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  1. Second song has the sickest industrial sounding guitars. I’m so into both new songs. Definitely different but definitely daughters.
  2. everyone that is into the London Fog version over the /1500, why are you paying $8 shipping on top of the price when you are gonna be able to grab this cheaper at a local store or amazon? buncha weirdos.
  3. jrodan

    PO: Anthony Green- Avalon

    fucking a. free shipping. stoked to get the white for $20ppd.
  4. jrodan


    ill give you $800ppd for all three. please email me an invoice at [email protected]
  5. and even better, there are rejected ones! oh man, $50 for a rejected test press of half an album is a steal!
  6. pretty sure it is 1000 on the color, and the price i am mentioning was that way almost immediately. this wasn't an amazon dump due to not selling. it was that low when it went up. just saying, i think you can wait until amazon lists this to make a decision.
  7. i suggest anyone who is going for the US color press wait for amazon. i got the last Tim Kasher album on color from them for like $12ppd.
  8. song is awesome. your taste sucks.
  9. yeah, deafheaven is coming back to Reno on this tour and playing a smaller venue than they played last time they were here. cannot fucking wait. hopefully diiv is better this time around than they were at Levitation in Austin a few months ago. i love that band and was really underwhelmed by their performance.
  10. thanks for this. how long did it take to get the email with the giftcard?
  11. Would love to hear these “many different factors” besides the label. I’m sure the licensing could have been bad due to them being young and naive and signing a bad contract with the label back in the day. But to say other factors contributed to a 50 fucking dollar single lp is straight up bullshit. We all know how much records cost to press. And it isn’t whatever wackadoo math that makes single lp releases half of a Benjamin.
  12. don't blame them. blame the dipshits in this thread paying $50 for a single lp and thus creating a demand they believe they can continue to take advantage of.
  13. and i already picked em up in store on my lunch. nice stuff!
  14. i live in reno and used to work there and i had no idea the band filmed a video there. crazy.