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  1. The Moby Dick is essential on this shit, but I've always thought Bonham's drumming on Heartbreaker was exceptionally stellar on this recording as well.
  2. Bullmoose always holds it down. I miss living in Dover/Portsmouth, NH area... Also, I just saw Gatecreeper for my fourth time last saturday at St. Vitus, they played War Has Begun, and that other track Dead Inside. Both sound so good live. That band impresses me more and more each time how great and tight they can sound live.
  3. Do you know what the pressing info on that white was? Bullmoose is great about putting their indie exclusives online. Was stoked I found the Gatecreeper/Iron Reagan on there, since the /100 & /300 Relapse versions sold out instantly.
  4. who's still here? controlthebleeding? allison? anyone hello?
  5. i love your lifestyle but i love the band..
  6. sox are doing terrible, what else is there to look forward to...
  7. I had tickets for Bob Weir & Ratdog tomorrow night, and Bobby just cancelled the whole tour a few days ago. Sucks when one of your favorite artists is getting old, and you start to wonder if the last 2 night run you saw was the last time you will ever see him...
  8. Hey I'll take offers on those bongripper records guys. Hurting for money bad right now...
  9. Madball and municipal waste in my backyard tomorrow (holyoke, ma). Gonna be killer!!
  10. The vol 4 is one of the newer presses. Only listened to once, I think it was 17.99 new a couple years ago. If you want it, it's yours.
  11. I'm not trying to get my whole collection off, I just am I little behind on my probation fees and I'm definitely not trying to get a VOP for that. Finally cleaned my shit up after years of a serious junk habit and I'm looking forward to getting back in this game.
  12. Honestly guys, the bongripper LPS are the first things I bought in the last month, and I haven't bought shit in a few years. I bought both of them on discogs for about 30 bucks a piece. Not a good deal but I wanted them. So those 2, and the grateful dead lps are the only things I won't sell. Sorry :/ And as far as that physical graffiti goes, considering the year it was pressed, it's in terrific condition. Cover is yellowed a little bit, but that's what 40 years does...the records themselves are great though.
  13. quit buying records for a few years and all your shit becomes irrelevant i guess haha
  14. these are taking forever! i just want the second press to go up!
  15. can mods edit the first post? i got a difFerent HYE link, for some reason? http://howsyouredge.com/swap/display.php?page=3312
  16. http://howsyouredge.com/swap/display.php?page=3312 pm offers
  17. i wish i had money for a new bike. i ride my bike almost daily, my fixed isn't much fun in the hilly suburbs...
  18. listening to this is making me more upset i didn't get a copy...
  19. i kinda miss ctska haha. the only 'ska' board where every genre of music other than ska was discussed.
  20. scott, every time i see your name somewhere i think of our awesome exchange outside that uhaul truck, fest 8...hah. what's up jake! you are who i'm thinking of right? connecticut native?
  21. thanks there never was much to see on here i barely recognize any of these names on here.