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  1. open to offers if you buy multiples. shipping is $6 flat plus $2 additional for each lp. botch - american nervoso 2xlp (army green, rsd, sealed) $30 title fight - hyperview lp (white, /500, sealed) $30 death of lovers - the acrobat lp (clear, /100, sealed) $30 coil - time machines lp (red, /100, sealed) $42 the repos - live munitions lp (black, /275, rsd) $15 the scientists - s/t lp (pink, /500, rsd) $20 cave in - until your heart stops 2xlp (remastered 2013 version, orange with black swirl, rsd, sealed) $90 manchester orchestra - you brainstorm, i brainstorm... lp (/1500, sealed) $45 high on fire - luminiferous 2xlp (starburst) $35 coheed and cambria - the afterman: ascension//big beige demos lp (clear, /1000, sealed, rsd) $40 gin blossoms - new miserable experience lp (2017 repress) $13 no use for a name - rarities vol. 1: the covers lp (silver, sealed) $25 guster - goldfly lp (gold, /500, sealed) $80 the lillingtons - stella sapiente lp (green, in shrink) $35 circa survive - juturna lp (transparent orange marble, /1000, sealed) $80 chelsea wolfe - abyss 2xlp (black/grey splatter, gatefold, /400, sealed) $55 the goo goo dolls - dizzy up the girl lp (in shrink, opened to confirm color, pink vinyl) $60 sufjan stevens - carrie & lowell lp (clear) $95 unbroken - life. love. regret. lp (half black/half maroon) $65 starflyer 59 - gold 2xlp (180 gram, /500, sleeves were all glued poorly so bottom right is coming undone, easily fixed with gluestick or double sided tape) $50 boston strangler - primitive lp $10 fall out boy - folie a deux 2xlp (red and orange, sealed) $30 sufjan stevens - come on feel the illinoise 2xlp (red and green, /1000, sealed) $100
  2. $89.68ppd for both? really having a hard time rationalizing that price, especially after paying for the previous "definitive editions" of the fragile and fragile deviations that ended up significantly cheaper from everyone but the NIN store.
  3. just found my shipping confirmation was sent yesterday, but it was in my junk mail. sadly this is coming from Chicago, which has been a joke for me the past couple of months thanks to USPS issues, so i don't expect to get this before release date. regardless, i cannot wait to hear it.
  4. https://store.relapse.com/item/93205/oxblood-inside-milky-clear-with-oxblood-and-red-splatter-ltd-to-500 did anyone catch this?
  5. so the special edition pressings are more deluxe than the deluxe because you get the bag. lol
  6. nope. All first press Relapse.com LPs come with a limited edition-exclusive 20 page LP sized booklet not included in the standard LPs. Super-limited, special edition versions come in a custom designed, re-sealable mylar polybag. All LPs come with deluxe OBI-strip. SPECIAL EDITION PRESSING INFO (Includes re-sealable mylar bag, 20 page LP size booklet and custom OBI strip): 300 x Picture Disc 200 x Black Inside Milky Clear and Royal Blue Half 'n Half with White and Neon Orange Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 100 x Custom Butterfly Effect with Neon Yellow and Black Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 100 x Clear with Blue and White Alternating Pinwheels and Royal Blue and Neon Yellow Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive*
  7. so what is the deal with the /100s not being considered deluxe versions? what is the difference between those and the /500 and /1000 that are considered "deluxe?"