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  1. They did say it was finished just last week though. https://www.jambase.com/article/phish-sigma-oasis-new-album
  2. What was the CT IAETF debacle? Didn't realize there were issues. Mine played fine.
  3. Part of me think they should have said fuck it and included the BAM show on wax. Do like a proper big ass box set. 5-6LPs (Album, bonus stuff with exile and Wait and then 2-3 LPs of the show)
  4. Yeah, VMP opens most exclusives on Friday afternoons. They send out an email with links. The live tracks here are the exact same ones that were on the original expanded version. I don't think AG was messed up there.
  5. Yeah, I don't think it's selling out by Friday. On top of the $60 and qty available, this isn't that much different than the one thats been around for 10 years already. Only the hardest of the core fans are buying this for the bonus disc. And even then, most of them own the 3 tracks already available on 7".
  6. I know, I have a couple of copies already. I just figured if you’re doing a comprehensive anniversary edition, you would include all the songs from the era.
  7. https://cherrytreeshop.americanmary.com/featured/ Cherry Tree Exclusive split version available. Normal version is a marble of purple and white. This is the first time all of the expanded edition tracks have been pressed on vinyl (I believe Sin - Eaters and You Were A Kindness were b-sides on 7"s). Kinda surprised they didn't include Exile/Vilify and Think You Can Wait as well. A1. Terrible Love A2. Sorrow A3. Anyone's Ghost B1. Little Faith B2. Afraid of Everyone B3. Bloodbuzz Ohio C1. Lemonworld C2. Runaway C3. Conversation 16 D1. England D2. Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks E1. Terrible Love (Alternate Version) E2. Wake Up Your Saints E3. You Were A Kindness E4. Walk Off F1. Sin-Eaters F2. Bloodbuzz Ohio (Live On The Current) F3. Anyone’s Ghost (Live at Brooklyn Academy Of Music) F4. England (Live at Brooklyn Academy Of Music)
  8. Also, guys don’t sleep on that Aaron Dessner / Michael Stipe song, it’s gorgeous.
  9. lol. Yes! from what I’ve seen, seems like it’s a necessary position.
  10. Better than nothing. It’s the artists loss. Press and repress motherfuckers.