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  1. This is such a killer live show too. Probably the band at its best.
  2. Like Live at the Paramount from a few months back (which sold out by release day, I think we gusstimated around /3000), Nirvana.com has an exclusive split colored version. Retail will have a standard black https://shop.nirvana.com/collections/featured/products/live-and-loud-colored-2xlp $9 shipping FYI.
  3. I think we may be overreacting to the $500 set at this point. It is what it is. It's ridiculous. It's obviously not meant for the general fanbase. Just Super rich suburban white guys. Theres standard versions. We'll be good. We can let it go.
  4. 1. Bad Head 2. This Is a Low 3. Trouble in the Message Centre 4. Tracy Jacks 5. Clover Over Dover
  5. OK then. I guess have to do this. Top 5 tunes on Parklife. GO!
  6. Thats a bummer. A BBC collection seems like an easy release that would be a home run for the fans.
  7. Clear would be better, but the purple looks good. Mine should be coming tomorrow.
  8. To be fair, no one has to buy it. There are cheaper options. I would only consider it a gouge if it was the only way to get it on vinyl.
  9. Pink and black vinyl at the Wilco store. /1000 $500 super deluxe edition too
  10. Glad I held off on that Coltrane box. Plus I got $10 from Whole Foods to apply to it as well.
  11. I have zero doubt its a boot, even if the vinyl is swirl.