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  1. TTL's listing for the indie exclusive variant says blue/yellow/grey tri-color: https://www.turntablelab.com/products/soccer-mommy-color-theory-indie-exclusive-colored-vinyl-vinyl-lp
  2. The band is also offering an ultra clear w/ aqua blue variant /175 on their webstore: http://greatgrandpa.limitedrun.com/products/650262-four-of-arrows
  3. Looks like she's announcing the vinyl release of Lover on Fallon tonight: Edit: Guess not, but at least we know that it exists now.
  4. Check the reviews on the UO product page for photos of the disappointment.
  5. It took a while to properly add to cart for me, but I managed to check out and shipping was $7.10.
  6. Rough Trade exclusive on clear ltd. to 1000: https://roughtrade.com/us/music/lotta-sea-lice
  7. I just heard back from customer service and they're supposedly sending a teal vinyl my way. It showed up in my store account as a new order that's processing, but has yet to ship. They included a return label for the pink LP but I'm not returning that until the correct(?) replacement arrives.
  8. I ordered a teal and a pink. I received two pink. Looks like I'm not the only one in this situation.
  9. 6131 has an exclusive pressing limited to 300: https://shop.6131records.com/collections/julien-baker/products/julien-baker-turn-out-the-lights-lp-6131-exclusive