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  1. I ordered Animal from his site and mine looks like Patreon variant that’s posted on Discogs. Was kind of concerned when it first came in but relieved after seeing the SRC variant.
  2. Purchased ‘Hissing Fauna...’ because I love that album.
  3. My ‘Animal’ colored came in today. Kinda confused. I preordered from Richard Edwards site but hype sticker/matrix says SRC-004(9?) and color looks similar to one for preorder on SRC Vinyl website? Can’t find anymore info either on Discogs.
  4. Shouldn’t you be learning to be a news anchor?
  5. Album is garbage. This band has gotten worse with age. Sucks because they released two of my favorite albums of all time (Through Being Cool and Stay What You Are).
  6. I’ll have some extra downloads of this. PM me and I’ll shoot them your way on whoever wants it. Have some from my download card from my LP and bandcamp sent an email. Will reply whenever I wake up in the afternoon.
  7. That part on ‘City Song’ when Alexis moans reminds me of the viral video of that baby with peanut butter all over him.
  8. Clear Smoke came in today. Great album. Excellent progression from their S/T.
  9. Looks like they got the colors mixed up...
  10. januarytwenty

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    Geez. Deluxe does look good. Still haven’t received shipping but am patient and anxious to see this in person.
  11. I bought both copies from Dark Operative webstore.
  12. Bought clear for #2... wish these came with a DL code.
  13. My test press arrived today.
  14. Hmm... wonder how he got his and I didn’t
  15. Nope. I ordered one too and just got my green today.