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  1. https://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/660418-kenny-obrien-the-odouls-12-ep The 12" vinyl includes a white screen-printed B-side. This is a pre-order and the 12" vinyl will ship around end of February / early March, with a street date of February 28. All orders will include a digital download of the four-song track listing, which will be sent out on Feb. 28. More info is below. Tracklisting: 1. Pat McLaughlin’s Work Song 2. The Whole Of The Moon 3. Margaret Reed O’Shaughnessy 4. The Body of An American 300 - Green 12" Vinyl with Screen-printed B-side 50 of these will be available at each of the three above-mentioned shows that Kevin is playing this year; the rest in our webstore. Kevin Devine, who is an artist we work with often here at Bad Timing Enterprises, has a new 12" EP in our webstore under the moniker Kenny O'Brien & The O'Douls. This is an alter-ego for Kevin and friends to goofily but enthusiastically play music for you on St. Patrick's Day, while wearing the best Irish accoutrements that New York's $.99 stores can supply. The vinyl sold out in our webstore quickly, but we want to tell you two things. First, that Kenny O'B and the O'D's are playing three shows in the northeast for St. Patrick's 2020 -- and you can buy tickets to those here. Second, that they will have this 12" EP with them at those shows, and any leftovers will be put up back in our webstore so you can sign up to be notified of the release of the extra EPs here.
  2. Via the PO Page... http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/611739-devinyl-splits-vol-2-express-line-subscription You get every single one of the split 7"s delivered to your door on an exclusive color of vinyl. Each split 7" will be pressed on two vinyl variants. One variant will be a half-and-half colorway, and it will be limited to 200 units. That's the one you'll get. The other variant will be a solid color, and it will be limited to different quantities depending on which split we're talking about. But that number will always be more than 200. By purchasing the premium subscription, you're guaranteeing yourself the rare variant for all six splits. -- You get digital downloads of each split, delivered to your inbox before the official release date. The digital downloads will be sent to you via the Bad Timing Records email newsletter, but it will be personalized for Devinyl Splits subscribers. If you don't see something from us by the end of March, check ya spam. -- You get an enamel pin. This will be shipped with your first split, in March. That's the second image you see on this product page. -- You get a very, very nice 24x18 screen print. This will be shipped in a poster tube in January 2019. We can't tell you what this will look like yet, but we can tell you we're going to try very hard to make sure it's awesome. Devinyl Split No. 7 - Craig Finn Devinyl Split No. 8 - Petal Devinyl Split No. 9 - Devinyl Split No. 10 - Devinyl Split No. 11 - Devinyl Split No. 12 -
  3. Hey everyone! Back again with updates on what's left of my AJJ and Kevin Devine collection. Thanks to everyone who purchased the past few months! I've now priced out everything left. AJJ full list Kevin Devine full list I think they are all fair or better prices for you based on what they go for elsewhere online / Popsike history but let me know if you disagree and we can discuss of course. I'm willing to cut even better deals as you buy more and more of them at once. Shipping will be about $3-5 extra (depending what you buy) in the USA for the postage plus brand new mailing supplies/materials, unless you buy a bunch in which case I will just cover it. Higher priced orders I will get postal insurance on which will be a few more bucks but I can probably just cover that for you.
