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  1. For me I’d say: trouble will find me>high violet>sleep well beast>anything else they’ve done. I find myself listening to Trouble and High Violet more than anything in their discography.
  2. Sorry. I meant to say that they announced a hiatus or whatever it was.
  3. Album is probably ranked lowest out of all of their discography in my opinion. The guest features don’t make sense and a lot of song sequencing seem weird. Sucks that we had to wait this long for a disappointment.
  4. Grrr. Just now reading this. Would love Death Grips!
  5. My clear with black just arrived. No visible defects... can’t wait to listen to this.
  6. Bah humbug. My friend gave me a code from KRM.
  7. The black 180g from hellomerch got delivered. Fuck, album is great... my only complaint is no download code with this
  8. I bought black off their Bandcamp but the quantity on didn’t change. Hoping they aren’t sold out yet. Was kinda hoping for orange but I’ll take what I can get (hopefully). The Suicide Squeeze store being sold out makes me think otherwise
  9. Dang. This sold out in 6 hours? Really need ‘Hello, Dear Wind’ to be pressed! Edit: 5 apparently left on their Bandcamp in black. https://cottonjones.bandcamp.com/album/paranoid-cocoon
  10. Went ahead and bit the bullet on orange.
  11. Excited to hear this! Loved Rooms of the House.