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  1. wow, this record is damn near perfect. way to go, Pelican!
  2. anyone else think the first 5 singles released (Party For One, Now That I Found You, Julien, No Drug Like Me, Too Much) are the 5 strongest songs from this album? I was so excited to listen to the other tracks last night and was honestly disappointed. the majority of them fell flat.
  3. Quick bump for Call of the Void: New record is officially out and on Spotify. Translation Loss has copies of their exclusive color at the link above: *Metallic Gold, Baby Blue & White Tri-Color Merge - limited to 150 The band will have their exclusive variant on tour with them starting May 21st in Salt Lake City w/ Cult Leader: *Swamp Green with Heavy, Metallic Gold, White & Baby Blue Splatter - limited to 100 w/ Cult Leader: 05/21 – Salt Lake City, UT at The Beehive 05/22 – Boise, ID at The Shredder 05/23 – Seattle, WA at The Highline 05/24 – Tacoma, WA at Airport Lounge (*COTV only) 05/25 – Portland, OR at Tonic Lounge w/ NOISEM: 05/26 – Oakland, CA at Oakland Metro – Screening For Vengeance Fest feat. Sworn Vengeance, Morbid Saint, Necrot, Antagony, Hyperdontia 05/27 – Sacramento, CA at Blue Lamp 05/28 – Reno, NV at The Holland Project 05/29 – Las Vegas, NV at Dive Bar 05/30 – Santa Fe, NM at The Cave
  4. limited edition 7” and 12” picture disc single available for the next 3 days. Side A: “ME!” Side B: “ME!” hahahahaha such a rip off. I’ll still probably buy though
  5. those guys have $$$ coming in from so many different sources, so I could see there being some loose strings when having taxes done. not sure how Iceland works when it comes to taxes, but hopefully they can get through this speed bump. between that and losing Orri, it's been a bumpy road as of late.
  6. the homies!!! everyone go listen to their new single on Spotify.
  7. no, not really. I was in a rush to work and didn't realize the flag made shipping way more expensive. but I know I will have a friend that wants one of the two copies.
  8. nabbed the /100 and /200 off Relapse. was hoping the bandcamp exclusive was a more wild variant, but cool to see other limited options for fans and collectors. vinyl is fun, guys