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  1. i want the hot topic variant, but shipping to the uk is $44? what the actual fuck, hot topic? why is it so expensive?...
  2. Hate to dig this thread up, but I still would really like a copy of this if anyone has one.
  3. Fuck knows how anyone got the ultra clear, I tried with no luck. Was there right on time, too! Got a splatter one, though, so I don't mind. Just came to say that there's a third pressing in the works, check back in June apparently.
  4. In case you still want this, there a copy on discogs. It's from America so shipping will cost a bit, but here's the link; http://www.discogs.com/buy/Vinyl/Neck-Deep-Rain-In-JulyA-History-Of-Bad-Decisions/152734845?ev=bp_rel_det Edit; it sold.
  5. yeah, always. and it's the one side i want to play as well, 'cause the side that plays only has 3 songs on it. i was really pissed at first 'cause it was £40 but i suppose i don't mind waiting for the repress. but yeah, it doesn't have any marks or anything and after googling what a warped record looks like i can confirm it is not warped. i'm not too bothered by the sarcastic responses 'cause i did laugh at most of them and it did seem ridiculous, disliking my comments is a bit immature though (not that you did but someone did)
  6. there ya go and like i said, this happens on one other record i have, salem's i'm still in the night ep. side a won't play but side b will. fuck knows what's going on. everything else plays fine, being as an ocean, rooms of the house, burial, man overboard, they all play as they should.
  7. thought so. it's uploading to youtube now but apparently will take 47 minutes. check back soon for more news from the twilight zone
  8. Why does it bother you all so much. Go to sleep. I know it makes no fucking sense that's why I asked because I was confused as fuck. Now even more confused and feel like a fucking retard, so cheers. I would delete this thread but I don't know how, the end.
  9. Yeah, it might be that. Really appreciate your potentially helpful reply. Every time I put the needle on the record it just kind of, sat there, making a muffled distorted sound. I'll try it when I've slept. If it still doesn't play I'll just try switching the labels so the turntable's scanner is fooled. The latter is sarcasm.
  10. Good replies, googled and definitely not warped. Think my turntable is just fucked. It's wobbly and a piece of shit. Will keep stupid questions to myself.
  11. I'm not a "troll", I am, what pretentious experienced vinyl collectors would refer to as a "noob", I guess. Excuse me for trying to solve a vinyl problem on a vinyl forum.
  12. Proof of what? The record player not rotating on one side, but playing perfectly on the other?
  13. I don't even know what to say. The platter on my record player will not turn around, rotate, "spin". Do you understand now? no idea what was so difficult to comprehend