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  1. Really excited for this. Don't need the mono because I have the music matters Mono LP in blue, so I'm good there. Excited for the alt-takes in the stereo. Also, the prices are great for what they are (like all Tone Poets).
  2. Their records sound great. IDGAF about the rest. But $125 is too much for them though.
  3. Its hilarious to read though. Real existential crises type stuff.
  4. In case anyone is interested, it’s been confirmed that Mofi has had digital steps in records labeled “Original Master Recording” including their One Steps.
  5. Yeah. Mofi should be transparent so people who care know what they are buying, but if you make a good sounding record, IDC and I have 7-8 mofis and they are all great sounding.
  6. He's so mean to his wife in those videos.
  7. Its been a big controversy in record forums over the weekend. The hubbub is pretty funny. I'm just bored and wanted to see if people care about it here. My first post is clearly tongue in cheek if you are aware of the controversy. Seems like no one here is aware or cares. nbd.
  8. I can say this about Mofi, they would never have a digital step in their process without disclosing it. Can't say that about MOV.
  9. The pop ups on mobile are such fucking bullshit. I check this place out less because of it.
  10. It’s. United pressing. I guess the euro pressing is better. It’s optimal, I think.
  11. Bummer. I hope things don’t change, but that’s usually not the case.