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  1. I ordered through Bleep, and I contacted them about 2 months ago and they said they hadn't heard anything yet
  2. Hmmmm I never got my corrected one that was promised
  3. did they ever replace the bad ones from last year?
  4. only other thing i have from VMP was their demon days release, but had to sign up for this, anybdoy looking for some flaming lips or aretha franklin i can sell to you?
  5. I don't know dude, I was just givig you shit yo, but the listing on the previous page said "2019 repress"
  6. Anywhere in america yet? I'd like to avoid crazy shipping if possible edit: fuck it, its done
  7. My friend has an OG Scandinavian Leather, looks like I'm gonna hae to make him an offer and finish my collection with these
  8. Hope the live shows get standalone releases but this is a bit much for me.
  9. ok now i'm upset, if somebody can order one for me i'd be super appreciative!
  10. oh wellthen I was too late anyway, it never let me put in my cart. hopefully more will show up on an american site; I'm old and can't figure out these foreign sites