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  1. Spotify said my most listened to song was the interlude on Underoath’s They’re Only Chasing Safety. Obviously not.
  2. I can’t decide if I wanna go for the platinum or just call it after I finish the story. I really enjoy the game but there’s so much coming out in the spring and I know I won’t be done by then.
  3. The first time Low Roar comes on as you’re on your first mission and still trying to soak it all in. Fuck, that’s something everyone should feel. I’m like 7 hours in and I cannot handle BTs lol. I’m also that asshole who’s trying to grab all the cargo like it won’t make the rest of the trip miserable. I’m super excited to see the other side of chapter 3, which should be about 10 hours. Supposedly the story actually makes sense at the end too lol.
  4. It’s... weird to say the least. I’m enjoying it so far tho. Truly something that you just have to try for yourself.
  5. TLOU was a straight clunk-fest with the best story ever lol. I was miserable for most of the game until the last couple hours when everything started getting super fucking intense.
  6. Season 3 will really fuck you up. Holy shit. I’m about halfway through Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and woooow it’s so good. I really hope they do a retail release because I want it on my shelf.
  7. It’s a remaster/rerelease with extra story content. They added a character and 5 new ending possibilities as well I definitely “autoplayed” a couple levels just to keep the story moving but overall it was fantastic.
  8. MOTHER OF GOD THAT SNES CONTROLLER oh and I picked up Catherine: Full Body Premium Edition on recommendation. Everyone should play that game. The story is fantastic.
  9. Picked up Astral Chain and I’m not really feeling it. I’m pretty sure the only Platinum game I actually enjoy is Nier: Automata. i also picked up Control on release day and that shit is fucking fantastic. Highly recommended.
  10. Yep it’s stupid difficult even on normal. I was told easy was too easy but if that’s the only way I’ll be able to progress then I’ll do it. Amazon has had some good B1G1 50% deals, especially if you do preorders. Two upcoming releases for $90 is stellar.
  11. Bought Crash at launch and regret it. It looked like they had it set up for micro transactions, then like last week or so they added them in. Highly recommend Spyro tho. Just picked up Nioh on the cheap. Probably never gonna finish it unless I overpower and cheese but I do enjoy the gameplay. Undecided on buying Control or Astral Chain at the end of the month. Both look good but I’m hit or miss with Platinum.
  12. Same. I loved all the $15-$20 Rise and Epitaph LPs that had CDs.
  13. I still keep a huge CD binder in my car because it doesn’t have an aux port, but five I would still keep regardless would be Kendrick Lamar- Good Kid Despised Icon- The Ills of Modern Man Any Menzingers album Coheed & Cambria- In Keeping Secrets Touche Amore- Stage 4