  4. Finally ready to part with some/all of these. Send a message with what you want and an offer or just ask me for a price and I'll shoot you one. Looking for a bit less than what they usually go for online aka something fair for both of us. AJJ (ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD) 7" andrew jackson jihad - art of the underground singles series volume 19 - black 215/250 7" andrew jackson jihad - art of the underground singles series volume 19 - black 91/250 7" andrew jackson jihad / cobra skulls - under the influence split - black/white /1000 7" andrew jackson jihad/3 others - dangerous intersections v - black /330 7" andrew jackson jihad/3 others - dangerous intersections v - mineral water clear /167 7" andrew jackson jihad/3 others - the chronicles of sheriff joe arpaio - pink /300 7" andrew jackson jihad/apocalypse meow - pug life - black /337 7" andrew jackson jihad/apocalypse meow - pug life - clear /265 7" andrew jackson jihad/apocalypse meow - pug life - clear amber /55 7" andrew jackson jihad/apocalypse meow - pug life - orange swirl /151 7" andrew jackson jihad/apocalypse meow - pug life - white /265 7" andrew jackson jihad/partners in 818 - split - pink/black 38/300 7" andrew jackson jihad/the gunshy - split - earwax yellow /220 7" andrew jackson jihad/the gunshy - split - smashed slug /200 7" andrew jackson jihad/3 others - dangerous intersections v - brown trash /60 KEVIN DEVINE 7" delusion - stages - black /200-300 7" delusion - teenage unity - blue /500 7" delusion - teenage unity - blue with handmade cover /25 7" kevin devine - another bag of bones - black /241 7" kevin devine - another bag of bones - blue /448 7" kevin devine - another bag of bones - red /305 7" kevin devine - another bag of bones - red with black smoke /12 7" kevin devine - another bag of bones - test press 18/20 7" kevin devine - buried by the buzzzz - clear 428/450 7" kevin devine - just stay - black /500 7" kevin devine - luxembourg - black /100 7" kevin devine - luxembourg - clear /650 7" kevin devine - luxembourg - clear blue /250 7" kevin devine - luxembourg / part of the whole - green /100 7" kevin devine - luxembourg / part of the whole - purple /200 7" kevin devine - part of the whole - black /100 7" kevin devine - part of the whole - clear /650 7" kevin devine - part of the whole - clear orange /250 7" kevin devine - travelling the eu - black /500 7" kevin devine / river city extension - split - pea green /500 7" miracle of 86 / render useless - split - black /1000 BRIGHT EYES 7" bright eyes - easy lucky free - black 7" bright eyes - four winds - black 7" bright eyes - gold mine gutted - black 7" bright eyes - motion sickness - black /1100 7" bright eyes - motion sickness - gray 7" bright eyes - singularity - clear blue /2000 7" bright eyes - sub pop singles club - green /1300 7" bright eyes - susan miller rag - black + 3" cd 7" bright eyes - take it easy (love nothing) - black 7" bright eyes - when the president talks to god - black (white sleeve, not screenprinted version) 7" bright eyes/rilo kiley/sorry about dresden - devil in the woods magazine split - black 100/666 7" bright eyes/super furry animals - easy lucky free/lazerbeam (remixed by danger mouse) - black /2000 7" bright eyes/the album leaf - collaboration series no. 1 - black randoms: 7" ghost mice/brook pridemore - split - charcoal marble cover /50 record #117/500 7" bon iver/peter gabriel - split - black /2000 7" mischief brew - jobs in steeltown - purple marble 7" the unicorns - 2014 - purple /2000 7" two gallants - las cruces jail - black
  5. I own 84 unique Kevin Devine variants (of the 95 I believe to exist - ugh he keeps repressing the 6th devinyl). I want to drop down to only owning one copy per release. If you are chasing any Kevin Devine albums, chances are I have what you're looking for. Feel free to let me know what you want and shoot me a fair offer. Willing to make deals for multiple ones. Link to my collection: https://www.discogs.com/user/antmadison/collection
  6. Hey guys- I've got a pretty excessive KD vinyl collection and also used to have some online record shops I sold through. I just found some extra copies of each of the following I had bought from the labels when released then never ended up even listing online for sale: KD - Part of the Whole 7" (black /100) KD - Part of the Whole 7" (clear /650) KD - Luxembourg 7" (black /100) KD / River City Extension - Tour Split 7" (pea green /500) Delusion - Teenage Unity 7" (blue /500) Miracle of 86 / Render Useless - Split 7" (black /1000) Please PM me with anything you're interested in. Feel free to make offers or just ask. I'll base my pricing off a bit less what they are selling for / have sold for online and am always fair.
  7. I have a few posters I'm wanting to part with: Jesse Lacey/Kevin Devine- solo tour poster signed by them and Brian Bonz . $150 shipped Alkaline Trio- signed in 2006 at a mall, I waited in line to get it signed by the band. $200 shipped Hawthorne Heights- signed in 2006 by Casey before he passed away. $100 shipped Bayside- signed in 2006 by Anthony. $50 shipped Let me know if you have any questions or want more pictures!
