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  1. 13tylse

    WTB WTT Underoath Erase Me 7” Test Press

    I don't have either of the ones you're looking for, but if you do get them, and would be willing to sell any duplicates you still have, please let me know
  2. Just wanted to make it known that merchnow also has an acid green variant in an acid green sleeve /500. http://merchnow.com/products/v2/269367/erase-me-acid-green-vinyl-w-acid-green-jacket--lp
  3. If anybody is willing to part, I'm interested in buying a full set of the VIP merch (preferably sealed, but nbd if it isn't) from their recent mini-tour.. This being the VIP cover Mothership vinyl, laminate, poster, and air freshener. I'm into collecting their VIP merch, but living across the country from where this tour took place (obviously) meant I couldn't get a hold of these items myself.
  4. 13tylse

    FT: Attack Attack! - Someday Came Suddenly

    oooo, this is unfortunate... my only Happiness is part of the box set.
  5. Just the magenta/yellow variant /100? Saw you listed pink in the title, and i think the pink variant is still for sale on merchnow.
  6. looking for one of the 500 cds that got overnighted to people who preordered the limited vinyl. Phone was acting up when preorders went live, so I missed out.
  7. 13tylse

    WTB: Van Nuys by Hotel Books

    I got contacted through pm's with an offer and decided to buy from them. Thank you to all who offered.
  8. I know its a long shot, since only 25 were made, but I'm looking to buy a copy of the lathe cut single of Van Nuys by Hotel Books. Any leads on someone else selling would also be greatly appreciated
  9. lol, first thing I saw was DRUGS and I was like "NEEEEEEED" but then I read the category name. Can't blame ya for keeping that one.
  10. 13tylse

    Brujeria RSD 2016

    shameless self-bump
  11. Well, inbox is full, so I'll try my luck here. $50 shipped is a real "shot in the dark" offer for Periphery, but I figured I have nothing to lose. Also, thumbs up to your acct name.

  12. 13tylse

    Periphery S/T blue /50 for sale

    Noooo idea what I'd even begin to offer for it, being relatively new to record collecting, but I love Racecar, and will one day have this album. Also, bump, I guess. 0_0
  13. 13tylse

    Brujeria RSD 2016

    I know RSD isn't until the 16th, but this single is marked as a limited/regional release, and in the off chance that doesn't include my area, would anyone be willing to pick up a copy of any variant for me if they come across it? http://www.recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/8417