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  1. Bump still got tons of good shit for even better prices hit ya boy up
  2. Bump. Discogs should be up to date. Throwing 7”s and flexis in with everything. Hit me up
  3. Bought it solely based on reviews a love it so far. Probably won’t give it another play after I’m done cuz I have Sekiro coming in two weeks but it is great.
  4. For sure just send me a message when you figure out what you want
  5. I mean yeah, it’s one of the better ones but it’s still a kicker to pay $57 for a Nintendo DS cartridge without a case or manual. Thought about buying a repro case/manual from eBay for the shelf since I keep all my games in a travel case in my backpack. Gamestop is doing a B2G1 on DS games right now so I considered filling out the last of what I need from that system.
  6. Recently bought a 2DS XL before they cease production (gonna be sooner than later) and decided I’m gonna collect every Pokemon and LoZ game. So far I have every (playable on 3DS) Pokémon game except SoulSilver, Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, White, and Black. HeartGold and SoulSilver cost as much as a brand new fucking game. Shits wild.
  7. Bump moving soon and still have 700 fucking records to get rid of.
  8. Bump. Got some kinda ridiculous questions about the last post. You can’t fit 3 2xLP gatefolds into a standard mailer, so that isn’t necessarily part of the deals I posted previously. Anyway, thanks for looking. Still have about 700 records to ditch so hit me up!
  9. A buddy of mine who platted it immediately told me not to bother with it if I had another game to move onto. He basically said it’s more of the same.
  10. Bump. $15 shipped for any record, $40 shipped for three.
  11. If you took the time to look through my collection, you would’ve seen that I don’t own it on vinyl. But obviously you didn’t.