  8. All offers accepted. Deals for those who bundle. Green U-Turn Audio Turntable - $200 (FREE 12" + 7" With This Purchase) (FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.) Used turntable in tested and perfect working order. This is a U-Turn audio record player that features: - A brand new motor - Grado Black1 stylus - Battery charger - RCA cables - Black platter - Felt slipmat - Drive belt - Dust cover The same setup brand new retails for about $260 shipped. **Please note that you need a phono preamp in order to use this turntable. ** 12' A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Boom ( Black *doesnt include 7’) $10 ~~American Football - EP $10~~ Banquets - Banquets (LP, Blue) $10 Big Awesome - Party On (LP, Album, Ltd, Khaki) $10 Cloakroom - Infinity (Clear/570) $10 Cloakroom - Further Out (Black Retail/1000) $10 Coasta - Subnzal (White/500) $10 Forever Losing Sleep - I Lost Myself Again (LP, Ltd, Black Inside Oxblood) $10 International Superheros of Hardcore - Takin’ it Ova’ (Red/Black/White Splatter/2000) $5 John Williams - Jaws (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (LP, Album, RE) $20 Little Big League - Tropical Jinx (LP, Clear) $10 North By North - Something Wicked (2xLP, Album, Mint Green) $25.00 Pet Symmetry - Pets Hounds (LP, Album, White) $10.00 ~~Promise Ring - Nothing Feels Good (Remastered Retail on Black) $10~~ TW Walsh - Songs of Pain and Leisure $10 7" Braid/Balance and Composure Split (Dark Maroon Red) $5 Ernie - Dog Park (Baby Blue) $5 Kevin Devine - She Can See Me (Dark Blue/600) $5 Seahaven - Silhouette (Latin Skin) (Black/1000) $5 10" Morrissey - World Peace is None of Your Business (Indie Store Exclusive, Hand Numbered 117/?) $15 CDs Emo cd sale. $5 a pop or $40 for the lot. All albums are sealed. Lot includes: The world is - harmlessness Pianos become the teeth - the lack long after Into it over it - 12 towns The saddest landscape - after the lights Jazz June - after the earthquake Tiny engines - 2017 label sampler Slingshot Dakota - break Clique - burden piece Toe - hear you Enemies - valuables Grand theft autumn sampler My heart to joy - seasons in verse Lite - cubic
  9. Now taking offers on everything below. Willing to make better deals for multiple records! Shipping will be a flat $5 no matter how many you would like. Also willing to negotiate a good price if someone wants everything. Thanks! A Day to Remember – Homesick All Get Out – Movement EP – Blue /200 All Get Out – The Season - Red-Green-Silver Stripes - /100 Andrew Mcmahon – The Pop Underground EP 10” Brand New – Daisy – Black Brand New – Daisy – Green - /2000 *Sealed* City and Colour – Little Hell 2xLP City and Colour – Sometimes 2xLP City and Colour – The Hurry and the Harm 2xLP Devinyl Splits No. 6: Jesse Lacey x Kevin Devine 7”- /2000 Head North – Bloodlines EP - Purple / Pink / Yellow Jim Adkins solo 3x 7” set – Red/Grey/Yellow - /1500 Jimmy Eat World – Clarity 2xLP – Clear Jimmy Eat World – Damage Jimmy Eat World – Invented Jimmy Eat World – Static Prevails 2xLP – Lavender Jimmy Eat World – Stay on My Side Tonight EP – Opaque Pink - /1000 Kevin Devine – Put Your Ghost To Rest – Orange/Green/White Tri-Color & Green, White, and Black Splatter - /400 *Sealed* Kevin Devine – She Can See Me 7” – Night (Dark Blue) - /600 *Sealed* Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band – Matter of Time – Orange w/ Black and Silver Splatter & Blue w/ White Splatter - /500 *Sealed* Manchester Orchestra – Hope Once OST Reuben’s Accomplice – I Blame The Scenery Reuben’s Accomplice – Sons of Men – White Rueben’s Accomplice – The Bull, The Balloon, and The Family 2xLP – Gold - /100
