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  1. Yeah, Alligator is perfection. The Looseness and rawness of their early sound, but song writing as strong as everything that came after.
  2. Guess we gotta do this. 1. Alligator 2. Boxer 3. Cherry Tree 4. High Violet 5. Sleep Well Beast 6. Sad Songs 7. Trouble Will Find Me 8. s/t don't know where the new one fits in. Maybe around 6/7. Goes to show how strong their catalog is.
  3. Has this band been around long enough that there are divides in the fanbase over better eras?
  4. This is crazy. How are Alligator and Boxer not the interchangeable 1&2. Both are unfuckwithable
  5. Yeah, it’s fine. But it’s just there. At least Kansas has a hook.
  6. I think it’s the same as the deluxe DL. It’s just not available on CD anywhere else.
  7. She needs to put out a rarities collection on vinyl. Collect all those bonus tracks from Emotion plus Cut to the Feeling. Maybe for a RSD.
  8. No it won’t spoil it. But you’ll likely listen to the main record more than the film takes
  9. I’d say play the album then the film. The songs in the film are different mixes/versions than the album. But the songs informed the film, so knowing them before will also help inform you for the film.