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  1. Bummer. Meant to reply to you. I finally listened to my copy this weekend and it sounded great.
  2. He would’ve had more luck and saved way more money by just messaging the 4 people on discogs who own that TP.
  3. Agreed… they could’ve sold them on the Patreon web store too.
  4. Why? The UK variant is still available. I’m sure everyone on their Patreon who have paid already gotten one. I consider this paying it forward to anyone on VC who wants a copy.
  5. Looks like the UK version has a couple copies posted: https://sumerianmerch.co.uk/collections/circasurvive/products/circa-survive-violent-waves-easter-yellow-process-blue-side-a-b-w-black-splatter Password: CREATURECLUB2022
  6. Patreon variant sold out within 2 minutes. US/UK variant sold out within ~5 minutes.

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