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  1. His songwriting isn't what it used to be either. But to be fair, I guess it changed from album to album in 90's too.
  2. Still order received for the box set. Kinda worried if BM is gonna get them seeing as there are only 1000 made and BM isn't taking any more orders for it.
  3. They’ve been posting clips of other tracks on social media. I’m excited
  4. I've really hated Billy's production choices for the past 20 years. Maybe its pro-tools, but everything seems loud and bright. No grit.
  5. These videos are creepy as hell
  6. timsimmons

    PO : Chvrches - Hansa Session

    Neat. They did an acoustic radio session a few months back. I assume it’s similar. It was very good. Edit: it was Comedy Bang Bang
  7. I can't believe this is out Friday. I really hope the vinyl ships on time.
  8. They’ve been in/out of print for a few years. I’m sure copies from the last run are still around. I’m guessing yours are those and not the new ones.
  9. timsimmons

    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    Are they pressing the alternate takes/outtakes on vinyl or the regular album. The bandcamp is for the alternate version.
  10. Sound of vinyl is taking pre orders now $30+$10 s/h
  11. up for the US at the sound of vinyl $30 plus SOV absurd shipping cost of $10 https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/Rings-Around-The-World-2LP-7-Pink-Purple-Mixed-Edition/5ZLM0000000
  12. wtf is up with them choosing purple/pink as the vinyl color? Because of the inner gatefold pic?
  13. Nice. Looks like they are using the original cut if Side C plays inside out. The original pressing is really well done.