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  1. the homies!!! everyone go listen to their new single on Spotify.
  2. no, not really. I was in a rush to work and didn't realize the flag made shipping way more expensive. but I know I will have a friend that wants one of the two copies.
  3. nabbed the /100 and /200 off Relapse. was hoping the bandcamp exclusive was a more wild variant, but cool to see other limited options for fans and collectors. vinyl is fun, guys
  4. yeah who the fuck are you people ordering from garbage websites? you can't find what you want literally anywhere else?
  5. just stoppin by to say that I love the get up kids very much. hope this record is a solid continuation of that Kicker EP, because it rips
  6. honestly not that strange, considering everything you post here is spam too
  7. love the bronx, but way too expensive. also depends on how many tracks Jorma is featured on, because Hidalgo is booooooring.
  8. this will be the first Sunn O))) record I preorder. glad I finally realized how sick they are