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  1. I would also stress, Its not an investment per say. If you are looking to make money, vinyl isn't the way, buy stocks or bonds or something that will give you a great rate of return on your money. These are just physical things. In some cases you can make money because its value increases. I would argue, thats maybe 5-10% of records though. Most end up being valued less what you paid for it.
  2. Unless they say, you usually don’t. limited generally means, we’re pressing this one time and don’t plan to do it this way again. heres the kicker, even that may not be true. Stuff gets repressed, sometimes the exact same way. And sometimes if they say they pressed 2000, they have pressed even more. collect what you wanna collect and have fun. Don’t get too hung up on the rarity or value.
  3. And on IG stories rn, they are playing the beginning of the Test Pressing. Its basically the IG VR clip but then cuts off 1 second into the song beginning for real. Sounds like its a rocker.
  4. I feel like people are such suckers for buying sweatsuits from all these artists for so much money. Anyone Kanye, Frank, Taylor.
  5. $260 sweat suit up at his site (socks, phone case and boxers too)
  6. So annoying. You have to pull out every sleeve looking for the track you want
  7. Yeah, I got all the singles, but I'd buy a box too. But its fine if they don't do it as well.
  8. More casual listeners would be more willing to buy a complete set rather than 12" and 10"s piecemeal. Plus its easier to market a big box vs a dozen singles. Probably better margins on a 5LP box set.
  9. Yeah. I guess we’ll see. and at this point in my fandom, if there’s 4-5 good songs here, I’ll be happy.
  10. Acoustic Sounds is saying this is getting pressed at QRP. Hopefully it’s cut by someone awesome.