  10. Bubblegum Circle Gets the Square Looking for $80 for both or $55 each Both in great shape, etc Also: offer on anything up for grabs here https://deadformat.com/collection/GrantMorrison
  11. Yeah, so being trans is expensive and I don't listen to my records at all anymore, so I'm selling most of them to help fund transition-related costs. Edit: So... it got kinda tiring getting messages asking "how much for ___?" so I kinda let the thread die for a bit until I could find the time to price them. I'm updating this thread now as a set sale, shipping cost is included in these prices. I did my best to price them fairly, but if you're interested in something and think I'm asking too much, go ahead and shoot a counter offer. 7’: Devinyl Splits- Cymbals Eat Guitars/Kevin Devine (blue)| $8 Dikembe- Ledge| $6 Mansions- Tangerine/The Biggest Lie| $8 Mansions/Fences- Split| $10 Mansions/John Nolan- Split| $8 Modest Mouse- Too Many Fiestas for Rueben| $6 Modest Mouse- White Lies, Yellow Teeth| $5 The Matches- Life Of A Match/Crucial Comeback Song| $10 Touché Amoré/Pianos Become The Teeth- Split (Aqua Blue)| $5 Touché Amoré/The Casket Lottery- Split (Grey)| $7 10" Happy Body Slow Brain- Sleepy EP} $35 12" ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead- Source Tags and Codes| $40 At The Drive-In- Acrobatic Tenement (Translucent Red)| $16 Born Without Bones- Baby (Black)| $15 Born Without Bones- Say Hello (Black)| $20 Carly Rae Jepsen- E-MO-TION| $17 Circa Survive- Descensus (180 Gram Black)| $12 Circa Survive- Juturna (Picture disc)| $150 Copeland- Beneath Medicine Tree (Coke bottle clear, SRC re-press)| $30 Copeland- Eat, Sleep, Repeat (Clear)| $15 Copeland- In Motion (Re-press, Coke Bottle)| $25 Copeland- Ixora (180 Gram Black)| $35 Copeland- You Are My Sunshine (Root Beer)| $25 Cursive- The Ugly Organ (Deluxe anniversary edition, 180 Gram black)| $16 Deftones- B-Sides and Rarities (RSD Gold) [SEALED]| $40 Dikembe- Mediumship (Yellow w/ red, green, and white starburst)| $12 Elliott Smith- Either/Or| $12 Foxing- Dealer (180 Gram Black)| $20 Foxing- The Albatross (Blue/orange w/ yellow splatter)| $30 fun.- Aim and Ignite (180 Gram Black)| $17 Glassjaw- Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence (2xLP, black)| $20 Hop Along- Painted Shut (180 Gram Black)| $15 Jimi Hendrix- Are You Experienced? (180 Gram Black)| $12 Jimi Hendrix- Electric Ladyland (180 Gram Black)| $15 Jimmy Eat World- Clarity (Clear)| $18 Joyce Manor- Self-Titled (Black)| $12 Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy| $20 Kevin Devine- Brother's Blood (OG Pressing, Black)| $30 Kevin Devine- Bubblegum (Pink)| $14 Kevin Devine- Bulldozer (Yellow)| $12 Lewis- L'amour (Reissue, Black)| $15 Madvillain- Madvillainy| $14 Mansions- Dig Up The Dead Acoustic (Tri-Color Split)| $18 Mansions- Doom Loop (Green/Black)| $15 Modest Mouse- This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About (180 Gram Black, Re-press)| $14 Moving Mountains- Pneuma w/ bonus 7" (Triple Crown Re-press)| $15 Muscle & Bone- Self-Titled EP (Clear)| $8 Now, Now Every Children- Cars| $12 Pinback- Autumn of the Seraphs| $10 Say Anything- ...Is A Real Boy (White)| $50 Say Anything- In Defense of the Genre (Purple)| $35 Silversun Pickups- Better Nature| $15 