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  1. this is correct. i stood in line for an hour and a half to get the norma jean yesterday and i was in the first 25 people. feel real bad for the people who came up later. stoked to have bless the martyr on vinyl, but it really was the most inefficient roll-out. not only was it a glorified preorder, but they had every damn person ordering through ONE (1) ipad. then when silent planet finished and dude had to be over at another stage for unwed sailor, we had to do a pied piper situation across the grounds, which was impractical as hell and a bunch of people of course skipped in line. it would have made a million times more sense to have a qr code or something that everyone in line could scan and order on their phones.
  2. EDE is definitely one of my faves of that epitaph era. grabbed the mimosa.
  3. just got an email from the MM official store - vinyl release is pushed back to 9/10.
  4. Reallly didn't expect to like this album, but holy shit what a banger - with the exception of Lightning Strikes. Beacons is definitely in my top 5 Foxing songs now. That said, the Pastel Highlander / Ziggy Mustache and the Emos from Mars aesthetic is way over the top
  5. same. in for the Black, Bone, & White tho.
  6. A. this track slaps. B. i like how it ties into the ritual thing, even though i didn't particularly enjoy that. C. very ready to throw some money down on a preorder.
  7. I got to the numbered tree situation and gave tf up. Just take my money for a damn preorder already.
  8. Nah, but the 8-bit instrumental sounds dope. I got past the first screen by typing LOOK AROUND, but then everything I type after that leads me to "Nothing seems to happen" fml
  9. There's a new challenge up at drawdownthemoon.org. It's infuriating like the last one and I still haven't gotten to the track.
  10. Really stoked that this is coming out on vinyl. Release is 5/21. Several variants, but I'm not seeing pressing numbers. https://found.ee/additup-vf Also, did anyone see them with Echo and the Bunnymen in 2019? One of the best shows in recent memory for me.

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