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  1. Fuck that medium post is heartbreaking. I truly feel for mat, he genuinely seems like a great guy.
  2. From the singles he played on tour it should be killer, but live ED and recorded ED are two totally different worlds. I wonder if he’ll ever release a tape or something with live recordings. I’d buy that.
  3. So excited I got the galaxy variant and all the pre order merch. I messaged Matt on insta and he informed me that the galaxy swirl wouldn’t be most limited- that rough trade would be getting a purple variant. Wonder if he was confused since the purple variant is listed as the retail and is /700 according to the order page.
  4. https://joyvoid.limitedrun.com/products/646742
  5. Checking this out later, I’ve honestly never given these guys a listen but the hype seems real
  6. these guys are pretty slept on. great band.
  7. Huge fan of their work. Happy to see new stuff being issued on vinyl. https://www.egghunt-records.com/preorders/molly-drag-touchstone-12-vinyl
  8. Any info on a vinyl issue for the new album?
  9. Ah slept on another one. Don’t think I would’ve ever spun this anyway. If I somehow regret it and pay resale I’ll probably need to strongly reevaluate my life choices.
  10. I wonder if it’ll be on the vinyl or if he’ll update the streamed album once it clears, if ever. He did say “in time” and not that he couldn’t get it cleared at all, after all.
  11. The boot used to be around $35 shipped from Germany and sounded like dung so I’ll gladly take an og for the same price.
  12. Never mind, looks like they’re all still up. Copping all the vinyl but damn I wasn’t expecting to spend this much on vinyl this week. Also damn no PayPal?
  13. Just saw the news on Instagram and it looks like the vinyl is no longer on the site. Shit, I need acid rap.
  14. https://shop.orchidtapes.com/product/ghost-orchard-bunny
  15. Hoping the T-shirt is printed on comfort colors. Would be cool to get a great quality T-shirt along with an awesome record for such a good price. Getting tired of Bella and canvas tees that lose their shape in the wash, even if I don’t get a chance to wear tshirts as often anymore anyway. I’d be happy with Gildan as well, though. Copped.
  16. Ordered. Glad to have a colored Alex G variant for retail. Last time I copped on time was DSU with OTs initial issue.
  17. Waiting till payday Friday then. I always miss out on Alex G’s colored variants because I jump on the black then another option pops up out of nowhere. Or I see the thread super late as usual.
  18. Shit missed the splatter (also sold out on Uk). Gonna wait to see if I can cop one off eBay I guess.
  19. It’s not, but I figured I’d get more use out of the flag than the T-shirt (it was like a $4 difference). The flag I’d potentially hang in my garage or something but I rarely get to wear tshirts anymore.
  20. Got the stupid flag bundle. I really didn’t want the flag but the rarest variant is the only one that matches the album art so I had to.