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  1. Between that and the new SFFS, it's been a super solid year so far. (I was inspired to say that based on your avatar hah)
  2. Yeah, got one last night. Did all standard copies of the record come with a CD and were they shipping CDs separately to all records? (Yesterday was the first time I heard about it coming with a CD) also, if I’m returning my record to Revolver because it came scratched to shit do you think they’ll want the CD back as well? (Since it was shipped separately)
  3. In an ideal world, if I happen to get a copy that doesn't look like a cat attacked it, I'd store each ring in a 7"/10"/LP-sized inner dust sleeve. Still waiting on my second copy from Revolver but have very low expectations
  4. I emailed Revolver. We’ll see what they say. I have no issue opening up a PayPal claim and being a dick about this if it comes down to it
  5. I honestly don't even care that the colors are reversed. That's the absolute least of my concerns. New records, regardless of where or who you order from should never arrive like this. Wish I could say I was surprised though.
  6. Got one of my two Revolver orders. Cover came in decent shape. To be expected the records moved around a bunch and the outer ring is scratched/scuffed to shit, to the point where it looks unplayable. Should I email Revolver for a refund or just go straight to Paypal and file a claim? I honestly give such little fucks at this point.
  7. I still really like The Changing Of Times. That's the only album I'll admit to liking. Really wish they'd do a repress of that
  8. They just posted this: *also, they had asked a while ago about peoples thoughts on represses of some of their back catalogue and the overwhelming response seemed pretty into it.
  9. https://revhq.com/products/there-were-wires-somnambulists?_pos=1&_sid=f4bf8015b&_ss=r RevHQ still has a few copies left of Gold if anyone is still looking for a copy. Most places seem to be sold out according to Iodine.

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