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  1. I’m in buttfuck Nebraska so I have no access to a record store today. Anyone have an extra of the PJ release they want to unload?
  2. Hey fam, looking for both Hollow Knight and Gods & Nightmares OST LPs....
  3. Is anywhere still selling those Hollow Knight LPs? I was broke all of last year and want to pick them up now if possible.
  4. Hey fam, here are some random records for sale. Most of these are in excellent condition. Most bought new by me, a grown ass man, and are very well taken care of. Let me know if you need any more info. Shipping $5 flat for any amount of records. Alice in Chains - Jar of Flies/Sap - Original pressing - VG+/VG+ (printed inner sleeve for second record is split. General scuffing. Overall in great condition for a first pressing) - $65 Animals As Leaders - Weightless - First pressing on blue vinyl w/ die cut cover /108 copies - NM/NM - $70 Atheist - The Collection Box Set - 3XLP + 7
  5. Hey y'all. I've got a bunch of metal/heavy shit for sale. The majority of these are NM/NM, but see notes on each release for varying condition, pressing, color, etc. I based my prices off discogs averages, but feel free to make offers, as I want to unload this stuff sooner rather than later. Lots of rare/expensive stuff, but there are some deals here too. Discounts given for people who buy multiple records. Shipping is $4 for an unlimited amount of LPs purchased. Agalloch - Ashes Against the Grain - Black first pressing (legit copy) - /400 - $120 Agalloch - Marrow of th
  6. I have a 1997 pressing of Wilco's Being There if you are interested.
  7. Also in Denver. I see this dude all the time. He's always at shows and there's an Illegal Pete's within walking distance that I go to at least once a week and he's there pretty frequently. I have a lot of friends in the music industry here as well, so we have a lot of overlap. I met him once and he was nice enough I guess. I don't think he would have been if I would have brought up that he never sent me the Eagles of Death Metal record I ordered from him like 8 years ago. The majority of people have no idea about his whole shitstorm that went down with VC, so most people here think pretty

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