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  1. I’m getting güd at Souls stuff but getting used to different runes/atonements/buffs/what have you is where I really get tripped up.
  2. Downloading it right now. Never played the original so this is gonna be rough.
  3. Still doing 10 LPs for $75. i still have a ton of 7”s left as well so 10 for $30 on 7”s. Moving day is coming soon so hit me up!
  4. Just got a definite move date on top of slayer this week so buy some shit! ~200 records to go in two weeks. Deals ready to be made.
  5. Bump same deals $10 single $15 doubles, 10 for $75 shipped domestically. Going to see Slayer on Thursday so send me merch money!
  6. I assume you’ve never been wrong before... I mean you can ignore the fact that the producers ignored prophecies themselves, but that would be dumb. I’d say most people had a 50/50 assumption that he would either kill her or die with her. They were the only plausible outcomes for the two, bud. Also, don’t know how any of this season is disrespectful to George when he told them how to end the story. But hey, make up excuses for why you may not like the ending to something you invested many years into.
  7. He’s gonna try to kill Cersei. No one can get closer than him. Tyrion could meet with her but Jaime can get her alone. The “she’s hateful and so am I” line gave it away. And yeah, there was the prophecy that one of her brothers would kill her. There’s also the acceptance from Jon scene when he arrived at Winterfell before the battle. Tons of foreshadowing. Took me seasons to figure out all the foreshadowing but a lot of this shit has already been told to us.
  8. Bump. Still doing 10 for $75. Waiting on some mailers, will arrive within the week. Hit me up!
  9. Yeah I agree, and I guess it hasn’t been fully explained if it’s ice or fire that the dragon is breathing lol.
  10. You and Rambo brought up him not being harmed by the ice fire or whatever the hell it is. Wasn’t sure if you were skeptical. My bad. With such a long gap between seasons 7 and 8, I hardly see any excuse for someone to be spoiled at this point. Anyone with half a brain would’ve used that time to get caught up. You're right about Arya. While I thought some of the Bravos stuff was boring at times, it paid off big. I don’t think they’re done progressing her badassery yet either. Could easily see her killing the Mountain.
  11. If Jon weren’t a Targaryen, he wouldn’t have been able to ride the dragon in the first place.