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  1. Love the quote right there......"Once you go black you can never resell and get your money back." haha its so true!
  2. I think I have an old discogs account I will try to find it..thanks for the reminder.
  3. hahaha damn so I waited too long to unload these records. I think I have Brand New in the sea foam colour laying around 😂 I for sure remember seeing you all the time here. How have you been? I still like my records just rarely spin them and I have doubles of some stuff when I thought it was cool to collect variants. best bet would be ebay for the colorful stuff? haha Im older now and like my 180G Black records.
  4. Is this message board still really active? I was thinking about unloading a bunch of records. I used to be pretty active around here.
  5. I haven't been on the boards in a long ass time! Whats up everyone?
  6. Maybe like 1200. I don't need it to high end as long as movies look good, and the games aren't laggy. I was trying to read around and I'm seeing things on input lag?
  7. I didn't want to start a new thread so I just looked up tv so I'm gonna bump this. I'm looking into getting a new tv I want to get a 65in is there any tvs that big that games play well on? I have an Xbox one any input would be awesome since I have no idea where to start. thanks
  8. What are your clan names I want to check them out.
  9. Does anyone still play? I'm trying to get into a clan I'm level 80
  10. This might of been answered already but does anyone know if these will be avaliable in stores?