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  1. I still keep a huge CD binder in my car because it doesn’t have an aux port, but five I would still keep regardless would be Kendrick Lamar- Good Kid Despised Icon- The Ills of Modern Man Any Menzingers album Coheed & Cambria- In Keeping Secrets Touche Amore- Stage 4
  2. GameStop has a ridiculous summer/clearance sale going right now. Just got the Mega Man 11 game/amiibo bundle for $30 and Ni No Kuni 2 Collector’s Edition for $50.
  3. Ended up selling a ton of stuff with that last bump so I’ll give it another shot. $5+shipping for any LP left on my discogs. Thanks for all the help, y’all.
  4. $5 each plus shipping. Ordering more would be preferred. I’ll even throw in an extra.
  5. Agreed on Mario party. Haven’t played since the first month or so after release. i just started a new level 30 character on borderlands 2. Haven’t started the new DLC yet but I will be in the next day or two. I love this series so much.
  6. It’s blue, and yeah I’ll sell it if you’ll give it a good home shoot me an offer
  7. I have a signed We Don’t Have Each Other on either blue or blue swirl. I bought it from Soupy himself at a show but haven’t looked at it in awhile so it could very well be either variant.
  8. Bump moving next week. Don’t wanna move any of my records to the new house so send me on offer on whatever. Bulk orders of 10-20 definitely get great prices. Thank you for all who’ve helped me this far.
  9. Preordered the collector’s editions earlier. Looks weird as shit. Also got a Code Vein network test code so I’ll be checking that out this weekend.