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  1. Just went to throw this record on and can't find my copy anywhere, super bummed about it. If anyone has a copy, I'd love to buy it. Thanks in advance regardless.
  2. Anybody can feel free to PM me if either of these are already spoken for.
  3. Always enjoy reading your reviews. This split seriously kills. "Lean" is my favorite track, but there's definitely an argument for each track being the best. Stoked for the bundles to start shipping!
  4. This is driving me nuts, where can I hear this? Haha. I pre-ordered the bundle the day it was announced, and it sounds like a ton of people have the record already/have heard it by now. Hate to be that guy, but anybody mind PMing me the info? If it's already for sale on tour, it kinda makes sense for RFC to email d/l codes to those of us who pre-ordered, no?
  6. Hey guys, so I recently sold two records on eBay in a lot (one 2xLP/one 1xLP, both gatefold), and it looks like I'll be shipping them to Malaysia. I guesstimated the weight (~4lbs?), and he paid ~39$ (First Class International) for shipping. They're both still sealed also, so I can't take them out of the sleeve either. I offered that as an option, but the buyer never asked. I've got it all packed up now, used cardboard insert and bubble wrap, and it's looking pretty sturdy. Think it should be good to go? Anyone have any advice? I've got to get this out tomorrow preferably, so I can't really order anything new if I need a separate box or something. Also, the dude's address is obviously a little 'foreign' to me, and it's all in lower case too. Should I adjust it at all or just ship it to the address eBay/PayPal gave me? Little to no communication with the buyer; assuming it's a language barrier issue. I apologize if this isn't the correct place to post this kind of topic. I just want to ensure that the dude gets his records in the best condition possible. Thanks in advance.
  7. Just some peace of mind for anyone worried about not receiving shipping confirmation yet - definitely hit up Olivia. She told me that they were waiting to ship my package because they ran out of medium shirts for the bundle, but were expecting more very soon. She also offered to ship the shirt with my next package, so I went with that. I cannot wait to get my copy - just got confirmation that it's being delivered today rather than Thursday!! Only a few more hours. As far as the album itself goes...AOTY for me, no question. And that's with *a lot* of competition (GOE, new ETID/YAITW/Code Orange, etc). Near perfect record. I'll second the comment that the only thing that'd make it better would if it were a 10 track record. This album has come at the perfect time for me, I'll say it again...fits my mood perfectly and absolutely has helped me with this increasingly heavy month I've been dealing with. Not going to dive into their online persona nonsense too much, but it's incredibly apparent that their 'act' is pure satire. Not sure how people don't see that. Ignore it or embrace it, I choose the later because I think it's hilarious. I think my post a few pages back with the poster personalized to me about my dog passing away says a lot about. My buddy told me Nick was the one responsible, and he's the dude who seems to get the most hate. I'll back Whirr forever after that.
  8. Thanks, man! I e-mailed Olivia late last night, and I'll fwd you the msg right now. Obvious bummer about the funeral stuff - never good to hear. Any delay is totally understandable. You guys still manage to kill it somehow with the prompt responses nonetheless. It is greatly appreciated. Just have to reemphasize how stoked I am to be in the RC finally, haha.
  9. Are you guys getting delivery confirmation? Trying not to get impatient, I just can't wait to spin this thing. I figured they'd be here by now if they went out last week. I've been eagerly checking the mail every day of this week, and now good old Sunday rolls around...lol.
  10. That was my first thought, would be ideal for sure. Unfortunately, they won't be in Chicago until the 23rd. Guessing they'd be sold out of the posters by then even if they are /100. But after hearing all about these alleged /25 posters, I'm guessing this is one of them (#1/25 even lol), the back numbering is definitely strange. I wonder if it was an accident or something? Anyone happen to grab the same poster?
  11. I thought this might be worth sharing, kind of a cool story. So I told my buddy about Whirr a few months back, and he got into them pretty quickly. Ended up going to the San Diego show (I live in the Chicago area), and I asked if he'd pick me up one of the /25 posters. Figured they'd be gone, but worth a shot. I guess he ended up talking to Nick Bassett and got one which is awesome. I'm not certain how exactly this came about, but I'm guessing my friend mentioned that I had turned him onto Whirr or something and that I was dealing with some rough shit at the moment - my dog just passed away last week, and that's been heartbreaking to say the least. Not to get all morbid or anything - but a friend also passed away in the same week, so it's been heavy to say the least. Anyway, I got this poster in the mail today (along with a setlist), but didn't realize what was on the back right away. I'll just post the pictures to tell the rest of the story. Truly shows how genuine the Whirr dudes are - they did not have to do this at all. My friend said he didn't ask them to write anything at all, so it seems to have been done on their (Nick's) accord. I just think it's pretty fucking special. Might seem 'whatever' to some people, but I figured I'd post regardless. To clarify, my dog's name was Tess/my name is Alex. I wish I could frame both sides of this. Must figure something out... Also, anybody notice that it says #1/25 on the front, but on the back it says #1/100? Accident maybe? I honestly couldn't care less about the 'limited' aspect - it's one of a kind to me. One of the most thoughtful, random yet perfectly timed gifts I've ever received. I'll back Whirr forever, no doubt about it. tl;dr my dog passed away, my buddy grabbed me a poster in SD, and Nick from Whirr wrote a message on the back. says a lot about the dude/band as a whole vs. their online troll persona.
  12. Right on dude, thanks. I figured that was it, but he said there were two different posters. One of them wasn't out on the merch table, but he asked and got hooked up with one. Said it was white, numbered, etc. Not sure if anybody managed to grab a pic of their merch from SF?

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