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  1. the funeral party is an instant buy label, which is why i instantly bought this when it went up on friday.
  2. drats. well, if anyone is a member and wants to trade/sell me this, i will make it worth your while.
  3. anyone know if i join Secretly Society now, will i get this? it says subscription starts 2/1/2020 when i cart it.
  4. so far none of these are blowing me away, but the beauty i have found with nada surf is that eventually everything they do hits with me. matthew caws has an amazing ability to write earwigs that burrow in my head, only to reveal themselves sometimes after repeated listens. love this band so much, and so glad they are still making music 30 years or so later.
  5. not sure if this is the right spot for this, but Juicy Sonic Magic is now on all streaming services. not a big cassette tape guy, so i am stoked to be able to finally listen to this.
  6. I actually got shipping from Antone’s earlier. Guess I got one of the few they had. Appreciate the heads up.
  7. hmm, already have copies of all three albums, but the outtakes and improved remix/remaster sounds intriguing.
  8. Do You Feel Nothing? More like Do You Hear Nasal? All kidding aside, I said I like the album. The dude that sings like that though, just doesn’t do it for me.
  9. My name is Greet Death and I’m here to say, the best songs I have are sung in a non-nasally way!
  10. phew. was hoping you'd see it in time. looks like you may have gotten the last one. that ish is now gonezo.
  11. https://lacing.bandcamp.com/album/without record release version /20 just went up.
  12. Nasally is correct. Not whiny. My bad. Again, maybe it will start clicking with me but the nasal vocals were just hard to deal with.