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  1. My record just arrived today, giving it a first listen right now. The vinyl itself is beautiful, and musically the band have done a great job, I can already tell that I’m going to like this way more than I did Sway. Only problem is the vinyl is pretty noisy, lots of tics and pops which is a shame for for a brand new record. Gonna give it run thru the RCM and hope that gets rid of of some of the noise, but over all it’s a great album. So glad I just randomly happened to find out about the pre-sale, I’d have been super bummed to have missed this one.
  2. Clear records are definitely not cheaper to press than standard. They're more of a pain for the pressing plant because they have to make sure the press is completely clean before they run the clear stuff. Go check the price list for any vinyl plant.
  3. Ikea used to make a cabinet with drawers that were perfect for 7" storage called the Robin, it was really affordable but of course they discontinued it years ago. If you can produce something like this for a reasonable price I bet you'd get a lot of business.
  4. Plus it's kind of silly to worry about analog/digital stuff when most of the music was created with digital samples and drum machines. IMO anyway...
  5. Get your money back and do some research on the Beginner's Guide thread at the top of the forum. I'm not sure exactly what turntable that is but doesn't look like anything worth using.
  6. Just to chime in on the Demon Days pressing quality, my friend said his copy was skipping in places on his table (a Numark TTUSB). He brought it over to try it on my Technics 1210 and it played thru perfectly. Seems like the people reporting problems need to check their setups before they complain. FWIW I thought the sound quality was fine if maybe a touch bass heavy, but it was my first time hearing the record so what do I know.
  7. The Lounge is excellent and should be a big improvement on the built in stage. You are making a nice step up with the Orbit so maybe wait a bit and get used to the sound of the new table, but save money for the Lounge in the meantime. It's well worth the money.
  8. He's talking about South African Rand, 100 Rand is 7 or 8 dollars US. That said, he's definitely better off with a better table but I have no idea what's available down there or how much things cost.
  9. I use the Moongel to clean my stylus before every listening session, It works just like the Zerodust and gets your stylus totally clean without messing with brushes or fluids. And you get 4 or 5 pads in a pack which will last you a very long time.
  10. That table is a great deal for $35 dollars, it's basically an automatic version of the 1200 (more or less).It probably could use a going over by a tech, so if you don't know what you're doing take it to a shop to be checked out and get a new cart. You could start with something like a Shure M35x cart for less than $60 if you're on a budget. It's a solid entry level cart and you can grow from there. But that table could be one to stick with you for many years once you have it running properly.
  11. Decided to shell out some $$$ and bought an original copy of PiL's "Metal Box" from Discogs. I've been after it for awhile and figured why not now? Can't wait to get it.
  12. What's your budget? Can't make recommendations without knowing at least that...
  13. Kevin at KABUSA is the man for all things Technics. Contact him, he should have what you need. http://www.kabusa.com/
  14. I think European electricity runs to a different standard than North America and that would cause it to turn faster.