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  1. apparently my webstore exclusive got delivered to my work on sunday, lucky it was still here today
  2. i grabbed the first one along with bride of frankenstein
  3. Anyone got any leads on deadmau5 vexillology or nick cave live?
  4. hahah to each their own @Coldplay31169, i used to love white stripes and certainly dont hate jack white but I get it I guess. I just love me some Sleep and pretty much anything Matt Pike.
  5. just posted it in the third man thread @mcpherson123
  6. https://thirdmanrecords.com/news/third-man-records-announces-vault-package-52-sleep-dopesmoker
  7. So they never sold out of Solo and that was a cheaper release. My guess is Disney is making sure everyone can get a copy, so they're not limiting them too much. Their pixar releases aren't nearly as popular so they're not limiting those as much. No confirmation on what I just said, just a hunch.
  8. set an alarm on you phone, it'll go up right at that time; being a bigger set I doubt it'll sell out SUPER fast, but i wouldn't delay too much
  9. I was gonna post how I already have A New Hope 3x already (OG, the disney boxset, and the 40th anniversary set) ....but a 4lp of rogue one, now were talking
  10. New track is just kinda ok, need to listen again. But as for now I'll grab whatever copy my local shop gets.

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