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  1. New Found Glory- Nothing Gold Can Stay for $8 from Dave's Records in Chicago, about 4 years ago.
  2. pm'd regarding Belle And Sebastian & Sigur Ros
  3. Thanks for the heads up. Will definately be there, especially for a great cause.
  4. Hello VC friends. Never made a thread before, but I didn't know if anyone would be interested in any of this. I posted it on another message board and sold a bunch of stuff, but this is what I have left. I'm also open for trades as well. Not looking for much. Thanks for looking. Hello. So here is what happened. My wife (bless her heart) went in to Hot Topic to buy some Alice and Wonderland shit for a little girls birthday party. Anyway, my wife knows I like vinyl, and saw a sign there were a few random records for 50% off. So she starts looking and preceeds to buy one of every single thing that is half off (thinking I would just return what I didn't want) Too bad it wasn't during the 50% off of 50% they sometimes do. Anyway, I don't want to be "that guy" and walk into Hot Topic to return a bunch of clearance shit, so you can have it for what she paid for it, which is 50% off. I either don't want it, or already have it, so it's never been played. A couple are opened so I could check the color. Otherwise everything is still sealed. I'll ship anywhere in the US for $4 for as much as you want. I dont' have that many mailers laying around so I'd prefer you buy at least $10 worth of stuff. Ok, thanks all. If you need references I can provide them. 7" Fake Problems | The Dream Team | White | $2.50 The Killers | Human | White | $2.50 Off With Their Heads/Lemuria | Under The Influence 7 | Pink/White | /500 | $3 Rancid | Radio Radio Radio | $2.50 Rise Against | S/T on Fat | $2.50 12" Avenged Sevenfold | Sounding The Seventh Trumpet | Purple | 2LP | $10 (w/ MP3 Code) Tim Barry | Manchester | Half Brown/Half Black/700 | $6 Cage | Depart From Me | 2LP | $9 (w/ MP3 Code) Cannibal Corpse | Evnisceration Plague | Pic Disc | $9 Dillinger Four | Versus God | Grey/Black Swirl/300 | $6 Every Time I Die | Gutter Phenomenon | /500 | $7 First Blood | Killafornia | Orange/250 | $5 Impending Doom | The Serpent Servant | $6.50 In The Red | Vol. 2 | Red | $6 (w/ MP3 Code) Kingdom Of Sorrow | S/T | (Colored but not opening this shit to find out which)/400 | $6.50 NOFX | They's Actually Gotten Worse Live | 2LP | $7.50 (includes CD) Polar Bear Club | Sometimes Things Just Disappear | Green | $7 (includes CD) 7 Seconds | Walk Together Rock Together | $5 7 Seconds | New Wind | $5 Social Distortion | S/T | $8 BYO Box Set | 2 Color LPs, CD, Coffee Table Book | $25
  5. Sorry to hear that man. Best of luck to you.
  6. I was so impressed with your speed, that I just sent you another $37 a couple hours ago. Nice work.
  7. Just received the order I placed Tuesday afternoon! Top Notch. Thanks! Free bump for awesome packaging.
  8. Got the stuff today! Solid dude. Good luck to Open Water Records!
  9. Weird. Sorry about that. Maybe someone beat you to the punch. To make up for it, here is a Jenny Lewis for you. Jenny Lewis w/ Watson Twins- Rabbit Fur Coat www.team-love.com/rabbitfurcoatdownload code: S5W643Z69G
  10. I'm sure most of you have these, but in case you don't here are some download codes I had laying around for whoever. Bright Eyes- Lifted www.saddle-creek.com/digitalvinyl code: TPRPTGG2 Bright Eyes- Digital Ash www.saddle-creek.com/digitalvinl code: TXHF32VD Tim Barry- Manchester www.vinyldownloads.com code: TB232883752470 Alkaline Trio- Agony & Irony www.alkalinetrio.com/vinyl code: DJYNSQFWZ44XMAA A Day To Remember- Homesick www.victoryrecords.com/dl code: VR44840059LWD Bayside- Shudder www.victoryrecords.com/dl code: VR4578U6JVH20 In The Red- Vol. 2 www.vinyldownloads.com code: ITR227982946807 Guns n Roses- Use Your Illusion I www.backtoblackvinyl.com code: LZ5CSKVSV Jaguar Love- Take Me To The Sea www.matadorrecords.com/mp3promotion/php upc: 744861080619 code: JAGUAR15E66Y1H Lucero- Nobody's Darlings www.downloadvinyl.com code: a07vsgf465 Alkaline Trio- This Addiction http://digitaldownload.epitaph.com upc: 045778707515 code: ATTAC7XCCDV7
  11. Ordered a shirt, tape, and a couple LPs. Nice sale.
  12. I've got Helena, The Ghost Of You, and Welcome To The Black Parade Pt. 2, if you want to PM me an offer. They are all Picture Discs.
  13. Damn. I meant to bid on the Spaghetti Incident. If the buyer flakes out, I'll give you alot more than what it went for.
  14. Thanks Yu! I grabbed one. Not a huge fan, but it's one of the prettier picture discs i've seen.
  15. I'll take Where The Light Is
  16. Did anyone notice at the show tonight, that EVERY single person there was a zombie? I don't think there was a single drunk person there, as we were all hung over from the show Saturday night. I looked for VC shirts all weekend, but didn't see any.
  17. I have tickets for Sunday, but it depends on how hungover I am from the Larry Arms show Saturday.
  18. Yes, Lance is a great dude, and Liz as well. Liz actually took the guys name that sold her my records. So I tried looking the douchebag up on myspace, facebook, google, etc. and the picture that came up, looked like my neighbor below me. This is the only neighbor that I have hated, as he sings Paramore into his karoke machine at 3am every wednesday morning. But anyway, I called my landlord and found out all the names in my building, but it wasn't anyone. So I couldn't do some ass beating, but I did get my William Elliott Whitmore record, so happy endings.
  19. Hi everyone. Long time reader, first time poster. I usually don't post on message boards, but everyone seems nice here. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. ANYWAY, here is my story: A few months ago I purchased some records from VC. They never showed, even though the confirmation said they did. I emailed Virgil to see if they were returned for some reason, and of course they werent. Bummer man. I live in Wicker Park in Chicago, so I assumed someone swiped them off of my door step. Anyway, a couple weeks later I receive an email from VC, saying that they got an email from a record store (Permanent Records) saying they had some records that were meant for me. So I head down to Permanent, and some old dude had sold them them my records(3 of them) for $7 and left my packing slip in the box. They said the guy seemed kind of fishy, so they emailed VC wondering if I had goten my order, and VC relayed the message to me. So Permanent tried giving me my records back for nothing, but I happily paid them the $7 that they paid the douchebag that stole them. So at this point I can't believe how awesome Permanent was, and VC for taking the time to email me abou it. So, about a week later I'm checking my bank statement and notice I had a refund from VC for, yep you guessed it, $7. I never asked for that, and certainly didn't expect it. I mean, why would I?, its not their fault in the slightest. I'm assuming Permanent emailed VC back after I had gotten my records, and must have told VC that I paid them $7 for them. I couldn't believe it. I maybe place a small order every 2 months, so I'm by no means one of their biggest customers. I just had to share that story in case there were readers on here wondering about ordering from VC. The rest of you all know how amazing Virgil and everyone else is. So if anyone from VC reads this, just know that you have yet another lifelong fan and supporter. Thanks again for everything.

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