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  1. Bought mine when they first went up and haven’t gotten mine yet.
  2. @DawgPound1946 posted a link from Zia Records a couple posts above mine.
  3. Ditto. I’m older now and have a family. This album just connects with me and hits the spot. It has definitely held my attention compared to Gaslight. I may look at listening to his other solo albums.
  4. I’ve only listened to a few Gaslight Anthem songs here and decided to listen to this album while at work. Fuck, this is great all the way through. Purchased indie variant.
  5. You can still get the green as a bundle with some prints and a shirt if you’re into that sort of thing: https://wiretaprecords.limitedrun.com/products/663644-the-beautiful-mistake-youre-not-broken-i-am-12-lp-bundle
  6. Sky blue! There’s some really faint white swirl in it.
  7. Sky blue came in today. Sounds good so far. Autographed lithograph was packaged nicely too.
  8. This EP is so good. Definitely would’ve purchased if this was pressed.
  9. Purchased white with flexi. Really enjoyed the Hey World! version.
  10. I sent the box that has Wax Idols, Joyce Manor, Butthole Surfers, Mogwai and more. I also threw in a couple of pins and stickers.
  11. That’s such an amazing thing you did. Wish I had friends like you. Great job!
  12. I’ll give you $65 for it if that’s what you list it for.
  13. This. I imagine prices will eventually drop within a couple of months. People will just have to be willing to wait it out.