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  1. Fuck man, I grew up on Queen. I would LOVE this, but I already have just about everything legit that they put on vinyl. Well, full albums, at least, no singles / 45s. I also don't have $500, but this box set would be amazing.
  2. Do you guys simply nail the cross pieces in or do you do any elaborate stuff like notches or whatever?
  3. I mean, I do too, but I'm super poor and shouldn't be buying records these days anyway. Oh well, I have the vinyl, can't complain.
  4. I'm super bummmed there's no DL card. I did a quick search to illegally DL it and couldn't find it, either. I like having everything on my ipod for my car, too.
  5. Listening now.. it's pretty great, and the packaging is very nice. Worth every penny.
  6. Jesus, took me 59 tokens to get the Helter Shelter, the only thing I didn't have yet.
  7. I got the hack again just now to get the last wheel prize... I've landed on the two spots on either side of the one thing at least 15 out of the 40 spins I've done, haven't gotten the prize yet.
  8. I thought I was on to something when the spins kept just missing the one building I need. It always just passes the peg, so what I did was slowly move the spin wheel one spot over. Then I spun like always and just missed it like normal. I think the wheel is rigged. We'll all get the shit right at the end.
  9. I always wish there was a database of tours bands do with supporting acts, dates, etc. I usually think about it when I remember my first concert - Green Day touring in support of Insomniac. I am curious as to who the openers were, but can never find anything when I google about it.
  10. I've spun the prize wheel a million times and there's one building in there I can't seem to land on, no matter what. It's pretty irritating. Also, I definitely used a hack way back so I guess I can't really complain, but I'm dangerously close to running out of space. What do you think the chances of more land expansions are?
  11. Pass The Flask has one of my favorite album intros. The bass / unplugged guitar / whatever it is (haven't listened in a while) transitioning into the whole band diving in and then going all out with the vocals is just awesome.
  12. That Siouxsie Sioux woman annoys me a great deal and I've never heard of her until now. Awful.