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  1. tc pressed white. also not 180 gram like the afs press.
  2. lol I can't imagine you will get more than msrp for that if anyone even wants it. be more "realistic", dude.
  3. kkay y'all... list update with things that were SOLD 'EM and a couple pending. thanks so much for getting on this shit!!! my orifices thank you for keeping them monetarily virginal
  4. So for Christmas my car decided it wanted a new starter. With my recent "divorce", Mr. 'Mitton's coffers are closed... at least not without payback. Help me pay him back and buy something nice for someone you love (for now) <3 ....or a sibling, fuckbuddy, professor, cool uncle, child in utero who needs an introduction to good taste... whatever. Prices include shipping if you buy more than one. Otherwise, let's talk about it. I'll throw in free bonus LP's with each order for the hell of it. Bouncing Souls - Live at Generation Studios (RSD) sealed - 15 Piebald - 3xLP (RSD) sealed - 20 Kevin Devine - Between the Concrete & Clouds (white) 20 PEND Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology (white) 20 PEND Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory (pink) sealed 30 Explosions in the Sky - take care, take care, take care (maroon) 25 shoot me some offers on: Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon promo DVD opened, viewed, but still in shrinkwrap and NM condition
  5. hah!! that write up is just as vagina tastic as I hoped. I'm actually proud and somewhat surprised that the crowd wasn't having his shit. Good job, Austin. I got a tear in my eye for Texas...as well as a SHITLOAD OF DUST. It was surreal as fuck seeing Errol and Mike irl. I would very much enjoy (and encourage) all VC'ers to come to a fest sometime. Austin is a crazy bird...even if you hate Texas you'd enjoy Austin. I find something new to love/hate every time I visit. So, if Graham is a total douche, Danzig is the infected, swollen twat he attempted to clean. You can't put a notorious primadonna on at a fest and not expect this kind of crap, but Graham always tries to go for bigger and better each fest it seems. He genuinely wants to put together great gatherings that are accessible to many in both size and spanse of genres. This year I felt like FFF is getting a little TOO big for my taste, but all good things catch on eventually so I expected it. Last year was my first FFF and it was the BEST thing I did all year. All 3 days/nights and I was barely even tired until Sunday evening...this new Auditorium Shores shit though... no sir, I don't like it. It's where all the huge acts played for SXSW earlier this year. I didn't wanna go there then, I didn't want to go there now but Bastard Samurai is a rad motherfucker and hooked me up with a ticket for my broke, living-at-home-again ass. My highlights would have to be the Red 7 after show on Saturday with Deafheaven, Boris, and Russian Circles. I heard the Boris set at the actual fest on Sunday was terrible, but they played beautifully Saturday night. Russian Circles, hands down, favorite part of the whole weekend, though. Non stop ripping with Errol and his soft bitch Canadian crew Hum was goddamn incredible, loud, pitch perfect. I felt honored to see them. Eyehategod sounded great too. Rollins was entertaining as expected but the stage they had him on was too small and he could've used about 4 more apple boxes stacked to get him high enough for people 2-300 deep to see him from the back. I saw his head and his arms a couple times if I squinted. Del was great, always good to see quality hip hop at these things. I heard they replaced Rakim with Kool Keith one night which was also a stellar choice. Kid Dynamite was real fun although I'm pretty sure I was talking Canadaland with Errol through more than most of it (I know Mike, I know lol) Brian Posehn lived his dream, opening for Slayer. He was funny as always but you could tell he was a little nervous/anxious with his idols following him. Ceremony gave me a sad... and I was sporting their shirt on Sunday. I can't tell if they just aren't a fest band or if they consistently suck live. I've seen them 3 times and only once was it decent. At SXSW they were over 25 minutes late to play an aftershow and I ditched them to see OWTH. I'm honestly surprised Odd Future was asked back, naturally shit went down at their set but like fuck I was over there to see it (read: SLAYYYYEEERRRRRRRRR). All in all a good time but what with the drought this year and the change in venue it made for a pretty miserably dusty weekend. I miss Zilker already.
  6. I love the idea of the white/clear "clouds" but I really want to see how well the green/yellow matches up with the coverart. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm getting the fuck back in bed because it is 4 am here.
  7. I ordered both as well. I'm guessing we'll receive an invoice with the shipping costs? it let me check out and said my order was "saved".
