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  1. They don’t exist anymore. It could be Bullmooses system that has it labeled that way. The clear vinyl tells me it may be Duophonic
  2. timsimmons

    Hallmark vinyl record birthday cards

    I could be cynical about this, but this is kinda cool. Even if its a basic ass song, I'd dig getting one of these. Wish they had more options.
  3. The Beta Band thread just got real.
  4. I have a feeling this will end up in the Cherry Tree store
  5. I'm sure the 10"s will be made available separate at some point, probably for RSD. I'll wait till then. They'll get their $67 from me, but not for this whole box.
  6. I'm curious about the mastering.
  7. timsimmons

    Pearl Jam fans

    Pressing wise? It sounds fine. It was pressed at GZ, so there is some surface noise. But its flat and sounds pretty dynamic.
  8. The box looks cool, but I couldn’t justify buying it after shelling out for the the RSD imports a few years back.
  9. timsimmons

    PO: Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (Live)

    I’m gonna pass. If it were the original lineup, that would be cool.
  10. Or people bought the gold because its rare AND they collect SP, but given SP output for the past 18 years they weren't gonna take a chance and decided they get something they could dump later (again, which is reasonable with post 2k SP output), they could risk the promise of this album but know that they could sell ater if its sucks. But at the end of the day, maybe people have $30 to spend on a SP album and they have the opportunity to buy one of the rarest pressings so they do. Or maybe people bought something at face and are disappointed that the seller was less than forthright and its as simple as that and any deep dive reasons are pointless because the seller didn't have 100% accurate info when they listed.