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  1. hey there everyone, I'm looking for particular variants of the D and A 7" records that TAS released as part of the buildup to Slow Decay's release. I was able to buy the A side/B side variants of E, C, and Y, and would like to keep the variants consistent, so it would be the /300 variant for D and the /1000 variant for A. Also looking for one of the alt cover /200 variant of the Slow Decay LP from Merch Limited that came with a slip mat if anyone has a lead on a seller
  2. Hi there, As the title says, I'm looking for the Code Orange/Shade/Kilbourne cassette of Quarantine Tapes Vol. 2. Im looking for the black variant of the cassette, as that's what variant my other volumes are. I have an extra of Vol. 3, so if you'd be willing to trade, it'd be a huge help to me 😃
  3. I'll be seeing them when they hit Philly. I'll let you know how I make out
  4. Hit a snag recently and need some money, so I'm selling the Afterman Ascension & Descension book set. Trying to get $200 for it when shipping is all said and done, so asking price will be $210. This is slightly above average for the item on discogs, but the only other one listed at the moment is for almost double that. Condition of the records themselves is NM+, as for the book, VG+ for a bumped corner. Guitar picks that initially came with the set are no longer with it, and the lyric correction stickers have been placed in the book as opposed to on their original sheet. please feel free to ask for pics.
  5. That's funny, because I've never had any problems with media mail, both sending and receiving records
  6. $25 is great for that P2 press, but with $13 shipping??? It's the last one I need for my Periphery discog, but they're absolutely nuts
  7. I'm confused by your listing of Sianvar records. By self-titled, I'm guessing you mean the EP? Also, you list a 7", but Sianvar only has Stay Lost, which is a 12", and the EP, which is a 10".
  8. meant to post discogs link... oops https://www.discogs.com/Eidola-To-Speak-To-Listen/release/10916504
  9. Self explanatory, looking for this album, released on Blue Swan Records in a single /300 pressing
  10. I don't have either of the ones you're looking for, but if you do get them, and would be willing to sell any duplicates you still have, please let me know
  11. Just wanted to make it known that merchnow also has an acid green variant in an acid green sleeve /500. http://merchnow.com/products/v2/269367/erase-me-acid-green-vinyl-w-acid-green-jacket--lp

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