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  1. https://imgur.com/gallery/UoBXAQi My Listener collection! Only things I'm missing are a Whispermoon test pressing (Which I think there's only 1 and Dan has it) and test pressings for the BE:BF 7 inches. I'll start collecting variants one of these days...
  2. Big Country

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Thanks dude, I've actually never heard of this and used your referral. Got Chris Stapleton - Traveller, mewithoutYou - Pale Horses, and The Mountain Goats - All Hail West Texas for $35 shipped.
  3. Big Country


    Anyone have any pressing info on these? Or have any guesses? 500? 1000?
  4. Get Lonely by The Mountain Goats is $12 right now. Only 4 left though.
  5. This is fantastic news. Sometimes all it takes is one to sell at a price like this (still high, but great compared to $200+ like usual) for the market price to come down.
  6. Big Country


    Not huge on the new Decaying Parchment artwork. Glad I got the drawing edition for that one. I love this pike though and think it's one of his best newer ones.
  7. Big Country


    Is the Ghost Host one not Bansheebot? Not sure about the other one though.
  8. Big Country


    I emailed the pikes service because I wasn't getting any shipments and they said since I ordered a bunch of records they were waiting to ship them when they're all released. So I have to wait till the last one is out (Who knows when that'll be) before I can get Sparks and the other ones already out. Anyone else experiencing this too?
  9. Big Country


    That's awesome, thanks. Are the letters on the original cover metallic or is it just the flash? Glad I pulled the trigger on the drawing edition but my only complaint is I wish he wrote the album name somewhere on the cover. Awesome nonetheless and completely worth the $50 imo.
  10. They're probably the only band that I've enjoyed just as much if not more with every new vocalist. I loved Happiness when it came out and I thought there's no way they could pull off a third vocalist. Not huge on Instant Gratification but Acceptance Speech was solid and I'm pretty confident saying Mothership is my favorite DGD album (DBM being a close second). Saw them in Eindhoven with all 3 vocalists and it was a great show and experience.
  11. Big Country

    PO: Listener - Being Empty : Being Filled

    Apparently the red/blue split sold out in under 10 minutes
  12. No I haven't been able to find any pressing info beyond the 24 hour thing
  13. Sorry, just saw this. Not a bad offer but I think I'm gonna pass
  14. Hey all, so I ordered Flower Boy on impulse and ended up not caring a whole lot for it. It's the gold edition that was only up for 24 hours. I'm looking to trade it for one of the signed copies of Damn. I'd be open to other trades as well but Damn would be preferred. Thanks!