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  1. unless these are back on sale from retailers at a normal price, stop bumping the thread god you are so annoying
  2. damn I’m really trying to like this record but it just lacks… intensity. I don’t hate the saxophone part, but boy oh boy was I surprised
  3. you are 100% correct. very strange change of pace there
  4. these notes are amazing. very cool idea. streamed this on Spotify for the first time an hour ago and now I feel like I need the indie clear ughhh
  5. curious to see how long these will take to manufacture. spring 2022 maybe? also... there’s a FULL All Too Well? I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it
  6. any Terror Jr. fans on here? there’s a vinyl version of Rancho Catastrophe now available on their webstore. I love this record. some serious ear candy: https://shop.terrorjunior.com/products/rancho-catastrophe-vinyl?variant=40028319023258
  7. holy lord, who did this shitty label hire to do order fulfillment? a highly sought after record that hasn't been pressed in almost 20 years and sold out in seconds, and you assholes can't even throw a piece of cardboard in the mailer?
  8. yes, I believe every version has two 2x12 screenprints for the front and back covers. kinda weird. I was working at Suburban Home a little after these came out and never saw a different version otherwise.
  9. most limited variant, other than Relapse clear, is now available on Seasick Records’ webstore: www.seasickbham.com
  10. holy crap this is heartbreaking. I missed out completely and ordered within 30-45 seconds. would rather just splurge on an OG copy at this point
  11. there’s a lot of fluff on folklore in my opinion. this new one seems to have a bit more focus, personality and melody. I would say evermore is still too long and has its fluffy moments. overall, liking it more than folklore upon first listen.

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