Silversun Pickups- Carnavas (Re-press, black)| $15 Speedy Ortiz- Foil Deer| $12 Sufjan Stevens- Carrie & Lowell (Clear)| $30 Sunny Day Real Estate- Diary (Reissue)| $12 The 1975- The 1975| $15 The Antlers- Hospice| $10 The Dismemberment Plan- Change| $17 The Matches- E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals (Black/Red)| $80 The Wonder Years- Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing (Blue)| $50 Weezer- Pinkerton (Deluxe 4xLP set)| $40 Young Statues- Young Statues (Magenta, signed)| $8
  12. Hi everyone! I'm unloading most of my collection, and wanted first shot at these to go to you guys. Some items are still sealed as indicated; most items have never been played. I've marked everything below what the current prices are on discogs. I may be willing to discount a little more if you buy multiple. PPD if you buy at least 2 (US only); otherwise $4 in the US, contact for outside US. Help a guy out, and get some great deals in return!!! A Day To Remember ‎– Homesick - Black - $8 All Get Out ‎– Movement EP - Blue - /200 - $8 All Get Out ‎– The Season - Red-Green-Silver Stripes - /100 - $30 Andrew McMahon ‎– The Pop Underground - Black - $15 Brand New ‎– Daisy - Black - $17 City And Colour ‎– Bring Me Your Love - Black - $17 City And Colour ‎– Covers, Pt. 3 - Orange Marble (NOTL Version) - $30 City And Colour ‎– The Hurry And The Harm - Black - $12 City And Colour ‎– If I Should Go Before You - Clear w/ Black Smoke - /2000 - $25 City And Colour ‎– If I Should Go Before You - Coke Bottle Clear - /1000 - $25 City And Colour ‎– Little Hell - Black - $18 City And Colour ‎– Sometimes - Black - $20 City And Colour ‎– Sometimes - Anniversary Bundle: Teal 2xLP; Teal Cassette; L Shirt; Poster - /75 - $130 *Sealed* Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova ‎– Once (Music From The Motion Picture) - Black - $15 Head North ‎– Bloodlines EP - Purple / Pink / Yellow - $8 Jim Adkins - 7" Set (3) - Various Colors - $10 Jimmy Eat World ‎– Bleed American - Red Opaque - /1000 - $50 $40 Jimmy Eat World ‎– Chase This Light - Black - $10 Jimmy Eat World ‎– Clarity - Clear - $18 Jimmy Eat World ‎– Damage - Black - $8 Jimmy Eat World ‎– Futures - Blue - $15 Jimmy Eat World ‎– Invented - Black - $12 Jimmy Eat World ‎– Static Prevails - Lavender - $15 Jimmy Eat World ‎– Stay On My Side Tonight - Opaque Pink - $50 Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band ‎– Matter of Time - Orange w/ Black and Silver Splatter (A/B) & Blue w/ White Splatter (C/D) - /500 - $35 - *Sealed* Kevin Devine ‎– Brother's Blood - Clear w/ Blood Red and Black Splatter - /400 - $25 Kevin Devine ‎– Put Your Ghost To Rest - Orange/Green/White Tri-Color (Disc 1) Orange w/ Green, White & Black Splatter (Disc 2) - /400 - $30 - *Sealed* Kevin Devine ‎– She Can See Me - Dark Blue (Night) - /600 - $8 - *Sealed* Manchester Orchestra ‎– Hope - Black - $12 Manchester Orchestra ‎– I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child - Yellow - $38 Manchester Orchestra ‎– I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child - Clear with White and Yellow Swirls - /500 - $38 - *Sealed* Manchester Orchestra ‎– Mean Everything To Nothing - Clear with White and Blue Swirls - /500 - $60 - *Sealed* Yellowcard ‎– Lights And Sounds - Black - $22 Thanks!!!
  13. Title basically says it all. Shoot me some offers! Kevin Devine Make the Clocks Move - Clear Brown Front Bottoms S/T - 2x10" first press! Edit: KD sold!
