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  1. I own this. PM me an offer if you're interested!
  2. Bunch of items sold! Updated my tradelist, and deleted these items. Thanks everyone! Keep the offers coming!
  3. Selling some of my collection to fund a project. Only selling as much as I need to, not the entire thing. Well remove this post once I've sold enough. Also, there's just some records I refuse to sell...I'm sure you know how that is! PM me with offers. Sale goes to the highest offer. Don't be insulted if I reject the offer please. Check out my tradelist, and PM me for things you're interested in: http://deadformat.net/tradelist/Ivoryplum Will remove items from my tradelist once sold.
  4. Mine also shipped in just a bag, and all 4 corners bent. I emailed them twice, as soon as I received it, and never received a response...
  5. Only an hour left for this, but they reached their 2nd goal!
  6. Just a little update, Barcelona is playing a free hour long show over livestream tomorrow night at 6/pst. http://www.livestream.com/OfficialBarcelona?t=488851
  7. It's not just a record that's being shipped, but yeah...still steep. Free shipping to the states at least.
  8. I searched the forums, and noticed this hasn't been posted yet. The band Barcelona is finally coming out with their next album later this year. They are completely independent now, and are trying (and succeeded thanks to kickstarter) to release their new album on their own. They've already met their first goal, but are $5k $1k short of their 2nd. There's only 5 days 1 day left. Go help support this amazing band! I purchased their vinyl package, and can't wait for this thing to come out. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/barcelona/barcelonas-new-album If you haven't heard of this band, go check out their music: http://www.myspace.com/barcelona/music
  9. Sell it now, and pick up the repress when it's released. Otherwise the price of the green ones will just go down once this is released.
  10. When the first press came out, they were going for $125+ on eBay.
  11. They just sent out a song off their new album for those who pre-ordered: http://listen.grooveshark.com/s/You+Are+A+Tourist/3Deyy4?src=5 If you ask me, based off this song (which I like), the album is starting to sound very promising.
  12. Everyone is going to hate me that I keep bumping this, but... Don't. Let. This. Die. I want! Destination:Beautiful, and The Everglow.
  13. I'd buy "I Call This Abandonment" if it got pressed. Love that album.
  14. I'm afraid you're looking to the wrong band for that expectation. I think they're still better than most, but they've peaked, IMO. I don't disagree. I think their last good album was Plans, but that doesn't mean I can't hope their new album is good.