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  1. mine showed up signed and in shrink. i was first afraid that they signed the shrink until i unwrapped it and the signatures stayed.
  2. Lofi closetpunk to shock yer mama! Spooge Nackin is a high-octane scumbag soundtrack to the grimy underbelly of the disaffected masses. This single-take collection of trash-rock anthems and drug-fueled chaos was recorded entirely during twilight hours in a closet on a tascam cassette studio by a lone deranged bedlamite. Limited to 100 on random colored cassette for only $5 here! www.spoogenackin.com
  3. i regret not jumping in earlier on this synthwave vinyl trend. a lot of these og pressings are a nearly a car payment.
  4. How much do you think it costs to manufacture something like this?
  5. I have an og pressing, but I kinda wanna invest in this one too. It's tough that it's nearly $50 ...
  6. What's stopping someone who already got their records from filing a claim? It seems like this is rife for shady practices.
  7. looks like shipping is included, but does that mean US shipping?