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  1. elephant eyelash was the peak for me, though alopecia kept up to that standard. everything before and after was lacking comparatively. light leaves is one of the most devastating songs i have ever heard, and one that is super near to my heart.
  2. song is so awesome. this band came outta nowhere for me last year with the pain ep. one of my favorite releases of last year. got to see em here in reno and they were so damn good. really stoked for the new full length, as the direction of this new song is hitting the exact sweet spot for me when it comes to the 'gaze!
  3. i will go ahead and answer that i did, and it just says label created but not in system. its even weirder that clicking on it brings me to the UPS site, but the tracking number is a USPS tracking number. i know USPS sometimes finishes deliveries for UPS, so i figured that was the case. but again, no movement on either site.
  4. LOL, you are a dork and completely misrepresenting the situation as well as how he handled it.
  5. i remember buying these at amoeba and being bummed they were so expensive. however, once i got home and listened to how perfect they sounded, how thick the gatefolds were, and how rad the inner sleeves were, that bummed feeling disappeared. amazing job done on these and a couple of my most cherished purchases.
  6. sick, pricey for the lullabies, but fuck it. didnt have a copy and it appears to be a triple digit record so i wont likely find it cheaper. appreciate this thread.
  7. where are we seeing this is an acoustic album? down for anything chelsea though.
  8. did you order it? cuz when i went through right before checkout the shipping price went up. wasn't sure if it was an error or not.
  9. banquet was the cheapest to the US. $35.04ppd.