  14. I'm in a fuckton of debt, buy shit /Here's a bunch of albums I can't afford right now but want. If you want to trade, let's trade, I can possibly toss in some cash or buy if it's cheap enough depending These are some that I'm looking for: Swans- The Glowing Man Sleep-Dopesmoker (Pref green but will take any pressing) Rites of Spring- S/T Tom Waits- Swordfishtrombones Heatmiser- Mic City Sons Daniel Johnston- Speeding Motorcycle Daniel Johnston- 1990 Dalek- Asphalt for Eden Tim Hecker- Love Streams 2814 stuff Orm/Antwon/Lil Ugly Mane Stuff Honestly a bunch of shit, send me your list and I'll take a look! https://deadformat.net/collection/GrantMorrison Only things highlighted are up for grabs Honestly, I am more than likely not getting rid of anything else but you can shoot an offer over and I'll consider it
  15. Hi everyone! I'm trying to sell as much as possible for xmas presents for the family! I have not listed prices, so make an offer! $5 shipping for unlimited items, Free shipping over $30! Ill accept most reasonable offers, so help a guy out! Thanks! A Day To Remember Homesick LP Never played All Get Out Movement EP 12", EP, Blue Never Played All Get Out The Season LP, RP, Red-Green-Silver Stripes Never Played, /100 Andrew McMahon The Pop Underground 10", EP Never Played City And Colour Covers, Pt. 3 7", Single, Orange Marble (NOTL) Played Once City And Colour If I Should Go Before You 2x12", Clear w/ Black Smoke, 180g Never Played City And Colour If I Should Go Before You 2x12", Coke Bottle Clear, 180g Never Played City And Colour Sometimes Dine Alone 10th Anniversary Sometimes 2LP + Tape + T-Shirt + Poster bundle (limited to 75 bundles) Sealed! Still in original box! /75 Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova Once (Music From The Motion Picture) LP, RE, 180 Played Once (hehe) Head North Bloodlines 12", EP, Purple / Pink / Yellow Never played Jesse Lacey / Kevin Devine Devinyl Splits No. 6 7", Ltd Sealed, /2000 Jimmy Eat World Damage LP Never played Jimmy Eat World Futures LP + LP, S/Sided, Etch + Album Sleeve only; Signed by all 4 members Kevin Devine She Can See Me 7", Dark Blue (Night) Sealed, /600 Kevin Devine Put Your Ghost To Rest 2xLP, Orange/Green/White Tri-Color (Disc 1) Orange w/ Green, White & Black Splatter (Disc 2) Sealed, /400 Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band Matter of Time 2xLP, LP, Orange w/ Black and Silver Splatter (A/B) & Blue w/ White Splatter (C/D) Sealed, /500 Manchester Orchestra Hope LP Never played Manchester Orchestra I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child LP, Yellow, RP Never played Reubens Accomplice I Blame The Scenery LP .Never played
  16. Hail the sun - culture scars (Sand) $14 shipped Kevin Devine - Instigator (Cream w/ Red Splatter) $24 ppd shipped
  17. Buy some stuff from me so I can buy some stuff from other board members. US ONLY. Everything in NM condition unless otherwise stated. Add $4 shipping. Please cover paypal fees. Feel free to message me with questions. I'll look at tradelists if you are interested in trading. Thanks! 7” 4 – Hostage Calm – Demo – Red 6 - Adventures – Adventures – Clear 6 – Annabel – Here We Are Tomorrow – Maroon 6 – Donor – Ache Through My Bones – Bright Canary Yellow 6 – Dad Punchers – The Exquisites Split – Clear 6 – Dad Punchers – These Times Weren’t Made For You – Coke Bottle Clear 6 – Pianos Become the Teeth – Touche Amore Split – Electric Blue/Gold Split 6 – Pianos Become the Teeth – Touche Amore Split – Gold 6 – Pianos Become the Teeth – Touche Amore Split – Electric Blue 6 – We Were Skeletons – MNWA split – Brown 10 – Into It. Over It. – Owen Split – Clear/Gold Split 12” 12 – The Saddest Landscape – After the Lights – Sky Blue 12 – Timecrimes – OST – Black (slight seam split at top) 15 – Dikembe – Mediumship – White w/ Green Starburst 15 – Pianos Become the Teeth – Old Pride – Pink 15 - Pianos Become the Teeth - Old Pride - Yellow 15 – Kevin Devine – Brother’s Blood – Black repress 20 – Caspian – Live at Old South Church – Pink/White Marble 1st Press (slight corner bend bottom left) 25 - TWIABP - Whenever if Ever - Clear w/ black and white splatter Banners: 20ppd - Cloakroom - Defenders of Inner Space 46x46 20ppd - Superheaven - Jar 46x46 25ppd - Into It. Over It. - Masks 36x60 Prints 50 ppd – Jurassic Park “T-Rex Doesn’t Want to Be Fed. He Wants to Hunt” – Patrick Cannon
  18. Selling some stuff for extra cash. Deals include shipping but not fees. You can gift if i know you or you have enough feedback. US only! Frank Ocean - "channel ORANGE" - 2xLP - (Bootleg, Transparent Marble (Clear w/Black Smoke)/Pink Marble) - Limited Edition - $20 Shipped - Record and Jacket are perfect (NM) Frank Ocean ‎– "nostalgia, ULTRA." - (Bootleg, Black Marble /750) - Limited Edition - $20 Shipped - Record NM/Jacket VG+ DEAL FOR BOTH FRANK O - $32 SHIPPED!!! Kevin Devine - "Bubblegum" - (1st press, Pink) - NM all around - $16 Shipped Kevin Devine - "Bulldozer" - (1st press, Solid Yellow) - NM all around - $16 Shipped DEAL FOR BOTH KEVIN D - $24 SHIPPED!! Balance and Composure - "The Things We Think We're Missing" - (2nd press, Hot Pink/Opaque Red Haze /500) - 2nd FIXED pressing that sounds good! - NM all around - $17 Shipped!
