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  1. Jumping in here with my dumbass hot take. IMHO Purple had the most emotion behind it coming off the accident. It really hit hard for me because they were updating us so infrequently and we honestly didn't know if they would eve play again at all. So when they randomly dropped "Chlorine and Wine" on us, I was just ecstatic.
  2. Looks like the variant is available again too. Again, I'm not playing the variant game. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/265687/my-brothers-blood-machine
  3. Check out @TMRVault’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/TMRVault/status/1091033673716109313?s=09
  4. They're lost in Appalachia ...you have to play to find them. randomsad.gif
  5. Yeah I put it in my wishlist but still gonna hope for spacelab. I did nab one of those Destiny boxsets from Bungie when they went back in stock for 5 minutes last week, I'm pretty stoked for that.
  6. DAMN! Is that where you ordered yours? I still holding out hope that Spaceab9 will still do a boxset here. lord knows they've done worse releases.
  7. How the turntables have turned. Check out @waxworkrecords’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/waxworkrecords/status/1075830723116978176?s=09