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  1. so madovia shop just refunded me this morning for this with no explanation. so now i do not have a copy on the way. cool stuff. definitely won't fuck with madovia again. at least could have given some sort of explanation.
  2. jrodan

    PO: Joshua Homme - Silent Night 7"

    $20 for a 7"? fuck that noise. anyone who bought this for any reason other than to flip is a fucking idiot. christmas songs suck, and this is no exception.
  3. jrodan

    Po : Slow Crush - Aurora

    if they wanna do Reno i got a good lead on a killer all ages venue.
  4. first press isnt even out yet, is it? ordered from madovia or whatever and havent gotten it.
  5. jrodan

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    not your fault bud. just something i have always disliked about TL. makes no sense to have it set up that way. literally nothing of interest was in stock.
  6. jrodan

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    so annoying you have to click on the item to see if it is in stock. remove that shit if it aint available! lol
  7. $40 dude? crazy town.
  8. dang, i ordered at 12am saturday morning and it still hasnt shipped. ordered type o, toad the wet sprocket box and nothing 12".
  9. never ordered from them, but got a few things over the weekend including this at the $49.99 price. order still shows unfulfilled. wondering how long it takes them to ship usually.
  10. jrodan

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Any leads on toad the wet sprocket box at all?
  11. jrodan

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Toad the wet sprocket box please.
  12. jrodan

    The Weezer Thread

    only amongst those with ears.
  13. jrodan

    The Weezer Thread

    good lord these two songs are horrible. lyrically and musically some of the most cringeworthy stuff i have ever heard. each time i think they are making the worst stuff they have ever made, they go and make something even worse. fuck man. matt sharp is rolling over in his grave.
  14. i have no idea what your point is with the stabbing westward stock situation and its regards to sponge. but i do appreciate you fighting the good fight to let the people know about Wargod's conspiracy to trick record buyers with false pressing numbers. finally someone is fighting the little guys for the little guys!