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  1. Never played! only opened the shrink to check if the license was there! Includes License! PM me with your offers. Will send pics upon request
  2. off topic question, but what kind of rick u buying?
  3. Best offer so far! but im gonna stick it out for a copy of trick+race. ill let you know if i decide not wait anymore.
  4. Testing waters: trading my government plates LP for exclusively two of the following items Alex G trick And Alex G race Alex G Dsu on cassette RL Kelly's life is a bummer I don't mind keeping GP thou if this venture turns up fruitless
  5. waited since 4am, was 2nd in line and they only had one copy of death grips. - still was able to obtain it and the gtog cass. shoutouts to streetlight records
  6. bump! also looking for The Garden's rules and Enjoy's spaceship and attitudes. i don't know how to edit this thread lol