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  1. I feel the same way about the last record as well. It’s very good. Didn’t feel it the same way as I did Oshin. Or the early singles.
  2. I have zero doubt they will be AVAILABLE on Black Friday...
  3. watch discogs over the next 3-4 days. You should be able to snag them at retail price.
  4. Now I’m debating picking up a Milwaukee ticket on stubHub and booking it up there. Dunno if they’ll tour again after this.
  5. Ok, I have my first complaint about these. I really dislike the poster as a booklet thing. I guess it’s cool to have the album art so huge, but it’s a real pain to read the liner notes. Sort of related, the Cobra liners are written in the same font as the the cover so it’s a super fucking pain in the ass to read. I’m through ETK and the sound is extraordinary. They knocked these out of the park (liner notes aside)
  6. Just got all 3 from bleep. Gonna start spinning them in a bit. As nice as the last set. No winner on the scratch and win. Womp womp.
  7. They need to press that Live in a Chicago show they put on MTV in 94.
  8. I think he’s channeling younger BJ back when he used to do meth. Now its it’s flat out silly and embarrassing