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  1. Damn, really regretting not buying a copy when it was released. Crazy how much they go for on the second hand market
  2. CARCASS QUESTION: for anyone that owns Torn Arteries, have you figured out how to read the lyric sheet? Because left to right, top to bottom ain’t it. For example: this page SHOULD be Under The Scalpel Blade, but none of these words make sense, even for Carcass standards edit: I guess someone on Reddit said they were intentionally jumbled 😕
  3. Just about every single independent label does it. It’s nothing new, plus variants cost more to make typically ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. DAMN, that was quick. I just got black because I'm cheap haha
  5. Really hoping that unreleased LP sees the light of day. They recorded it and everything
  6. LINCOLN discography LP is up for preorder. They were a 90s emo / hardcore band. Super good!
  7. A store had it for $45. It was shrink wrapped and had a different barcode from the 2xLP variant barcode listed on Discogs, but it felt super light for a five LP set
  8. Does anyone know if the standard double LP repress came in a cloth box? My local store has a super cheap copy but I only wanted it for the extra goodies
  9. A friend saw them at Roadburn and said it was insane. Horn section and everything. I hope to one day be able to see them (definitely planning on doing Roadburn next year)
  10. Bruit records are finally shipping from A Thousand Arms. So excited to take a bunch of mushrooms and spin it. One of my favorite records to come out in recent years.
  11. This is incredible. It basically sounds like they never stopped
  12. As far as I know they will be doing physical copies soonish (early 2023?)
  13. I’m keeping my fingers crossed Numero will do those. With the Indian Summer, Hated and Karate releases as well as the rumors of an Evergreen discography, I’m staying hopeful haha. still can’t believe I found a copy of In Wallace’s Shadow for $40 like 5 years ago
  14. Can confirm, it sounds AMAZING and the packaging is so nice. Wish they included lyrics but oh well. Definitely worth every penny

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