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  1. I helped approve test presses for this reissue. EVR knocked it out of the damn park. thank you, 45 rpm, for everything you do for us.
  2. great now my OG copy is worth nothing. just kidding, this deserves a repress. are there other versions floating around?
  3. can't justify $10 + shipping on this, but the track itself is so sick
  4. sadly, I love Avril Lavigne and that Breakaway Kelly record. I can’t justify buying anything from urban outfitters though
  5. haha, I know. there is a glaring difference between the two. just playing devil's advocate as usual
  6. you're all full of shit if you've never wanted to kill someone before
  7. wow, this record is damn near perfect. way to go, Pelican!
  8. anyone else think the first 5 singles released (Party For One, Now That I Found You, Julien, No Drug Like Me, Too Much) are the 5 strongest songs from this album? I was so excited to listen to the other tracks last night and was honestly disappointed. the majority of them fell flat.