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  1. jameslovesvinyl

    WTB: Pianos Become The Teeth Variants

    Hey all, Looking to beef up my Pianos collection, as they have become one of my favorite bands over the past year. If anyone has any of the following (or multiple!) please PM me. Shipping bundles is always optimal. 7": Close - RSD Exclusive (white/blue swirl) The Saddest Landscape / Pianos Become The Teeth ‎Split (Rust /200) Pianos Become The Teeth & Ezra Joyce Split (transparent beer brown 500) 12": Old Pride (Transparent Amber /300) Lack Long After (Orange /1031) Lack Long After (Translucent Amber /153) Keep You (Navy /300) Thanks!
  2. Hey guys. Looking for this sweet little EP I discovered a week ago by Pure Noise label band Can't Swim. They are a sick new punk/emo band touring right now with Have Mercy and Boston Manor deff go see em. They came out with an EP last year pressed in really limited supply. If you somehow have any variant of this EP that you are willing to part with, please send me an offer (preferably the baby blue or white)! -James
  3. jameslovesvinyl

    More record lots! (Metal, Torche, Expire, Touche Amore)

    Is the Is Survived By the translucent Blue out 0f 697 or the lighter, solid blue?
  4. Happy 4th of July BUMP (last one). Please buy the remaining couple of albums!
  5. jameslovesvinyl

    WTB Turnover - Peripheral Vision 180g

    I have a copy of the green/blue burst variant signed by all four members of the band. PM me a price and maybe I'll sell.
  6. Added new items and updated - BUMP! Please buy the remaining stuff so I can clear out everything!
  7. Edited topic with more sold and updated listing! Please buy - trying to fund a trip right now! BUMP
  8. Added an item and updated listing! BUMP.
  9. Some records sold / listings updated! Please BUMP me a PM.
  10. Selling some of my collection to pay for some other pressing (ha, get it) parts of life that require cash. Please take a look if you can! Very different things here. Will add more records as needed. PRICES ARE PPD and some are offer-based. Anberlin - Blueprints For The Black Market (Black) /1000 43ppd Animals As Leaders - Weightless (Teal /200) OFFER Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing (Black/Yellow Haze /1000) $15 SOLD Fiona Apple - Tidal (Black, VMP Press) SOLD Foxing - The Albatross (Red & Clear Splatter /500, SIGNED BY CONOR & ERIC) SOLD The Hotelier - Goodness (Fawn & Field /725) $20 SOLD J Dilla - Donuts (Clear VMP Press, #3091) $28 SOLD La Dispute - Wildlife (Red/Clear /500, 1st Press) SOLD Nothing - Downward Years To Come (Black/White Split) SOLD Salem - King Night (Black) SOLD The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico (Solid Yellow) $23 SOLD Nothing - Guilty of Everything (Red /1700) SIGNED BY ALL MEMBERS (can send photos) OFFER Brand New - Daisy (Green, 2000) $21 SOLD Willing to negotiate as well; just shoot me a PM! Thanks.
  11. What a sick idea! I lived in the Village last summer and I work in Manhattan... will definitely check this out! Maybe I'll come by with some things to contribute.