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  1. Just to clarify: this is NOT a reissue. They are from the original pressing, just repackaged in new covers...
  2. FIFTEEN- "Extra Medium Kickball Star (17)" LP Limited rerelease now available @ http://www.deadbrokerecords.com We recovered the remaining 300 copies from the original pressing of ex-Crimpshrine classic east bay punk band, FIFTEEN's 4th album, from 22 years ago (1995). Re-packaged & released with awesome new alternate artwork, printed on 2-color silk-screened jackets. Woah. *Disclaimer: This is old stock from 1995. All of the inner sleeves have been changed out to fresh new ones. The vinyl is old and some maybe have a slight warp that does not affect play. Be on the lookout! for more news soon ...
  3. New Releases Out Now @ http://www.deadbrokerecords.com RVIVR- "The Tide/Shaggy" 7 inch Originally released overseas early 2017 to conincide with an Australian tour, this is a 7 inch single of two brand new songs from Olympia, WA.'s, RVIVR. There's a new full length on the horizon... and these songs are about a lot of loss, love and voice. One of these songs is about one our dear friends, the late great Barker Gee ("Shaggy"). RIP. "The Tide" video: GREENSLEEP- "Cheap Headphones" LP New York's 90's indie/punk vets, GREENSLEEP are back after a quick 18 year break. The band has quite the interesting story, being a long island indie/punk staple in the 90's, with releases on Alone Records, as well as Long Island's Motherbox Records. Since breaking & recently reuniting, they have delivered a slew of new songs with their "Summer Single Series" & "Things We Didnt Know EP", with new member Scott Martin (of Silent Majority/Mind Over Matter). Self-described as "barrel aged indie rock", Greensleep are back with their second full-length album of all brand new material, show-casing that some good things get even better. Listen: http://bit.ly/gsleepch TENEMENT- "Predatory Headlights" 2X TAPE BOX 2ND PRESS of 100!!!!! Double tape box set of Tenement's "Predatory Headlights" album, with a bonus tape including 21 previously unreleased demos, alt. versions, including 4 never before heard b-side outtakes from the album. Wow. Limited to 100 pressed Clear Cassette 2-Tape Boxes. (*Bonus tape comes w/ download) Listen/dl bonus tracks: http://bit.ly/tenphbc
  4. 3 New Cassette Tapes Out Now on Dead Broke Rekerds!!! TENEMENT- "Predatory Headlights" 2X TAPE BOX Double tape box set of Tenement's "Predatory Headlights" album, with a bonus tape including 23 previously unreleased demos, alt. versions, including 5 never before heard b-side outtakes from the album. Wow. Limited to 100 pressed White Cassette 2-Tape Boxes. (*Bonus tape comes w/ download) THE GLOBS- "Do You Feel Weird?" TAPE Members of The Bananas & Charles Albright! California scrappy lo-fi rock & roll pop. Limited to 100 tapes. (Comes w/ download) Listen: http://bit.ly/theglobs BROCCOLI- "Home" TAPE Cassette pressing of 90's UK melodic punk legends' classic album, "Home". Limited to 100 tapes. Listen: http://bit.ly/brocchome Grab 'em all @ http://www.deadbrokerecords.com
  5. CAVES- "Always Why" LP Preorder & New song streaming on Noisey @ http://bit.ly/caves-aw Caves return with their 3rd full length LP, "Always Why" out on Dead Broke/Specialist Subject/Yo-Yo Records on April 28th, 2017. This new album is a big change in songwriting style for Caves, now writing remotely via GarageBand demo exchanges, with band members split between the UK and USA (rather than their previous home, Bristol). This new approach sees the band exploring a greater depth in sounds and expression than the straight forward pop punk of previous recordings. Lyrically the album's still as personal as ever touching on the heartbreak of border crossings, queer love at 16 and coming to terms with bad relationship choices. Produced by Peter Miles at Middle Farm Studios in rural Devon over the summer months. The recording captures their tight, fuzzed out pop punk akin to 90s favourites like The Breeders, Nirvana and Blue - era Weezer. Pressing Info: 300 Clear w/yellow orange & green splatter, 700 Transparent Green. USA: http://www.deadbrokerecords.com UK: http://specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk EU: http://yoyorecords.blogsport.de Limited available on SPLATTER COLOR!!! Only 60 total available from Dead Broke, so grab one now!
  6. Hell yeah, YPB/Invisible Teardops split, thats a great record! Check this one out too.
  7. YOUR PEST BAND- "Old Springhead" double album streaming over @ Clrvynt!!! "Brand new double full-length album from Japan's best garage power-pop punkers! Your Pest Band are back and deliver 17 songs of lo-fi garage power pop rock achin' to the Rolling Stones & The Zombies, mixed with the rough edges of bands like The Jam & Husker Du. One could even consider this the bands, "Zen Arcade". This is clearly YPB's greatest material to date, cohesively melodic pop, laced through-out in pure rock & roll hooks. There's even the 16-minute long opus, "Swell", which is impressively the best, longest song we've ever heard. Cannot recommend this one enough. Housed in a beautiful deluxe gatefold jacket with stunning artwork. (Comes w/ download) Releases April 1, 2017. (Co-release w/ Brassneck Records & Snuffy Smiles)" Listen: http://bit.ly/ypboldspring Order it on 2XLP vinyl now from Dead Broke http://www.deadbrokerecords.com (or Brassneck in UK)
  8. BEAR TRADE - "Silent Unspeakable" LP Preorder! Bear Trade are back. North East England four-piece punk band’s second album ‘Silence Unspeakable’ will be released 21st April, 2017 via Everything Sucks Music (Europe) & Dead Broke (US/CAN). The band are also off on tour with Strike Anywhere and Petrol Girls in April. Pressed overseas in UK! Greg Robson (vocals/guitar) goes into some detail about the interim between albums and the inspiration behind ‘Silence Unspeakable’: “Since the last record (2014’s debut full length ‘Blood & Sand’) a lot has happened. There have been deaths, break-ups, marriages, births. You could actually restructure the tracks and form a loose narrative of the last three years of my life, but although there are a lot of quite sad songs on the album, don’t worry it all had a very happy ending. As with the last offering, the songs have me writing from the heart and from personal experience. They look at finding love. Relationships and family. Finding your way, and saying goodbye. In short they are about life." Vinyl Pressing Info: 200 x Black, 300 x Chips & Gravy color. Watch video for "Inglorious": https://youtu.be/sqRnJJTP4_Y Preorder US/CAN: http://www.deadbrokerecords.com (Available from Everything Sucks in Europe: https://beartrade.bandcamp.com)