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  1. Surprised more rumored releases aren’t dropping yet.
  2. Since Bloodshot went under, yep. I think there was a repress after his passing.
  3. Man. I literally though about this last night. Crazy how long it took.
  4. @xgrantx the Target bonus tracks are different than 3am. But 2 are alt mixes of album cuts. There’s only 1 new songs among the 3.
  5. Folklore Red 1989 Evermore Midnights Reputation Lover Speak Now fearless S/t
  6. It’s a solid record. Mid tier for me. But probably the best of the mid tier records.
  7. Really excited for this. Don't need the mono because I have the music matters Mono LP in blue, so I'm good there. Excited for the alt-takes in the stereo. Also, the prices are great for what they are (like all Tone Poets).
  8. Their records sound great. IDGAF about the rest. But $125 is too much for them though.
  9. Its hilarious to read though. Real existential crises type stuff.
  10. In case anyone is interested, it’s been confirmed that Mofi has had digital steps in records labeled “Original Master Recording” including their One Steps.
  11. Yeah. Mofi should be transparent so people who care know what they are buying, but if you make a good sounding record, IDC and I have 7-8 mofis and they are all great sounding.

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