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  1. Eh, He goes back to Portugal and the other three still want to do shit. Happened with Meeting of the Waters. That being said, a Panda-less AC record becomes less interesting for me.
  2. https://animalcollective.dominomart.com/tangerine-reef-limited-edition-double-lp Its says limited edition (on green vinyl), but I see no black pressing. So I guess its limited in that this may be a one time pressing, but probably a huge run. No Panda Bear on this BTW.
  3. I mean, I guess that works if you totally ignore Atlanta and Community. And if you think his newer music isn't as good as his cringy earlier stuff.
  4. timsimmons

    The Third Man Records Thread

    I do. Its in its bag and just folded in there. I think its the TMR logo?
  5. timsimmons

    The Third Man Records Thread

    I bought one of those Vault 45 boxes. I keep shit in there. Prints go in the records, 7" go in a 45 case, DVDs and Misc stuff in that vault 45 case.
  6. Just got my copy of Joy. Gonna spin it after lunch. Black vinyl, Foil sleeve. Real nice.
  7. timsimmons

    The Third Man Records Thread

    The less bigger boxes in my collection, the better. TMR has given me plenty. I'm happy with this being a basic slip case.
  8. timsimmons

    PO (Soon): Pearl Jam - LP11

    Each box had something like 145 copies in it. When I picked mine up (Top of the 2nd), they had 2 and a half boxes left. I'd be willing to bet its between 1000 and 1500 copies.
  9. I'm looking forward to this alot, but I'm gonna wait to see what other retailers sell this for. And if there will be a variant pressing.
  10. https://bigredmachine.ffm.to/bigredmachine Jagjaguar notes this as (Black vinyl). I wonder if there will be an indie store variant.
  11. timsimmons

    Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

    ? They have a media mail option. Not surprised they repressed this after doing Laundry Room last year (?).
  12. Next year is WF 25th. Maybe they are holding off until then