  19. Taking offers on most of my collection to make some cash to buy baby stuff! $5 shipping on 1 record, BUT I’ll do free shipping for anyone buying 2 or more records, and I'll make better deals for more than one. A couple highlights: City and Colour - Sometimes Teal Bundle - /75 City and Colour – Covers Pt. 3 7” – NOTL Manchester Orchestra Represses Various sealed Kevin Devine Take a look at everything and make an offer for a few! https://www.discogs.com/user/mysundown1305/collection
  20. Hi! I need some extra money...so I'm going to sell some records! All prices include media mail shipping. Feel free to make offers otherwise...pay these prices! EDIT: HEY I ADDED SOME STUFF AND LOWERED PRICES!! The Last of Us OST on Black - $125 Kevin Devine Devinyl Splits Subscriber Editions all 6, number 6 is still sealed - $175 Deafheaven New Bermuda White with Translucent Green swirl (EU Import) - $50 Wilco Star Wars White - $15 Pianos Become the Teeth Old Pride Third Press on Yellow - $30 Planos Become the Teeth Keep You on Navy - $40 The Hotelier It Never Goes Out on Yellow with Green and White Starburst - $25 The Hotelier Home Like Noplace is There on Orange - $25 The Hotelier Goodness on Midnight and Smitten - $45 All 3 Hotelier albums $85 The Felix Culpa Sever Your Roots Clear - $35 MewithoutYou Ten Stories - Clear with red orange and yellow splatter - $15 MewithoutYou Pale Horses - Oxblood with bone/silver splatter - $15 United Nations The Next Four Years Box Set - $40 I've got other stuff in this vein I might be willing to part with. Hit me up!
  21. Hi VC, I haven’t been active for 3 years but I am in need of some money to finish off some college loan payments. I have 100% positive feedback and ran a record label, so I have experience packing and shipping. I am taking offers for most of these but have some set prices. If you’re not sure what to offer, we can talk about it. I can ship whatever method you’d like, USPS is easiest and tracking is included. If the item is expensive, I am happy to UPS or FedEx it for you; however it will take me a few extra days to get that shipped. Happy to show photos of records, by request, or discuss any details of the record. Thanks. 7’’ Collection Against Me - I was a Teenage Anarchist 7” Record Store Day. 2010, Sire Records. BRAND NEW SEALED. Black Keys - Strange Times 7’’. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Bouncing Souls / Hot Water Music split 7’’ Wayfayer b/w True Believers (White w/ Black & Red Splatter) BRAND NEW. SEALED. Civil Twilight - Letters from the Sky. White. 2010, Wind- Up Records. Circa Survive/ mewithoutYou split 2016 Exclusive. BRAND NEW. UNPLAYED. Conor Oberst / Dawes (cover split) 2014. Damned Things, The. We’ve Got a Situation Here. Clear. Deftones - Rocket Skates 7’’ Record Store Day Release Flogging Molly - Don’t Shut ‘Em Down 7’’. 2011, Borstal Beat Records. Gaslight Anthem, The- The 59 Sound 7’’. Rare Limited Edition Pressing from 2008. Mint Un-played Wax. $20. Gogol Bordello - We Comin’ Rougher. Transparent Green. Into It. Over It. / Such Gold Split 7’’. Transparent Red. Lemuria - Brilliant Dancer 7’’ (limited edition of 1000)Transparent Grey Splatter. 2013, Bridge 9 Records Lemuria - Chautaugua County. Transparent Red. Lemuria - Varoom Allure 7’’ Green with Screenprint 2012, Bridge 9 Records Limp Wrist - Debut EP from 2001 on Limited Blue Wax. Rare. $20. Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math 7’’. Record Store Day. 2011, Columbia. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Mazzy Star - I’m Less Here. BRAND NEW. Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight. BRAND NEW. Minus the Bear / City on Film Split 7. 