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  1. Crossed the 300 hour mark on animal crossing. Started taking longer breaks from it to play AC Odyssey since Valhalla looks even better, but I keep going back and restructuring my island. Been stuck at home for like 40 days and all I’ve done is play animal crossing.
  2. I’ve spent close to 200 hours on animal crossing since release day, and I’m sick of it but it’s also helping me keep a daily routine since I’m on severely reduced hours at work (retail). I wake up, check the mail, money hole, all that, and end up spending half the day playing. My backlog is disgusting and I could’ve gotten through a ton of it by now but for some reason i’d rather chop down trees and chase bugs all day.
  3. 5 hours 59 minutes for me but same, sold on eBay within an hour of completing it and went back to P5R lol
  4. Just picked up my P5R Phantom Thieves Edition. Hoping to get started on it today since I know I’ll be pushing it aside for RE3 on friday.
  5. Super stylized turn-based RPG with a Japanese teenager life sim tacked on? Totally recommend it to anyone who likes turn based RPGs or anime as the graphics are like cell-shaded and super polished.
  6. Getting ready to go pick up my Animal Crossing switch. Never even played an AC game but it’s easily the coolest special edition Switch thus far. I grew up drooling over the Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge Fenders, so those joycons have been calling my name.
  7. I believe each play would still have their own dwelling in the island but I can’t say they couldn’t fuck up your loans from Nook. I just don’t understand why Nintendo won’t let us own our save files.
  8. I recently got into Neca horror action figures. Most of them go up in value instead of dropping drastically like funko shit, and I really enjoy most of the franchises they work with.
  9. Spotify said my most listened to song was the interlude on Underoath’s They’re Only Chasing Safety. Obviously not.
  10. I can’t decide if I wanna go for the platinum or just call it after I finish the story. I really enjoy the game but there’s so much coming out in the spring and I know I won’t be done by then.
  11. The first time Low Roar comes on as you’re on your first mission and still trying to soak it all in. Fuck, that’s something everyone should feel. I’m like 7 hours in and I cannot handle BTs lol. I’m also that asshole who’s trying to grab all the cargo like it won’t make the rest of the trip miserable. I’m super excited to see the other side of chapter 3, which should be about 10 hours. Supposedly the story actually makes sense at the end too lol.
  12. It’s... weird to say the least. I’m enjoying it so far tho. Truly something that you just have to try for yourself.
  13. TLOU was a straight clunk-fest with the best story ever lol. I was miserable for most of the game until the last couple hours when everything started getting super fucking intense.
  14. Season 3 will really fuck you up. Holy shit. I’m about halfway through Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and woooow it’s so good. I really hope they do a retail release because I want it on my shelf.
  15. It’s a remaster/rerelease with extra story content. They added a character and 5 new ending possibilities as well I definitely “autoplayed” a couple levels just to keep the story moving but overall it was fantastic.