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  1. Hoping for that first Naughty By Nature album. Just preordered Digital Underground.
  2. I preferred it going to PayPal so I could keep that money separate from the normal bank account money that’s used to buy garlic and pay the sewer bill.
  3. Josh Dodes Band and Harlow were the other two. Though I can’t be bothered to check if I spelled either correctly.
  4. Really, really bummed I didn’t see this until after it was already sold out.
  5. Any color of the Recess press will do. PayPal ready, or maybe I can trade something. Would prefer to buy outright.
  6. New Shoplifters full length out now on PopKid records: https://popkid.limitedrun.com/products/647470-shoplifters-secret-free-world-vinyl-lp I don't post on here quite as much as I used to, but PopKid is still alive and kicking. Newest release is an incredible melodic punk band from Serbia called Shoplifters. If you dig crunchy Bob Mould style guitars, bouncy bass lines like Big Drill Car and UK style punk rock like Snuff or China Drum, this is probably for you. Everything that's great about 90s punk rock, but without sounding old. I like it anyway, otherwise it would be pretty stupid of me to put it out. You can listen on Bandcamp as well: https://popkid.bandcamp.com/album/secret-free-world Thanks!
  7. It’s like they decided to make a new song that contains nothing that made them likable in the first place. Astounding.
  8. Of course I have Stuntman. I bought that as soon as it came out as well. As everyone should!
  9. I bought this the second I saw it. Great stuff.

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