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  1. Boys Night Out-Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses standard weight test press from first pressing /5 $30 180 Gram test press from second pressing /5 $40
  2. I'm looking to sell my turntable. $480 plus shipping. Pro-Ject Debut III turntable in piano black, comes with a Ortofon Super OM30 stylus Pro-Ject Speed Box II A spare Ortofon OMB5E stylus Acoustic Research Pro II Series Directional Balanced Line Audio Cable. Approx 2 feet long Orbitrac 2 cleaning Kit Denon Moisture Cleaner AMC-10 Onzow Zerodust stylus cleaner
  3. First off, I realize that there is already a thread on screen printing but seeing as this is coming from a different angle I figured it would be best to not invade that thread and start a new one. Now onto my question. Anyone have any recommendations on how to make a screen printing set up in your homes? Any tips on the best supplies and things like that? Also how much did the initial cost of everything come out to being? Thanks dudes.
  4. At the time it came out I didn't really know anything so I thought the Wind Up record was pretty rad. Going back to it now I'm not much of a fan of it. I still think it's better than Misery Index, I just hate how that record sounds. Every thing else is solid though. Never got a chance to see them live.
  5. I'd say that's a clean hit. He didn't raise his arms, go elbow first, or leave his feet. Just a height difference between the players caused the shoulder to go into his face.
  6. Not to mention that aerospokes have the bad habit of cracking easily. Not made for street riding and not worth the money. How much are you looking to spend? Velocity Deep V's are nice, and strong, rims that also have the flashy look. Sugino and All City make nice cranksets. Phil Wood and Dia-Compe are the two big names that get thrown around a lot when it comes to hubs and bottom brackets but they set you back a good chunk of change. There's a lot of debate about whether or not they are actually worth the money/better than other brands but I will say Phill Wood stuff lasts forever. IRD and Chris King headsets are solid. Honestly there are so many brands making components now a days it's tough to keep up. I'd recommend going into a bike shop that specializes in fixed gear stuff and ask them a ton of questions.
  7. I've heard rent in Burlington is super expensive. Seattle's rad for the most part and there's less annoying people than Portland. Mike's right though, so many passive aggressive people.
  8. Anyone else here follow the MLS? Preseason friendlies started today. I just got into soccer last season, my ex had season tickets to The Sounders.
  9. You said none of that in your post. Your post can be summed up in the following points, I'm big and strong and I work hard at it, vegetables have 0 protein, soy has estrogen in it therefor it=woman=tits. Now I was actually a very unfit 210 with little strength. I'm stocky and have large legs and ass, just the way I'm built. Helps biking my ass up the hills that Seattle is known for. I'm 180 with more muscle and less flab for sure and my overall conditioning has gone way up but I'm not "there" yet in a body building sense. That's the goal I'm going to be working towards. I know plenty of people who are 150 and regardless of the dietary preferences won't ever get big. Mostly because they won't put the work in it. Like you said, it's a lot of work and a calorie surplus is absolutely needed. You act as though it's literally impossible to get a surplus on a vegan diet. You make the point that your two cans of tuna has the same amount of protein as your lentils. Vegans, as far as I've ever seen, get their totally daily needed amounts over the course of a day. Not in large chunks like most meat eaters. I didn't say you were wrong about estrogen in soy, I said your argument was silly. The vast majority of animals are fed a diet of almost entirely soy, corn, and antibiotics. How much of that estrogen is being absorbed into that meat do you think? Studies have already shown that the amount of antibiotics that animals consume are starting to have an adverse reaction to the humans who consume it. Not only that but your making the claim that soy is the only way to get protein efficiently. Like anything else you shouldn't be getting your entire needed amount of protein, minerals, vitamins, whatever, from one source. That's simple isn't healthy. You CANNOT put on size with a vegan diet? These people would say you're wrong http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/04/jim-morris-bodybuilder-vegan_n_1938764.html http://www.thediscerningbrute.com/author/ed-bauer-cpt/ http://www.veganstrength.org/
  10. I feel way different. I don't feel sick after I eat, unless I over eat. I have more energy, I shit regularly and normally. I almost never get sick. I would get sick constantly even when I was vegetarian. After going vegan I've been sick three times in a year. Two of those times have been recently while I've been working two jobs, not getting enough sleep, and eating poorly. Eat right and exercise and you'll feel amazing. It sounds silly to say but I feel lighter. My food doesn't sit in my gut and make me feel gross. Before going veg I was 210lbs and I'm just over 5'7". Now I sit at a comfortable 175-180lbs. I have the energy to ride my bike. My sex life is better, my skin is better. I'm not a typical skin and bones vision of what a vegan is and I'm in the process of getting even healthier with hard work outs at the gym. Going vegan has been anything but negative for me and I recommend it to everyone.
  11. You have no idea what you're talking about. Vegetables do contain protein as do lentils, beans, and various grains. The soy argument is incredibly silly, what do you think is fed to the animals you eat? Aside from the fact that you can be completely vegan without soy if one chooses to do so.
  12. The end of the year will be two years vegan for me. I was veg for a year before that. Won't look back. Started with health and has moved on to encompass the animal and environmental issues as well.
  13. Thanks. I'm glad to have it done but fuck all the red was a bummer.
  14. These two episodes are far superior to anything else this show has done so far. For the first time the show not following a story arc exactly as it is in the books doesn't feel like a weakness. We'll see what happens.
  15. Just got one doing stock at Nordstrom.
  16. Always go in. Easiest way to deal with tattoo artist. Also realize how many fucking stupid flakey people they get calling and email. Walk in and show them you want the tattoo and they'll be more than willing to help.

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