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  1. Have some various circa related merch and records im willing to sell. just putting a few things listed in here and linking my discogs, Feel free to shoot an offer on anything besides my DGD collection, if the numbers right i'll probably get rid of it. Only trades i would want are dgd or swancore stuff. Various circa survive merch: avalon 10 year vinyl bundle with flag clear vinyl white vinyl and screenprint Vip amulet variant /100 screen print amulet tour variant Indie exclusive amulet Violent waves vinyl Ag dying to reach you flag Enamel pins Records: The wonder years- suburbia (grey/blue and orange halves) All time low- unplugged rsd All time low -swir (orange splatter hot topic variant) All time low- last young renegade (red I think) A skylit drive- (blue with white splatter) Balance and composure - separation (half blue half orange) and 7inch acoustic rsd Dance Gavin dance - artificial selection (orange black a/b) Sealed records: A lot like birds- plan b Four year strong - (banquet records exclusive) Periphery and periphery instrumental (Sumerian webstore exclusive) All time low -future hearts (pink) Underoath - (SP exclusive 147/300) Brand new - sci fi limited August Burns Red - Leveler (Mint green) Discogs link: https://www.discogs.com/user/jonjoelreece/collection
  2. Jonjoelreece

    WTB Dance Gavin Dance

    Yea what this guy said^^
  3. Jonjoelreece

    ISO Dance Gavin dance vinyl

    Looking for dgd vinyl records, most desired ones are yellow happiness orange people you knew 7 inch and the box set. I may be interested in anything else dgd you might have.
  4. Jonjoelreece

    PO: Anthony Green- Avalon

    Got a clear vinyl as well kinda annoyed about that.
  5. Nah I’m the guy at who when getting in bed at night has your girl and mom call me daddy while you cry yourself to sleep.
  6. Jonjoelreece

    ISO: dance Gavin dance vinyl

    I’m mainly in search of these presses but will eventually get to a VC, if you have any other presses (especially rarer ones) feel free to message me with a number. people you knew perfect (orange) Flexi discs happiness (yellow)
  7. Sorry I’ve been on this forum 3 times in 2 years, jerks like you are what keep me away. Go be a dick somewhere else please
  8. So I'm upgrading my atlp60, right now I was thinking about a uturn custom with a basic platter, a grado black, the tonearm cue lever and the built in preamp for 350$. I saw that the onkyo a9010 was a good amplifier for the price so I figured I might just get that if you guys approved. The speakers were all kinda weird cause most of the good ones are only sold in the UK is what it seems, I was interested in the q acoustics 3020 which some people love and some people say the bass isn't good enough. I love the aesthetic of the orbit but if there's a better table I should get please let me know, I like the atlp120 but I hate the design, especially silver design, I know it's petty. I'm pretty ignorant though so please help me. Is there anything I should change or need in addition to this?
  9. Jonjoelreece

    Srcvinyl scamming

    Stupidity =/= autocorrect on a new keyboard lol. Clearly all of you lack the ability to comprehend this problem I'm sorry I tried to save you poor souls from the misfortune I suffered.
  10. Jonjoelreece

    Srcvinyl scamming

    Sorry yall I'm using SwiftKey and it's autocorrected is pretty bad, I'm sorry some of you couldn't understand the message. They stole my money lol. Why is anything else here an issue? Once again sorry if you lack the intelligence to comprehend my post.
  11. Jonjoelreece

    Srcvinyl scamming

    Srcvinyl has taken my money on an order and still.hasnt refunded it. Pretty butthurt, please go go amazon instead guys they'll not Ship your order and not refund it otherwise lol.
  12. Jonjoelreece

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Hey I was one of the first people to buy and didn't get a CD, anything I should do?