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  1. Also, I have a theory that is Justin Vernon was at Long Pond for this Folklore sesh, they did some Big Red Machine stuff with her and Jack as well.
  2. Going off the Target pressing, this is another good vinyl cut from her. 3 in a row. Bring on the re-records.
  3. I have to say the new Galaxy pressing sounds much better than the one I got earlier in the year. I still don't think its the best cut, but at least it was quiet.
  4. Also, lets hear whats in store for Cherry Tree Vol. 3. My guess is they go really old, something to tie into these reissues.
  5. Because this was recorded at Long Pond, hopefully we see a physical release of these songs. Would love 6-8 song "live-ish" EP come out of this.
  6. I’ve had a good run recently from Target. Every record has come in their (ridiculous) mailer. No issues. But earlier this year I did get one in a giant box with those pillow bubbles.
  7. How does the pressing sound? As good as Lover and Orange Reputation or shitty like the rest?
  8. I'm willing to bet they package up stuff before its put on sale or separately so all they have to do is slap a label on packages and thats why they keep things to a single order.
  9. My copy from BM got a big ol mash in the corner. I saw there were lots of copies like this, so I'm guessing a shipment was biffed. Willing to bet that is one of them. But for that price its totally worth it.
  10. I agree. I'm the same way. But I'm not saying 'fuck this guy he shouldn't make money for the art he made'. Its fair to call out bootlegs.

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