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  1. definitely do not use the handles they will tear and fuck everything up. just tape over them so people helping you don't try to use the handles either.
  2. uhaul boxes are PERFECT for moving vinyl. I moved about 800 LPs when graduating college but it was only from one side of Texas to the other (7hr ish drive). I say hold on to the collection, it's going to be a bitch to replace when you decide to. you could also maybe rent a storage unit for your vinyl while you're in grad school. or maybe just dump them at your parents house if that's an option?
  3. Oof did not expect the clear with gold to sell out so quickly but at least I’ve still got a first press
  4. Decided on dangerous woman and sweetener. Can’t say I’ve ever even listened to the other stuff.
  5. I’ve had these guys confused with posture and the grizzly for the longest time. Either way I’m in for the Hawaiian shirt swirl.
  6. Debating dangerous woman and sweetener vs the gift bundle.
  7. Is keep my coo a new song? I can’t find any older info on it but I really enjoy it and the video of younger peep.
  8. The gab3 shit is what gets me. Don’t like it but that doesn’t mean I won’t spin the fuck out of disc 2.
  9. Saw this and kinda wish I had bought it. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get this for much cheaper. I was initially hoping to pay $50 but I doubt they’ll drop that low.
  10. Still haven’t been charged for this. Does target not charge till the item ships?
  11. got an email stating they can partially cancel my original order so I can place an order for the pink. Wonder what this pink is limited to, since the link for it specifically states limited edition (but it doesn’t say so on the website).
  12. Of course there’s a $2 price difference. I doubt they’ll swap out my order and I’ll be forced to cancel it and reorder, losing my early order for the merch that’s now on back order.
  13. https://lilpeep.com/collections/all/products/everybodys-everything-limited-edition-marbled-2lp-digital-download
  14. Pink vinyl up now. I hate that they do this shit... emailing to see if I can get my order changed.
  15. Cassette added. Pink. https://lilpeep.com/products/everybodys-everything-cassette-tape-digital-download?variant=31074775859281
  16. I’ve been going through their vinyl section this morning trying to find something I want for free, but the only two things I want are this and thank u next. Maybe I’ll just drop grande and just get this? Double up on one? Can’t decide.
  17. I don’t see why star shopping wasn’t included on this release seeing how they’ve got the samples cleared for streaming platforms. I’d like to see that and Beamer boy on some sort of 7” at least.
  18. I think this will be a wide release as well, but I’d never risk missing out on a peep release. I wish they had done some sort of birthday variant like with cowys2. The merch is too rad, I copped most of it even though I rarely get to wear tshirts. I’d do unspeakable things for Hellboy and California Girls on vinyl. Part One as well, but I can’t see most of those samples ever getting cleared.
  19. Depression is a bitch. You don’t do smart things when you’re trying to forget. I personally know that from experience.
  20. https://lilpeep.com/products/everybodys-everything-lp-digital-download?pr_prod_strat=collection_fallback&pr_rec_pid=4336141598801&pr_ref_pid=4290768273489&pr_seq=uniform