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  1. appreciate you! have an og, but the sleeve is pretty worn. happy to upgrade! also, looks like there are 2 left if anyone else wants in.
  2. thought i had a lead on chapterhouse - whirlpool original recordings through bullmoose, but it doesn't look good. anyone got a lead on a copy for cost? really not trying to pay $40+ for that thing.
  3. do they possibly have the chapterhouse lp? if so, i would love a lead on that.
  4. @jonrawks, you did see they have a separate colorway for the shirt available outside the bundle, right? https://www.daisrecords.com/products/drab-majesty-modern-mirror-tee-shirt in case you wanna grip that.
  5. this went up before i woke up this morning, so we had to get this inferior version of a pre-order thread. as the resident drab majesty superfan of this board, i apologize for my sleeping pattern. here is the video for the new single that should be in the first post. /s
  6. Really would love the following if anyone can help. Chapterhouse fugazi cover album depreciation guild the crow lost in translation
  7. i heard from a very reliable source (don't ask because i can't say) that the records were messed up before being sent, and when they realized that, they decided to send them the way they did so they could blame the issues on that. pretty fucked up.
  8. damn, bummed i couldnt order this now with the cold showers record that came out after this went up. ended up ordering the cold showers separately last week.
  9. i mean, i can't honestly imagine it happening, but you wrote that and it made me laugh out loud for real.
  10. imagine letting a board member's personal stance impact your own decision on purchasing something. i love this board so much sometimes.
  11. he was saying the physical set is too much money and he won't listen to the extras enough to pay for it, so the digital will be enough for him. he wasn't questioning whether the set came with digital.