  8. I'll be waiting patiently from Texas at midnight gorgeous work.
  9. lol about you guys sending a care package. he told me how much he hated this board for making fun of his situation and hated me even more for sticking around. this is my first hearing about it too and I'm not surprised at all. he's been in jail before for dui. but yes, contact Austin if you guys want to send him stuff. That's his best friend.
  10. Directed by Kash Macabre. This video sponsored by an Iowa suburb Hot Topic clearance rack from 2009.
  11. This board bores me. I miss terrible vacation. I spend all my time on tumblr now, reblogging rage comics and cum shots.
  12. Best fest time ever. 100+ degree days and sweaty humid nights. Shit ruled so hard. Raged my fucking sweaty ass off with Marty K. at OWTH. Probably the show I was most excited for honestly. I caught Converge, Touche Amore, Title Fight, Fucked Up, D4, DEP, Ceremony, the Menzingers, Night Birds, and Marked Men for the first time. I got pissed off at Ceremony for being over 15 minutes late at the Beauty Bar show and thus making me miss them to run next door for OWTH's show. I heard them start before those guys even got done setting up. Made it back for DEP who blew my goddamn mind. Not to say the others weren't incredible but I was told I was in for an experience with them and that was certainly NO lie. Hugged the fuck out of Damian's sweaty, hairy ass after Fucked Up's set and apologized for the audience not laughing at his jokes. Dinner and a show with that guy. Both them and D4 put on excellent, super fun sets. I couldn't have screamed louder for Patrick to take his shirt off when he said something like "Would the ladies be offended if I took my shirt off? I don't want you to be uncomfortable, but more importantly, I don't want to be uncomfortable. I'm fat and hungover as fuck and it's hot as hell." Sweaty bitch tits and lols for days at Chaos in Tejas. Everyone was unusually friendly, I agree with Mike. Despite the heat outside and sweltering conditions inside, people were very chill. Actually, maybe everyone was avoiding heat stroke by taking it easy. I heard (and saw proof that) it got rough at some shows at Emo's but I didn't see anyone walking out fucked up from mine. Even Converge's insane skank/windmill pit seemed orderly.
  13. TR00F. i seriously used to look forward to watching GH but now i couldn't really care less if i saw it or not. and don't even get me started on that international shit. oh and fixed! paahahaha. haha Dave Tango! DAMN YOU! but yes, Steve and Tango FTMFW
  14. I agree with all of this. Roseanne was solid to me the whole way through. I love watching the transition from semi-wholesome white trash family show to what often pushed the boundaries of network tv at the time. I think I'll start it up again soon. I always watch an episode if it's on tv. It's like my security blanket...she reminds me of my mom. also FUCK HATERS but I know Allison will have my back on this...Ghost Hunters seasons 2-4 were the BEST! This new shit can fuck off. It's so gimmicky these days. Also any episode without Dave and Tango can fuck off. #BFFS4EVA American Dad had an incredible stride between seasons 2-4 and I still get a good laugh off most of the new episodes. Family Guy was of course blowing my mind when it first came on but I honestly think their best work was done after season 5. The animation always bugged me back then as did the crummy earlier Simpsons episodes that are like pulling teeth for me to watch. Family Guy's style of humor is really waning on me. Now South Park I will have to fight for. I think the strongest seasons are 7-11. The Tourette's episode could've been the only one of the whole 11th season it was that good.
  15. finally caught the juggalo epi. that is so loose butthole.
  16. well. then. Everyone needs to stop being a pussy and go see some fucking metal and hardcore.
  17. it's going to be a lot like that except let's see how drunk we can get alan and marty before they're wearing the garter belts.
  18. yeah it's looking like more and more people are bailing oh well mike we can still party! you have that trunk full of..what was it? bread? snow balls? whatever we're gonna have a sexy time.
  19. my boyfriend made me a vape from scratch because he's awesome. I can't get the temp right yet but it's really cool. I'll throw some pics up in this thread later if I remember.
  20. I only recently got into this band. Would've totally gone. Glad to hear it was awesome!
  21. 1:09 this whole album gets to me. the buildups/crescendos are beautiful. as does this one, but definitely 1:02 and one of my top ten favorite musical moments of all time begins at 3:37

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