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  1. Hey how does that Frances version sound? I've been wondering about it since Isaw it pop up but haven't seen one irl. I assumed it was like the euro "boot" of Deloused that came out before the euro represses. As good as the original? Good interior art work?
  2. TmvFan707

    FS selling to pay bills

    Pm'd! Great Discogs collection! We have a lot of the same taste.
  3. Just preordered mine. I knew something had to be going on when I found an OP version on eBay for $65.
  4. TmvFan707

    FS: Mad Max Fury Road Digital Copy Ultraviolet $4

    Hmmm... paying for digital media? No. I think I'll spend my $$ on physical things for now and watch invisible medias for free thank you.
  5. I love my mini-methlamine barrel!
  6. TmvFan707

    PO: The Mars Volta - Scab Dates

    I really doubt there's a reissue on the defunct GSL. Notice that side says "AMOV" for the mov reissues too... You got a good copy of scabdates huh? Black vinyl?
  7. TmvFan707

    FS: Cassette tapes, 90s rock, alternative, nu-metal

    Damn... Hella 90's!
  8. TmvFan707

    Downsizing Record Collection

    Wish I had Satanic Messiah. Congrats to u!
  9. Do u have another EU version you are comparing the weight and feel of the cover to? Cause ya, the US version is beautiful and heavy with great matte inners and just the right amount of gloss!
  10. TmvFan707

    Recent purchases

    Gorillaz - demon days - $40 ( i think there's a bootleg floating around?) The mars Volta - octahedron - $28 EU pressing with one white and one grey splatter vinyl!
  11. I did feel like Charlie! Opening the corner just a little bit to see and not expecting to see anything but then being happily surprised! So mine is disk 1, urs is disc 2 right? So still one of a kind so far. It's released on konkurrent and I thought calibration was too but just saw that'd from n2o iinstead. Still very similar colors tho!Haven't msgd the seller yet but maybe, I doubt he knows.
  12. Got my copy from that seller today. A/B is marble grey! And C/D is white. Awesome...
  13. If ur just looking for any copy of octa I have 2 us copies with the plastic sleeves and this EU is coming. If it's white for both lps I'll gladly sell it to u. If it's amazing and grey I will sell a US version...
  14. I bought one from the seller before he ran out. It shipped today. I'll let ya know if all his copies were like that when it gets here! Fyi the coma members have opened EU copies and they are all white. It's possible there was a later 2nd pressing that didn't last long or maybe the one posted here is just an amazing mispress! Either way I'm gonna find out!
  15. Damn thanks for the tip! Just came from the coma otherwise I'd probly never have seen this. I wonder if rlpe had like two pressings or something.TThis'll go great in my insane #VoltaPorn collection! Edit: hi Oliver, did u happen to get the other one? Cause I don't think there are any more from this seller. Not sure if all the EU pressings are like that tho. I have 2 of the US pressings with the jacket but never thought the EUwwould be crazy different.