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  1. https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/the-national-high-violet-10th-anniversary-edition?variant=31930083573850 they were talking about VMP, which is now allowing orders to non-members.
  2. if this ever goes up on amazon.co.uk i will order the AC30 version. their price is always terrific. otherwise, i am gonna hold out, cuz its like $40usd from the label. actually fuck it. just ordered it from norman records in the UK cuz it was less than $30.
  3. which ones did you order? i am interested whether Juno has them, cuz that shipping price sounds like a lot compared to Juno.
  4. It isn’t US based but juno.co.uk has most MOV releases, prices are comparable or cheaper than I have found US dealers selling these as imports for, and they ship safely.
  5. that is what is known as a bootleg. at that point, who cares what pressing of a bootleg it is. it is sourced from mp3s and not worth a penny.
  6. well it doesn't ship til june now, and i doubt it will sell out any time soon. i am sure it will be around when the voice in the back of your head makes you buy it haha.
  7. it is excellent. band can do no wrong. btw, talked to levitation and both the coke bottle and the cotton candy cloudy vinyl are both /500 in case you were wondering like i was.
  8. If I had to guess it’s because he sold a super low amount of these than planned because the price is for suckers.
  9. i think you are downplaying the roles of the other guys in both bands. but whatever, song is good, and i am glad shiner is back.
  10. Epley is the only common denominator between the bands and while primary songwriter may be technically correct, the bands are not Allen Eppley and pals. So it isn’t weird that a band made of a majority of guys not in the life and times would put this out as the band they actually are, shiner.
  11. Probably because the person who wrote it isn’t in the life and times. Just a hunch.
  12. i won't stand for this Cloakroom or Velvet Teen slander! both bands are so fucking good.
  13. interesting. looks like retail is that smoke color and the band exclusive is green. so no black?