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  1. I've had a few PMs about the Brand New records, so those are now off the table. Sorry, I looked there first.
  2. Oh, yikes. I really need to update my album list. It's quite out of date. I'll work on that.
  3. Howdy ladies and gents. I haven't been around these parts in a while but I'm looking to get rid of some redundancies in my collection in order to raise some funds for a big ol' engagement rock for my special lady. This is just off the top of my head, but I'm willing to sell off some albums by Murder By Death and Minus The Bear in particular. All are in pretty remarkable condition considering some of them are up to five or six years old. Having not really paid attention to the vinyl game I'd like to open it up to you to offer what you think is fair. Odds are good I'll take it, if we're being honest. So: Murder By Death -- Finch I believe this was a limited pressing of 500 on green, 50 copies of which were sold through Vinyl Collective. It's pretty cool! Murder By Death -- Who Will Survive And What Will Be Left Of Them? This one, according to Dead Format, is a second pressing version on two gold 10" records. I think it's pretty neat, though admittedly slightly less convenient than a single 12". Murder By Death -- Red Of Tooth And Claw This is the original press on dark blue vinyl, 180 gram. Sounds PHENOMENAL. Minus The Bear -- Planet of Ice I actually have two copies of this one. The first press version is the clear with magenta splatter, the third press version is the baby blue. I'll sell one of them, whichever goes first basically. Able Baker Fox -- Voices (features members of the Casket Lottery and Small Brown Bike, if you've already forgotten) Again, two copies here: the record release version on clear yellow (only 100 copies) and yellow/black split copy from the first proper pressing (250 copies pressed). Against Me - Reinventing Axl Rose Nobody needs a copy of this, but maybe there'll be some interest: this is one of the 100 copies made on 180 gram black wax, the first press Var and No Idea did on heavyweight vinyl. Brand New - Deja Entendu I have two copies of the 1st pressing 2xLP. I never listen to them any more and they're really big and heavy, I think it's 180g vinyl. I probably won't charge as much as some other guys will for this because I really don't care about Brand New that much any more. Joey Cape - Bridge First press copies of both the green and brown vinyl, 300 and 700 copies printed respectively. Lawrence Arms - Ghost Stories/Guided Tour Of Chicago First pressings of the re-issue that Asian Man did a few years ago. The orange "Guided Tour" is out of 550 and the black/white marble "Ghost Stories" is out of roughly the same number, I believe. Me First and The Gimme Gimmes - Square Dance series One-time pressings on square shaped 7" black vinyl. Not the rarest (better than 1,000 copies of each printed), but I know there was a lot of people after these. Will consider selling individually, would probably prefer to do so in a set. Queens Of The Stone Age - 3s and 7s Why did I buy this? I hate everything they did after Songs For The Deaf. Allegedly limited edition single, according to my local record shop owner, but I have no idea how limited. Feel free to take a look at my list. I'm hoping to move soon, so make an offer on anything that appeals to you and it will be, at the very least considered. Thank you all for your time! *Edited to add Brand New LPs
  4. A few years ago the lady and I drove from Vancouver to Regina in a straight shot; that's 1,723 kilometres or 1,071 miles. We did it in around 27 hours, give or take a few pit stops. I did the first 15 hours while she slept off and on. I slept for just under six hours after that and then did the last six or seven hours. It was a fucking nightmare. Most of the suggestions to this point are good ones. Take comedy albums, familiar music you can vocalize to to stay alert, or even a good audio book or two. I had a five disc reading of Mike Wallace's memoirs that I listened to back to front, it was fascinating and really helped me focus up. Aside from pulling over and sleeping, its a good idea if you feel the slightest bit sleepy to pull over and do some roadside exercise. Run a few laps around the car, do some pushups and some jumping jacks, just get your blood moving.
  5. We did a few early exchanges with my brother and sister that won't be in town tomorrow. My sister got me some picture frames and photos of her kids to put in them (we're going cheap this year) and my brother got me a box of candy (lemonheads!), a voodoo doll kit (since I was recently dumped after 7 years), and a beat-up old ukulele. I couldn't be happier, even though the uke doesn't hold its tuning for shit.
  6. Never got the excitement over "Hearts of Oak." There's a couple of good tracks, but most of them are too long for my liking. "Shake The Sheets" and "Tyranny" are way better.
  7. AH FUCK! You're going to be in Phoenix less than a week after my vacation there is over. Stupid time and space.
  8. this is me. after sorting it i look at the list and make an objective, gut decision on what is better than what. then i write them down in a word doc and think about what nice things i can say about them that i haven't already said on my website. then i format that shit and post it.
  9. polar bear club - song to persona morrissey - my life is a succession of people saying goodbye hot water music - there are already roses fucked up - manqueller man the riot before - fists buried in pockets the two man gentleman band - the rabbit foot stomp strike anywhere - chalk outline barenaked ladies - bank job okkervil river - so come back, i am waiting bob dylan - positively 4th street
  10. still waiting for a real Canadian tour. but don't come in the winter.
  11. you wang! why are you trying to get rid of a piece of history?????!?!?!?!!??!?