2005, Polyvinyl. Black. Mint Condition. MUSE - Reapers. Picture Disc. Record Store Day 2016. BRAND NEW. Neon Trees - Sleeping with a Friend. RSD 2014. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again 7’’. Black. Polyphonic Spree - You Don’t Know Me. Brand New. Sealed. Prawn - Settled. Record Store Day Exclusive. 2014, Topshelf Records. NEW. White Splatter. PygmyLush - Cold World/ Guilt 7’’ Clear, 2011, Lovitt Records Regina Spektor - Four From Far RECORD STORE DAY Exclusive. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Rise Against- Join the Ranks 7’’. 2011, Fat Wreck Chords. Picture Disc. Limited Pressing of 1000. Such Gold / A Loss for Words 7’’ (No Sleep Records/MTS) Black. Reprise, 2009. Team Chocolate 7’’. Black. We Are a Failed Mutation. Black. ZZTOP/Mastodon - Just Got Paid 7’’ Side by Side Yellow. Record Store Day 2009. 10’’ Collection Bodega Girls - Et Tu, Bootay?. 2011. Yellow. Garbage / Screaming Females - Because the Night. Coke Bottle Clear. RSD, 2013. BRAND NEW. SEALED. 12’’ Collection Batman: The Animated Series. Die-cut batman logo shaped record. Warner bros, 2014. BRAND NEW. SEALED. (2 Available) - $25. Circa Survive - Appendage EP. Atlantic, 2010. Record Store Day. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Deftones - B-Sides & Rarities. Limited Edition Gold Vinyl. 2XLP, 3-sided album and DVD. Reprise, 2016. Record Store Day Exclusive. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Five Finger Death Punch - Got Your Six. Limited Edition Picture Disc. Prospect Park, 2015/2016. Record Store Day Exclusive. BRAND NEW. SEALED. $40. Haim - Forever single. Columbia, 2014. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Hey Mercedes - Hey Mercedes EP. /700. 180GM. Black vinyl. Polyvinyl. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Kevin Devine - Live at Loony Tunes. /500. Tri-color, Finer Splatter and Black. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Kevin Devine - Brother's Blood. /400 Red/Orange Swirl. Academy Fight Song. Used. /400 Clear with Blood Red & black splatter. New. LA Dispute - Tiny Dots. Clear vinyl. Better Living, 2015. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory. Includes One Step Closer 10", poster and sticker. 1st edition. /3000. Record Store Day. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Make Do and Mend - Deluxe 2xLP Discography. Features End Measured Mile, Bodies of water and we're all just living. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Ris Paul Ric - Purple Blaze. Christopher PaulbRichards formerly of Q and Not You. Clear w/ white. Academy Fight Song. BRAND NEW. SEALED. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Broom. /500. White vinyl. 3 bonus tracks, 2 bonus digital tracks and poster. Polyvinyl. Record Store day. BRAND NEW. SEALED. This Will Destroy You - Tunnel Blanket. 2xLP. 180GM. /1000. 1St Edition. Suicide Squeeze, 2011. BRAND NEW. Slight bend of jacket on upper right. Queens of the stone age - Like Clockwork. BRAND NEW. Deluxe Heavy weight Edition. 180 GM w/ 20-pg book. Matador, 2012. $60. Non-Record Items: La Dispute #4 Subscription T-Shirt Small - $18 LA Dispute #5 Subscription Hat - $18 The Saddest Landscape 12oz “This Means Nothing” Flask - $10
  22. Kevin Devine - Split The Country, Split The Street (2xLP Blue) + Bulldozer (Transparent Baby Blue) + Bubblegum (Black) + Bad Books - II (Transparent Yellow) - $45 ppd shipped Nothing - Guilty of Everything (Black Inside Milky Clear w/ Red Splatter + ACD (RSD White w/ Silk Screened B Side) $45 ppd shipped

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