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  1. jrodan

    The Weezer Thread

    yeah, high as a kite is a pretty enjoyable song.
  2. jrodan

    RSD 2019 Limited and First Releases

    that and the crow soundtrack have me amped as fuck.
  3. Says the guy who bought two copies. Weird flex, but ok.
  4. and that lit album went platinum and had a number one modern rock song for months. no one would argue that unwritten law ever tasted that level of success. too many copies.
  5. yeah, it is absolutely because you grew up there. because this album had one song that was a semi-hit. 1500 copies is wayyy too many. src put out 1500 copies of that horrible lit album and it took awhile to sell out and now sells for less than $40 (which knowing src means it is about $10-15 more than it was when it came out). that album at least had multiple actual radio hits.
  6. so then the answer is they definitely overestimated the demand based on that.
  7. i dont understand what that has to do with anything. they havent even determined how many are being pressed yet. i mean, sure everything should be faster now that it has been pressed before, but that 2 month timeframe sure doesnt leave a lot of time for any issues that could arise.
  8. a 2 month turnaround seems ambitious.
  9. also, i think this seems like a trustworthy endeavor. i mean, when has this band ever let anyone down with their promised product?
  10. not really a fan of the changed layouts for this and fallen star collection, but both albums are some of my absolute favorites of the time period, so looks like i will be getting this one as well.
  11. I was responding to the rest of what he wrote. Not the false equivalency. Doyyyyy
  12. seriously. looks like $43.90ppd for me. will wait this one out for amazon where i ended up getting the heart is the monster for stupid cheap.
  13. remember when people gave a shit about RFC and No Sleep? so funny to see both labels sucking so bad these days.
  14. i will not respond to your false equivalence. i will agree we are wasting time here though. no hard feelings.
  15. man, i don't get this. i honestly could not care any less about how i am viewed on this board. i am however happy to fuck over shitty people so that they can't enjoy this board. no adrenaline rush here.