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  1. clerk3745

    Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

    Wow, thanks for being helpful and not a dickhead at all.
  2. clerk3745

    Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

    So someone on reddit told me that Soundstage Direct has gone belly up, and I may be SOL on this now. Their website is still up and running but they're not responding to any emails and not answering phone calls. Anyone else hear this or ever receive this foo record?
  3. clerk3745

    Sleep - "Dopesmoker", Deluxe Reissue

    pic of the poster ....ehhh, if you want this as a print I can't recommend outer battery records version, in fact just get the Arik Roeper 4 pack (Dopesmoker, Blessed Black Wings, Death is This Communion, and Kvelertak's Nattesferd) https://www.outerbatteryrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/dopesmoker-official-album-cover-print
  4. clerk3745

    Sleep - "Dopesmoker", Deluxe Reissue

    I already have 3 copies but WTH it comes with a poster and holographic cover #ImAWhore
  5. I'll be down for that 3LP Westworld
  6. Checked with my local shop, the version he can get is red so I'm guessing thats gonna be the indie exclusive.
  7. I'm thinking the red is going to be the retail variant and purple is going to be the super limited, red is up at bullmoose https://www.bullmoose.com/p/27767878/high-on-fire-electric-messiah-red-vinyl
  8. clerk3745

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    agreed, also I'm still salty about the last edmiston print
  9. If look at the pictures it looks like a paper mask, not the nice one that with the graphic novel. Also please don't wear either mask outside the house.
  10. Shit I hope not, they're not coming anywhere near Ohio
  11. Very odd, I ordered and I kinda can't wait for them to cancel my order so I don't have to worry about it.
  12. Didn't even know this was being released, [email protected]!
  13. My local shop didn't get his shipment until yesterday morning.