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  1. My tracking is working now, and says it should be arriving Thursday.
  2. I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw this... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154747145156312&substory_index=0&id=8421631311 Fucking. Stoked.
  3. Got shipping notification for my deluxe UK version today. Says it'll be here in 2 weeks...lol
  4. So, I saved $8...and already have the album. Listened tonight, and it sounds great.
  5. Grabbed a standard copy at my LRS today for $16.99 when I went in to pick up some records I'd ordered. Fuck Hot Topic and their now half-assed record business. Whenever the hell they decide to put it up, it'll probably be at least $24.50 plus shipping anyway.
  6. Except that it seemed like everything went up on Tuesday when new records came out on Tuesday, and Friday when they switched to Friday. Now, shit just shows up midweek, and flippers buy half of them before anyone even knows it's up.
  7. Unfortunately, since "new travis" took over, shit seems to go up at odd times.
  8. Damn! They only deliver to the UK.. That one is gonna be spendy.
  9. No, no, and no. All three of those bands legitimately sick, and people who still listen to them should be sterilized.
  10. Why don't you take your nonsense to CD Collective...
  11. It is clearly stated that the album doesn't come out until September. For $16, I'll take the gamble on the color variant of my choice. They haven't made an album that I haven't enjoyed at least a good portion of.
  12. Discovered this at my local liquor megamart today... I have enjoyed the Redemption High Rye several times at $27-30 a bottle. This is a 9 year aged, premium product at $81.99 on the shelf. I told my wife to add it to my birthday/Christmas list.
  13. Acid brand cigars pair especially well with bourbon. My neighbor and I share cigars and brown liquor a couple times a month
  14. Hoping I can eventually grab a yellow without the damn bundle.
  15. The instagram pic plays up the purple quite a bit. Mine looks exactly like the one pictured by glass realms.
  16. Thanks for the giggle from the Taylor Swift comparison.
  17. Got mine today as well. They put it in a record mailer, then inside a slightly bigger box with thick bubble wrap. And I still have two seam splits on the inner sleeve...lol
  18. I dig it! The vocals have a very Unwritten Law "Elva" feel.
  19. I enjoyed the song. They have been pretty quickly evolving over the course of the last 3 albums. I guarantee the entire album doesn't sound like this song, however. Ordered the swirl variant, because FOB...
  20. There were no records for sale in Chicago. I did get the Chicago poster #3/100 though.
  21. You have benefited more than anyone from the negative rep button going away.

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