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  1. What a bloodbath, the site was crashing long before they even went up. Got black ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it was hard to justify pulling the trigger on a $35 LP solely based on principle but I’m sure I’d have some FOMO if I didn’t
  2. Also, anyone manage to snag a Prayer For Cleansing on TLAL? https://tolivealie.com/store Site was crashing 5 minutes before the clock even
  3. The new Hourglass album is up for PO. It's insanely good. RIYL: Botch / These Arms Are Snakes but more screamy hardcore punk https://councilrecords.com/album/atomic-clock
  4. 90's post-hardcore band THE CROWNHATE RUIN has an LP up for pre-order containing all of their splits, EPs, and comp songs. Don't sleep on this! For those who aren't familiar; The Crownhate Ruin was members of Hoover, June Of 44, John Henry West, Admiral, 1.6 Band, etc. https://newatlantisrecords.bandcamp.com/album/singles-and-early-recordings-1994-1995-lp Euroheads should order from B-Core who I believe is co-releasing the record https://bcstore.bcoredisc.com/shop/bcore/the-crownhate-ruin/vinyl/singles-and-early-recordings-1994-1995/
  5. That was my first time seeing Integrity, Indecision, Warthog, and All Out War (I know, I know) and Indecision stole that show for me. The setlist was so good
  6. No tracking number, just my order confirmation email. I live in New England for what it's worth and it was shipped from California.
  7. Just got my copy in. They mailed it in an envelope and my heart sank. Inside that envelope was a mailer, so crisis averted. Seemed unnecessary but whatever
  8. ALL ELSE FAILED - “Archetype” Been waiting for this for a while. I’m still mad at myself for selling my copy years ago https://translationloss.com/collections/all-else-failed/products/archetype-reissue
  9. To tack on, I think the vocals on Ritchie Sacramento are some of my favorites of Mogwai's.
  10. I just do a wet clean with a spray and a microfiber towelette
  11. I’m probably wrong haha, I’m just speculating since they also helped release As The Love Continues. Even if I have to deal with European shipping costs it’ll still be cheaper than the secondhand market at this point.
  12. $130-150 average. Crazy since I only paid $50 for it via discogs back in 2018
  13. I almost bought Young Team on the secondhand market (for the average going price) and I'm so happy I held off. Someone on the Mogwai subreddit was saying that the band was wanting to do this for a while. I honestly don't expect a boxset, I have a hunch Temporary Residence will be involved with US distribution (they were one of the firsts to like the IG post, take that for what it's worth) I will say, that CODY boxset is phenomenal and worth every penny even just for the song Hugh Dallas. Easily a top 5 song for me.