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  1. I will straight up shank someone for a copy of “Acoustic Levitation” by Devin the Dude if it comes down to the last copy
  2. I’m DTR / Parting Gift / Take This To Fart’s biggest critic, but even I don’t think you should feel weird about preordering from them. They always fulfill every preorder and promise. You should, however, feel a little goofy about giving them your hard earned money for a subpar product to most modern records manufactured these days. You can expect a thin jacket, gatefold or otherwise. The records are standard 140g but can arrive warped due to their fulfillment company not including packing material in the mailers. It’s a volume game and cash grab at the end of the day. Less focus on quality / presentation. It’s a shame these classic releases are getting bare bones treatment. For instance, I would LOVE to see (in person) the difference between The Early November - “The Mother, The Mechanic, and the Path” 3xLP from DTR / Parting Gift versus the version that TDR Records did years ago. TDR knocked that out of the park. ⚾️
  3. not sure if this is widely known, but Parting Gift Records / Take This To Heart is behind the manufacturing of all these Drive-Thru reissues. the reason you all are paying a premium is because they are behind the scenes, putting out low quality reissues while gouging all of you on shipping. I grew up loving Drive Thru more than anything, but I cannot justify picking any of these up
  4. shit packaging, thin vinyl, zero packing material during shipping, NO effort put forth by Parting Gift Records / Take This To Fart. I’ll be fine if I never order from these idiots again
  5. oooo! another dud from Parting Gift Records. can’t wait!
  6. everyone, meet Scott Heisel — the new chairman & CEO of the Steve Klein fan club
  7. This is the only correct take. Anyone upset about Steve not being included in NFG physicals is a sick, twisted freak. There’s more than a few of you out there.
  8. I wish Mondo would have posted it. Honestly, I don’t know. My contact within the band never knows these types of specifics. That’s Chadball’s game
  9. Mondo crushes! We got super lucky Drive Thru / Parting Gift Records are not involved in the Catalyst reissue
  10. I only know a couple more tidbits but I’ll wait for the band to announce!!
  11. this Catalyst reissue is gonna be nutso. test presses are already done and in hand
  12. according to the band, Alternatives Label has already sent in for a “Gun” repress. no idea when these will be available though
  13. Top 3 best hardcore band on the planet at this very moment. 7" preorder via Closed Casket Activities: https://closedcasketactivities.com/products/ingrown-cold-steel Two songs streaming on Bandcamp NOW! https://ingrownhc.bandcamp.com/album/cold-steel
  14. good lookin out! I really wanna buy this 😣

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