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  1. this peter pan motherfucker needs to grow up. horrible songwriting that makes me cringe. not to mention one of the douchiest live performances i have ever seen when they opened for jimmy eat world. waiting for the pitchfork article about him sending dick pics to 14 year olds.
  2. stoked to have gotten the pink with flexi last night. crazy how fast it went.
  3. never too late to not have shitty taste!
  4. if you aren't pumped about the wrens and monster movie reissues, you are blowing it.
  5. you should go for the rough trade for the instrumentals.
  6. chelsea wolfe/chino song is dope. the other released song " Sanctuary Dub (ft. theOGM and Yeti Bones of Ho99o9)" is big time boring.
  7. you seem to be trying pretty hard to get people to believe you actually thought the two songs were so similar it confused you. which honestly is kinda funny, because its like you are trying to prove your ears are broken. there is very little similarity between the two songs in question. you sound dumb.
  8. a good few seconds to realize? that's dope you got to do a blindfolded listening of it for the first time! who set up this listening party? i wanna go to one!
  9. someone should explain what "note for note" means to you.
  10. i think maybe that came off as too harsh against ITIA. i have loved diiv since they were dive and preordered the blue copy of oshin way back when. then ITIA came out and i enjoyed, but maybe not to the extent i loved oshin. to me, part of it came off bloated and it lost some of the things i loved about the band. it still holds up well for me and i looooove some songs on it. just doesnt have the complete replay value that oshin has for me. as for these three new songs, i don't think they necessarily constitute a new sound, but the fat seems trimmed off again. all three are just perfectly constructed imo. so i am back to being mega ultra excited about the band. *also, i saw the band when they were touring on ITIA and they were absolutely horrible, which also soured me to the album for a bit.
  11. the three songs released are already infinitely more interesting to me than last album. this shit is really good.
  12. so nothing special via the band? guess ill go with bullmoose as it appears this was only pressed on orange.
  13. ordered that sea blue last night because i joined that face to face(book) group a couple months ago when word was going around that this was getting pressed. so very excited. literally the only face to face album i still listen to. wish they always wrote songs like these.
  14. my clear copy sounds perfect. my favorite PTL release and stoked to finally have it on vinyl.