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  1. anyone have the new indie orange of Vol. 3? how is the sound quality compared to the violet? I'd imagine they're identical, but desperately hoping it has a better punch
  2. nope, no confirmation email. I kinda want to cancel my order after losing sleep over the $20 shipping from a nothing ass label
  3. were people able to get refunds on the cancelled thrice shows?
  4. there’s a Relapse deluxe edition w/ slipmat (Red & Blue cloudy effect) that popped up on the site for anyone that missed out: https://store.relapse.com/item/104906
  5. so sick!! I just grabbed an Aborted LP from NESI this week. can’t wait to get it
  6. my clear gold copy sounds awful. tons of pops and clicks. you can tell it’s in decent shape with no scratches or scuffs, but just sounds so cheap. I did a sound comparison between that copy and the Good Life picture disc from Belgium and the pic disc sounds infinitely better, although it has weak packaging (polybag & insert). this Federal Prisoner release will solve both issues.
  7. I think this specific release is a bit different considering Tear From the Red hasn’t ever had proper, quality vinyl treatment. The first issues of this record on Ides of March and Good Life were garbage. Excited to have something remastered, as a standalone release with a fresh design.
  8. can’t wait for their fulfillment company to put zero padding in the mailer